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VITEEE 2022 Syllabus:

The candidates are advised to go through the syllabus of VITEEE 2022 before starting their preparation for the entrance exam. The exam will be conducted in MCQ(Multiple Choice Question) format with 125 questions and will be covering 5 subjects in total. The total exam pattern is mentioned in the VITEEE exam pattern.  The interested candidates can also check the VITEEE 2022 exam dates so they can manage their time of preparation. These subjects are Physics, Chemistry, English, Biology/Mathematics and Aptitude. The syllabus will be covering the chapters of these subjects from the 10+2 level classes. The details syllabus of VITEEE 2022 is given below-

Physics Syllabus for VITEEE 2022:
There are 35 MCQs in Physics. The Physics syllabus contains the subject like matter and Elements, Law of Motion, Electrostatics, Electromagnetic, and conductor. some questions of Physics will become a mathematical derivation.

Laws of Motion & Work, Energy, and Power:
Law of conservation of linear momentum and its applications. Static and kinetic friction - laws of friction -rolling friction - lubrication. Work is done by a constant force and a variable force; kinetic energy - work-energy theorem - power. Conservative forces: conservation of mechanical energy (kinetic and potential energies) - non-conservative; forces: motion in a vertical circle - elastic and inelastic collisions in one and two dimensions.

Properties of Matter:
Elastic behaviour - Stress-strain relationship - Hooke's law - Young's modulus - bulk modulus -shear modulus of rigidity - Poisson's ratio - elastic energy. Viscosity - Stokes' law - terminal velocity -streamline and turbulent flow - critical velocity. Bernoulli's theorem and its applications.Heat - temperature - thermal expansion: thermal expansion of solids - specific heat capacity: Cp, Cv -latent heat capacity. Qualitative ideas of Blackbody radiation: Wein's displacement Law - Stefan's law.

Charges and their conservation; Coulomb’s law-forces between two point electric charges - Forces between multiple electric charges-superposition principles. Electric field – electric field due to a point charge, electric field lines; electric dipole, electric field intensity due to a dipole - behaviour of a dipole in a uniform electric field. Electric potential - potential difference-electric potential due to a point charge and dipole equipotential surfaces – the electrical potential energy of a system of two point charges.Electric flux-Gauss’s theorem and its applications. Electrostatic induction-capacitor and capacitance –dielectric and electric polarisation – parallel plate capacitor with and without dielectric medium –applications of capacitor – energy stored in a capacitor - Capacitors in series and in parallel – the action of points – Van de Graaff generator.

Current Electricity:
Electric Current – The flow of charges in a metallic conductor – drift velocity and mobility and their relation with an electric current. Ohm’s law, electrical resistance - V-I characteristics – electrical resistivity and conductivity-classification of materials in terms of conductivity – Carbon resistors – colour code for carbon resistors - a combination of resistors – series and parallel – temperature dependence of resistance – internal resistance of a cell – potential difference and emf of a cell - combinations of cells in series and in parallel. Kirchoff’s law – Wheatstone’s Bridge and its application for temperature coefficient of resistance measurement - Metrebridge - a special case of Wheatstone bridge - Potentiometer principle - comparing the emf of two cells.

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current:
Magnetic effect of electric current – Concept of magnetic field - Oersted’s experiment – Biot-Savart law of magnetic field due to an infinitely long current carrying straight wire and circular coil – Tangent galvanometer – construction and working – Bar magnet as an equivalent solenoid – magnetic field lines. Ampere’s circuital law and its application. Force on a moving charge in a uniform magnetic field and electric field – cyclotron – Force on a current-carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field – Forces between two parallel current-carrying conductors - definition of ampere. Torque experienced by a current loop in a uniform magnetic field - moving coil galvanometer – conversion to ammeter and voltmeter – current loop as a magnetic dipole and its magnetic dipole moment - Magnetic dipole moment of a revolving electron.

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current:
Electromagnetic induction - Faraday’s law - induced emf and current - Lenz’s law. Self-induction - Mutual induction - self-inductance of a long solenoid - mutual inductance of two long solenoids. Methods of inducing emf - (i) by changing magnetic induction (ii) by changing the area enclosed by the coil and (iii) by changing the orientation of the coil (quantitative treatment).AC generator - commercial generator. (Single phase, three-phase). Eddy current - applications -transformer - long-distance transmission. Alternating current - a measurement of AC - AC circuit with resistance - AC circuit with inductor - AC circuit with capacitor - LCR series circuit - Resonance and Q -factor - power in AC circuits.

Reflection of light, spherical mirrors, mirror formula. Refraction of light, total internal reflection, and its applications, optical fibres, refraction at spherical surfaces, lenses, thin lens formula, lens maker’s formula. Magnification, power of a lens, combination of thin lenses in contact, the combination of a lens and a mirror. Refraction and dispersion of light through a prism. Scattering of the light-blue colour of the sky and reddish appearances of the sun at sunrise and sunset.Wavefront and Huygens’s principle - Reflection, total internal reflection and refraction of plane wave at a plane surface using wavefronts. Interference - Young’s double-slit experiment and expression for fringe width - coherent source - interference of light - Formation of colours in thin films -Newton’s rings. Diffraction - differences between interference and diffraction of the light- diffraction grating. The polarisation of light waves - polarisation by reflection - Brewster’s law - double refraction - Nicol prism - uses of plane polarised light and Polaroids - rotatory polarisation - polarimeter.

Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics:
Electromagnetic waves and their characteristics - Electromagnetic spectrum - Photoelectric effect - Light waves and photons - Einstein’s photoelectric equation - laws of photoelectric emission - particle nature of light - photocells and their applications. Atomic structure – the discovery of the electron – specific charge (Thomson’s method) and charge of the electron (Millikan’s oil drop method) – alpha scattering – Rutherford’s atom model.

Nuclear Physics:
Nuclear properties - nuclear radii, masses, binding energy, density, charge - isotopes, isobars, and isotones- a nuclear mass defect - binding energy - stability of nuclei - Bainbridge mass spectrometer. Nature of nuclear forces - Neutron - discovery - properties - artificial transmutation - particle accelerator. Radioactivity - alpha, beta and gamma radiations and their properties - Radioactive decay law - half-life -mean life - artificial radioactivity - radio isotopes - effects and uses - Geiger - Muller counter. Radiocarbon dating. Nuclear fission - chain reaction - atom bomb - nuclear reactor - nuclear fusion - Hydrogen bomb -cosmic rays - elementary particles.

Semiconductor Devices and their Applications:
Semiconductor basics - energy band in solids: the difference between metals, insulators and semiconductors -semiconductor doping - Intrinsic and Extrinsic semiconductors. Formation of P-N Junction - Barrier potential and depletion layer-P-N Junction diode - Forward and reverse bias characteristics - diode as a rectifier - Zener diode-Zener diode as a voltage regulator - LED. Junction transistors - characteristics - transistor as a switch - transistor as an amplifier - transistor as an oscillator. Logic gates - NOT, OR, AND, EXOR using discrete components - NAND and NOR gates as universal gates -De Morgan’s theorem - Laws and theorems of Boolean algebra.

Chemistry Syllabus for VITEEE 2022:

Among 125 Question, 35 Questions will come from the chemistry Syllabus. In chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organi Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry will be added there.

Atomic Structure:
Bohr’s atomic model-Sommerfeld’s extension of atomic structure; Electronic configuration and Quantum numbers; Shapes of s,p,d,f orbitals - Pauli’s exclusion principle - Hund’s Rule of maximum multiplicity- Aufbau principle. Emission and absorption spectra, line and band spectra; Hydrogen spectrum – Lyman, Balmer, Paschen, Brackett and Pfund series; deBroglie’s theory; Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle – wave nature of electron – Schrodinger wave equation (No derivation). Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions. Hybridization of atomic orbitals involving s,p and d orbitals.

p,d, and f – Block Elements:
p-block elements – Phosphorous compounds; PCl3, PCl5 – Oxides. Hydrogen halides, Inter halogen compounds. Xenon fluoride compounds. General Characteristics of d – block elements – Electronic Configuration – Oxidation states of first-row transition elements and their colours. Occurrence and principles of extraction: Copper, Silver, Gold and Zinc. Preparation and properties of CuSO4, AgNO3 and K2Cr2O7. Lanthanides – Introduction, electronic configuration, general characteristics, oxidation state – lanthanide contraction, uses a brief comparison of Lanthanides and Actinides.

Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry:
Introduction – Terminology in coordination chemistry – IUPAC nomenclature of mononuclear coordination compounds. Isomerism, Geometrical isomerism in 4-coordinate, 6-coordinate
complexes. Theories on coordination compounds – Werner’s theory (brief), Valence Bond theory. Use of coordination compounds. Bioinorganic compounds (Haemoglobin and
chlorophyll).Lattice – unit cell, systems, types of crystals, packing in solids; Ionic crystals – Imperfections in solids – point defects. X-ray diffraction – Electrical Property, Amorphous solids (elementary ideas only).

Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium, and Chemical Kinetics:
I and II law of thermodynamics – spontaneous and non-spontaneous processes, entropy, Gibb’s free energy – Free energy change and chemical equilibrium – the significance of entropy.Law of mass action – Le Chatlier’s principle, applications of chemical equilibrium. Rate expression, order and molecularity of reactions, zero order, first order and pseudo-first-order reaction – half-life period. Determination of rate constant and order of the reaction. Temperature dependence of rate constant – Arrhenius equation and activation energy.

Theory of electrical conductance; metallic and electrolytic conductance. Faraday’s laws –theory of strong electrolytes – Specific resistance, specific conductance, equivalent and molar conductance – Variation of conductance with dilution – Kohlrausch’s Law – an Ionic product of water, pH and pH– buffer solutions – use of pH values. Cells – Electrodes and electrode potentials – construction of cell and EMF values, Fuel cells, Corrosion, and its prevention. 

Isomerism in Organic Compounds:
Definition, Classification – structural isomerism, stereoisomerism – geometrical and optical isomerism. Optical activity- chirality – compounds containing chiral centres – R, S notation, D, L notation.

Alcohols and Ethers:
Nomenclature of alcohols – Classification of alcohols - the distinction between 10, 20 and 30 alcohols – General methods of preparation of primary alcohols, properties. Methods of preparation of dihydric alcohols: Glycol – Properties – Uses. Methods of preparation of trihydric alcohols - Properties – Uses. Aromatic alcohols – preparation and properties of phenols and benzyl alcohol. Ethers – Nomenclature of ethers – general methods of preparation of aliphatic ethers -Properties – Uses. Aromatic ethers – Preparation of Anisole – Uses.

Carbonyl Compounds:
Nomenclature of carbonyl compounds – Comparison of aldehydes and ketones. General methods of preparation of aldehydes – Properties – Uses. Aromatic aldehydes – Preparation of benzaldehyde – Properties and Uses. Ketones – general methods of preparation of aliphatic ketones (acetone) – Properties – Uses. Aromatic ketones – preparation of acetophenone –Properties – Uses, preparation of benzophenone – Properties. Name reactions; Clemmenson reduction, Wolff – Kishner reduction, Cannizzaro reaction, Claisen Schmidt reaction, Benzoin Condensation, Aldol Condensation. Preparation and applications of Grignard reagents.

Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives:
Nomenclature – Preparation of aliphatic monocarboxylic acids – formic acid – Properties – Uses. Monohydroxy monocarboxylic acids; Lactic acid – Synthesis of lactic acid. Aliphatic dicarboxylic acids; Preparation of oxalic and succinic acids. Aromatic acids; Benzoic and salicylic acids – Properties – Uses. Derivatives of carboxylic acids; acetyl chloride (CH3COCl) –Preparation – Properties – Uses. Preparation of acetamide, Properties – acetic anhydride – Preparation, Properties. Preparation of esters – methyl acetate – Properties.

Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Biomolecules:
Aliphatic nitro compounds – Preparation of aliphatic nitroalkanes – Properties – Uses. Aromatic nitro compounds – Preparation – Properties – Uses. The distinction between aliphatic and aromatic nitro compounds. Amines; aliphatic amines – General methods of preparation – Properties – Distinction between 10, 20 and 30 amines. Aromatic amines – Synthesis of benzylamine – Properties, Aniline – Preparation – Properties – Uses. Differences between aliphatic and aromatic amines. Aliphatic nitriles – Preparation – properties – Uses. Diazonium salts – Preparation of benzene diazonium chloride – Properties. Carbohydrates – Distinction between sugars and nonsugars, structural formulae of glucose, fructose and sucrose, with their linkages, invert sugar – definition, examples of oligo and polysaccharides,

Amino acids – Classification with examples, Peptides-properties of the peptide bond,
Lipids - Definition, classification with examples, the difference between fats, oils, and waxes. 

Mathematics Syllabus of VITEEE 2022:

Math is the subject where the percentage of getting mark is high. There are 40 questions. The Syllabus contains:- Trigonometry, Matrices, vector, etc.  

Matrices and their Applications:
Adjoint, inverse – properties, computation of inverses, solution of a system of linear equations by matrix inversion method. The rank of a matrix – elementary transformation on a matrix, consistency of a system of linear equations, Cramer’s rule, non-homogeneous equations, homogeneous linear system and rank method. The solution of linear programming problems (LPP) in two variables.

Trigonometry and Complex Numbers:
Definition, range, domain, principal value branch, graphs of inverse trigonometric functions and their elementary properties. Complex number system - conjugate, properties, ordered pair representation. Modulus – properties, geometrical representation, polar form, principal value, conjugate, sum, difference, product, quotient, vector interpretation, solutions of polynomial equations, De Moivre’s theorem and its applications. Roots of a complex number - nth roots, cube roots, fourth roots.

Analytical Geometry of two dimensions:
Definition of a conic – general equation of a conic, classification with respect to the general equation of a conic, classification of conics with respect to eccentricity. Equations of conic sections (parabola, ellipse and hyperbola) in standard forms and general forms- Directrix, Focus and Latus-rectum - a parametric form of conics and chords. - Tangents and normals –Cartesian form and parametric form- equation of chord of contact of tangents from a point (x1,y1) to all the above-said curves. Asymptotes, Rectangular hyperbola – Standard equation of a rectangular hyperbola.

Vector Algebra:
Scalar Product – the angle between two vectors, properties of scalar product, and applications of the dot product. Vector product, right-handed and left-handed systems, properties of vector product, applications of the cross product. Product of three vectors – Scalar triple product, properties of the scalar triple product, vector triple product, vector product of four vectors, scalar product of four-vectors.

Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions:
Direction cosines – direction ratios - equation of a straight line passing through a given point and parallel to a given line, passing through two given points, the angle between two lines. Planes – equation of a plane, passing through a given point and perpendicular to a line, given the distance from the origin and unit normal, passing through a given point and parallel to two given lines, passing through two given points and parallel to a given line, passing through three given non-collinear points, passing through the line of intersection of two given planes, the distance between a point and a plane, the plane which contains two given lines (co-planar lines), the angle between a line and a plane. Skew lines - the shortest distance between two lines, condition for two lines to intersect, point of intersection, collinearity of three points. Sphere – equation of the sphere whose centre and radius are given, equation of a sphere when the extremities of the diameter are given.

Differential Calculus:
Limits, continuity and differentiability of functions - Derivative as a rate of change, velocity, acceleration, related rates, derivative as a measure of slope, tangent, normal and the angle between curves. Mean value theorem - Rolle’s Theorem, Lagrange Mean Value Theorem, Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s series, L’ Hospital’s Rule, stationary points, increasing, decreasing, maxima, minima, concavity, convexity and points of inflexion. Errors and approximations – absolute, relative, percentage errors - curve tracing, partial derivatives, Euler’s theorem.

Integral Calculus and its Applications:
Simple definite integrals – fundamental theorems of calculus, properties of definite integrals. Reduction formulae – reduction formulae for ?sin n x dx and ? cosnx dx, Bernoulli’s formula. Area of bounded regions, length of the curve.

Differential Equations:
Differential equations - formation of differential equations, order and degree, solving differential equations (1st order), variables separable, homogeneous, linear equations and applications. Second-order linear differential equations - second order linear differential equations with constant coefficients, finding the particular integral if f(x) = emx, sin mx, cos mx, x, x2.

Probability Distributions:
Probability – Axioms – Addition law - Conditional probability – Multiplicative law - Baye’s Theorem - Random variable - probability density function, distribution function, mathematical expectation, variance Theoretical distributions-discrete distributions (Binomial, Poisson distributions)- Continuous distributions (Normal distribution).

Discrete Mathematics:
Functions–Relations –Sequence and series (AP, GP, HP)- Binomial theorem-Basics of counting. Mathematical logic – logical statements, connectives, truth tables, logical equivalence, tautology, a contradiction. Groups-binary operations, semigroups, monoids, groups, the order of a group, order of an element, properties of groups.

Biology Syllabus for VITEEE 2022:

The biology syllabus of the VITEEE contains the Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Environments, etc. Biology is a broad Syllabus to study. If you are good in biology then this section is not a different task. This section is not even time taking too. There are 40 questions. 

Need for classification; Three domains of life. Linnaean, Whittaker, Bentham and Hooker systems of classification. Salient features and classification of non-chordates up to phyla levels and chordates up to class levels. Morphology and anatomy of flowering plants. Structural organization in insects(cockroach)

Cell and Molecular Biology:
Cell theory. Prokaryotic cell and its ultrastructure. Eukaryotic cell- cell wall, cell membrane, cytoskeleton, nucleus, chloroplast, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi bodies, ribosomes, lysosomes, vacuoles and centrosomes. Cell cycle and division - amitosis, mitosis and meiosis. Search for genetic material; the structure of DNA and RNA; replication, transcription, genetic code, translation, splicing, gene expression and regulation (lac operon) and DNA repair.

Asexual reproduction – binary fission, sporulation, budding, gemmule formation and fragmentation. Vegetative propagation in plants, sexual reproduction in flowering plants and structure of flowers. Pollination, fertilization, development of seeds and fruits, seed dispersal, apomixis, parthenocarpy and polyembryony. Human reproductive system. Gametogenesis, menstrual cycle, fertilization, implantation, embryo development up to blastocyst formation, pregnancy, parturition and lactation. Assisted reproductive technologies.

Genetics and evolution:
Chromosomes - structure and types, linkage and crossing over, recombination of chromosomes, mutation and chromosomal aberrations. Mendelian inheritance, the chromosomal theory of inheritance, deviation from Mendelian ratio (incomplete dominance, co-dominance, multiple allelism, pleiotrophy), sex-linked inheritance and sex determination in humans. Darwinism, neo Darwinism, Hardy and Weinberg’s principle and factors affecting the equilibrium: selection, mutation, migration and random genetic drift.

Human health and diseases:
Pathogens, parasites causing human diseases (malaria, dengue, chikungunya, filariasis, ascariasis, typhoid, pneumonia, common cold, amoebiasis, ringworm) and their control. Basic concepts of immunology, vaccines, antibiotics, cancer, HIV and AIDS. Adolescence, drug and alcohol abuse.

Structure and function of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Enzymes – types, properties and enzyme action. Metabolism - glycolysis, fermentation, Kreb’s cycle and pentose phosphate pathway.

Plant physiology:
Movement of water, food, nutrients, gases and minerals. Passive diffusion facilitated diffusion and active transport. Imbibition, osmosis, apoplast and symplast transport and guttation. Macro and micronutrients and their deficiency symptoms. Transpiration, photosynthesis (light and dark reactions) and electron transport chain. Hormones and growth regulators, photoperiodism and vernalization. Nitrogen cycle and biological nitrogen fixation.

Human physiology:
Digestion and absorption, breathing and respiration, body fluids and circulation, excretory system, endocrine system, nervous system, skeletal and muscular systems. Locomotion and movement, growth, aging and death. Hormones - types of hormones, functions, and disorders.

Biotechnology and its applications:
Recombinant DNA technology, applications in health, agriculture and industries; genetically modified organisms; Human insulin, vaccine and antibiotic production. Stem cell technology and gene therapy. Apiculture and animal husbandry. Plant breeding, tissue culture, single-cell protein, fortification, Bt crops, and transgenic animals. Microbes in food processing, sewage treatment, waste management, and energy generation. Biocontrol agents and biofertilizers. Biosafety issues, biopiracy, and patents. Human and rice genome projects. DNA fingerprinting.

Biodiversity, ecology and environment:
Ecosystems: components, types, pyramids, nutrient cycles (carbon and phosphorous), ecological succession and energy flow in an ecosystem; Biodiversity - concepts, patterns, importance, conservation, hot spots, endangered organisms, extinction, Red data book, botanical gardens, national parks, sanctuaries, museums, biosphere reserves and Ramsar sites. Environmental issues: pollution and its control.Solid and radioactive waste management. Climate change impact and mitigation. Population attributes - growth, birth and death rate and age distribution.

English Syllabus for VITEEE 2022:

There are 5 MCQs in English.

  • Comprehension
  • English Grammar and Pronounciation
  • Lines of Poems
  • Dialogues and Passages

Aptitude Syllabus for VITEEE 2022:

There are 10 MCQs in Aptitude.

Directions Calendar
Clocks Coding and Decoding
Data Sufficiency Data Interpretation
Number Series Syllogism

Candidates are requested to study all the syllabus thoroughly The question will be coming from the given syllabus so study it thoroughly.  


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KIITEE 2020 New Exam Date Announced. Will Start from 24 July
GATE CCMT 2020: Registration Commences today, Check Steps to Apply
IIFT 2020 Admission Registration Deadline for MA and Ph.D Extended
MS Ramaiah Test Postponed due to COVID-19, Check Details
TS PGECET 2020 Registration without late fee extend upto May 15, Apply Now
JNU announces academic calendar, students to return to campus by June-end
SET 2020 New Exam Day announced, Apply till May 20
COMEDK UGET 2020 exam will be conducted in the fourth week of June, Check Details
MET 2020 Exam Dates Announced. Get the Slot Booking Details Here
Registrations for IIT Delhi M.Tech admission 2020 to end tomorrow, Apply Now
GATE CCMT 2020: Registration Postponed to May 13, Check Steps to Apply
BEEE 2020: Registration may be Postponed till May. Check Here
DNB CET and PDCET Counselling Registration 2020 Begins on 8th May
Lowers GATE score; Lateral entry to PMRF scheme: Govt
LSAT India 2020 Exam Adapts Online Mode, Students can Appear at Home
NEET in COVID-19: NTA to Double Test Centres to maintain social distancing
Manipal University Jaipur U.G and P.G Admission Process Started
AP ICET 2020 Registration Extended to 20 May. Exam Postponed
UPSEE 2020 Exam date Released. Check Here
COMEDK UGET Exam 2020 Postponed Again, Apply Now
PGIMER 2020 Application Form Registration to end Today. Apply Now
Amity University Mumbai Application Started (U.G and P.G Courses)
AP EAMCET 2020 Online Form Submission Extended to 20 May
IIT's and NIT's Not to Hike Course Fees Advised by HRD Minister
NEET and JEE Main to held in July, new session from August Says HRD Minister
GGSIPU CET 2020 Application Process Ends Today. Get Link Here
KIITEE 2020 Registration Date Extended Till May 17 due to COVID-19,Apply Here
PGIMER 2020 Application Form Registration to end tomorrow. Apply Now
IIT Madras Incubaed Startup develops coating to inactive coronavirus on contact
AICTE launched 49 free online courses for Job Interviews
SAAT 2020 Registration Extended to 17 May. Check Details
NBE releases counselling schedule DNB CET and PDCET 2020,Read Details
UPSEE 2020 Registration Extended to 15 May. Check Details
BITSAT 2020 Registration Ends Tomorrow. Apply Soon
COMEDK UGET Registration to End Tomorrow, Apply Now
CG PPHT 2020 Application Form Extended Again Till 15th May. Apply Now
UGC releases new academic calendar: Session To Begin In September
CG PPHT 2020 Application Process Ends Tomorrow, Apply Soon
MAT 2020:Remotely Proctored Internet Based Test Introduces by AIMA
UGC Issued Exam Related Guidelines with New Academic Calendar,Read
IIT Delhi to conduct online interview for postgraduate admissions
Met 2020 Application Form Extended till 15th May. Apply Now
NEET will be Single Medical Entrance Test, SC Quashes Minority Institutions' Objection
Amity Global Business School, invites applications for MBA+PGPM programme 2020
NCHMCT 2020 Correction window to End Tomorrow, Get Link Here
VIT 2020 Admission Open for Bsc(Fashion Design), Click to Apply
TSCHE postponed EAMCET, ECET and PGECET again till June, Check the Details
IIT Delhi Made Wash Karo App to Make Alert People From COVID-19
GNIHM JET 2020 - Application Form(Ongoing) Exam Dates (out). Apply Now
CG PPHT 2020 Application Form Extended Till 3rd May. Apply Now
NCERT and CBSE Syllabus Should to be Upload on School Website,OHRC
CUCET 2020 Registration Extended to 23 May. Exam postponed
RRB Ajmer Declared RRB JE 2019 Final Result, Check Here
COMEDK UGET Exam 2020 Postponed,Read all details
IIA Bangalore Have Discovered Hundreds of Li-rich Giant Star
KIITEE 2020 Schedule Change, Revised Dates will be Notified Soon
KIITEE 2020 Registration Date Extended due to COVID-19,Apply Here
ICAI Waives Off Training Condonation Fee Of CA Applicants
UPSEE 2020 Registration Extended to May 3. Exam Postponed
MAH BHMCT CET 2020 Exam Postponed, Registration Extended Again till 8th May
UBTER-JEEP 2020 Application Form Extended Till 10th May. Apply Now
Odisha Government providing TV classes for the Matriculation Students
SCB Medical College and Hospital Makes its Own Sanitiser Solution
CISCE Has Advised Schools to Not Hike Fee in Bengal This Year
Karnataka Launched Free Coaching Portal 'GetCETGo' for NEET and CET Candidates
Jadavpur University Students are Running Community Kitchen to Feed the Poor
IIT JAM 2020 Admission Form Released. Submit Choices till 10 May
MHRD Launched e-PG Pathshala for Pg Students
Coronavirus: ICAI to start online revision classes for CA students
OUAT 2020 Application Form Ends Today i.e 20th April. Apply Now
MAH BHMCT CET 2020 Application Form Ends Today i.e 20th April. Apply Now
DTU admission 2020 notification released,Check Details
AIIMS Raipur and SAARC Countries Conduct an Online Seminar to Tackle COVID-19
Odisha NEET PG medical and dental 2020 counselling Resumed, Check New schedule
SOA Updated COVID-19 Advisory for its Applicant, Read Here
GATA 2020 Registration Started Apply Till 2nd Week Of April
OUAT 2020, Application Form Extended Again till 20 April. Apply Now
Telangana Starts Free Online Coaching for JEE Main, NEET, TS EAMCET
UPSC: NDA-II Dates will be Released On May and NDA-I Exam Postponed
IPU CET 2020 Registration Extended to 5th May. Check Details
7 Top IITs decides to boycott Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking
JEE Main and NEET 2020 to be held in Mid-June: Sources
GCET 2020 Postponed, Engineering and Pharmacy Schedule To Be Revised
NID Postponed Admission 2020-21 due to Covid-19 till May 3
CBSE To Organise First Ever Live Fitness Sessions For Students
JEE Main and NEET 2020 Postponed to July ? NTA debunks Fake News
UGC, AICTE Working On Alternative Calendar, Modalities For Semester Exam
KEAM 2020: Exam Center Change Option Open for Its Applicant
BHU UET/ PET 2020 exams postponed till May 10, New schedule Later
OJEE 2020 postponed, New Schedule Later, Apply Here
Jamia Millia Admission 2020 Registration Extended, Apply Here
IIT Bombay Has Developed a digital stethoscope, Read Here in Details
OJEE 2020 Scheduled Change,Originally Scheduled to Be Released on May
AIIMS Rishikesh and BEL Developed Remote Health Monitoring System
AIIMS Bhubaneswar to Starts Telemedicine Facility,Click To Know More
MAH BHMCT CET 2020 Application Form Extended Again till 20 April
COVID-19 Update : BCECE 2020 Exam Postponed Again
Career options For Fresh MBAs and Engineers, Click Here to Know More
IIT Kanpur Develops Less Than Rs 100 PPE Kits for frontline workers
Central University of South Bihar to Add Seven New Courses, Know More
Coronavirus: MHRD Launch e-Portal YUKTI to tackle COVID Crisis
AIMA UGAT Postponed due to COVID-19, Check new dates here
VIT: LLM 2020 Application form Available, Click Here to Apply
School and Colleges to remain shut after the extention of Lockdown by 15 more days
TISS-BAT 2020 Registration Further Extended till 30 April. Exam Date to be Notified
PGIMER 2020 July session Application Form Extended till 26th April. Apply Now
AIIMS Rishikesh and IIT Roorkee Developed a Low-Cost Ventilator
UGC To submit the impact of COVID-19 on April 13 on Exam Delay
Shiv Nadar University Last Date for Registration has been Extended
IIT-Ropar Going to Make Portable Air-Tight Rooms to Fight COVID19
NIFT 2020 Situation Test Delayed. Revised Dates will be Notified
IIT Guwahati Students Develop Sprayer Drone to sanitise Large Area
SAAT 2020 Registration Deadline Extended to 26th April. Exam Postponed
IICD 2020 Registration Extended to 20 April. Exam Date to be Notified
IISc,Making Indigenous Ventilator Prototype for COVID-19 Patients
OJEE 2020 Registration Date Extended Again Due to Coronavirus Outbreak, Check Details Here
Placements Should not be Affected due to Coronavirus Situation, Says HRD minister
CBSE Has Introduced a New Academic Elective Subject For Class XI
IIT Bombay To Sets Up a Rapid Response Centre for COVID-19,Read Here
Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital Making 200-bed COVID19 Hospital
HRD and UGC released 10 Learning Platforms,check the List Here
SAT 2020 May Exam Cancelled due to Coronavirus Evolution
DUET 2020 Application process extends amid COVID-19 Situation
BEEE 2020: Registration may be Postponed due to Lock down. Check Here
Indian Institute of Science Offering PG Course Programmes,Apply Here
Students To Take Global Exams TOEFL, GRE At Home Due to Coronavirus Outbreak
IIMC 2020 Revised Schedule for Exam and Academic Activities. Check Here
BITS Higher Degree Admissions Open: Check The Courses Offered
IITs Should Addressed Mental Health Related Issues for Students:HRD Minister
IIT Madras Begins Cyber security Online Course 'a certified Cyber warrior'
Indian Institute of Science Offering UG Programme, Apply Here
IIT Bombay Launches ‘KauwaKaate App' To Check Facts About Coronavirus
SCB Medical College and Hospital Starts Covid-19 Test Facility
SCB Medical Collage and Hospital Starts Covid-19 Test Facility
Universities Helping Students in Lockdown for Taking a Decision in Higher Study.
NIPER JEE 2020: Application Process Begins, Click Here For More Details
A List of Dates Extended by NTA for Submission of Online Application Forms
XIC OET 2020 Registration Started. Check Eligibility Details Here
JEE Advanced 2020 Exam Postponed Until Further Notice Amid COVID-19 Outbreak
SOA University(SUM Hospital)Making 500 bedded Hospital to Fight COVID19
KIIT University Making 450 bedded Hospital in KIMS to Fight COVID19
AP ICET 2020 Registration Further Extended to April 17. Check Details
How Delhi University(DU) is managing the online classes
PU MET Registration Ended, Test fee can be paid Online also now.Pay Here
Met 2020 Application Form Extended till 20th April. Apply Now
KIITEE 2020 Schedules Revised by KIIT Bhubaneswar, Click to Know more
AP EAMCET 2020 Exam Postponed, Last Date of Application Process Extended till April 17
KIITEE 2020 Registration Date Extended, Click Here to Apply
MAH BHMCT CET 2020 Application Form Extended till 15 April. Apply Now
Research Institutes are Joined Hands to Fight Against Coronavirus
IIT Kharagpur Launches Data Analytics Online Certificate Program
UPSEE 2020: Last Date for Filling UPSEE Application Form Extended Again
UPES Admission Process Goes Online for Next Batch
XLRI Students develop a game on CORONA that you must try
JAM 2020 Scorecard Released by IIT Kanpur. Check Here
AIHMCT WAT 2020 Application Form Fill-up Deadline Extended to 25 April, Check Details
NCHM JEE 2020 Registration Extended to 30th April. Exam Postponed
JNUEE 2020 Registration Extended in Response of the JNU Student Union Request. Check Here
KCET 2020 Exam Postponed Until Further Notice Amid COVID-19 Outbreak
KEAM 2020 Has Been Postponed Due To Coronavirus. Check Details
MET 2020 Registration Ends Today. Exam Postponed
CSIR UGC NET 2020 Registration Extended till 15th May 2020. Check New Schedule Here
NTA ICAR AIEEA PG 2020 2020 Registration Deadline Extended to 30 April, Check Details
NTA Will Release NEET admit card 2020 on or After April 15, Check Details Here
AEEE 2020 Registration to End Today, Check the Details Here
KIITEE 202O Registration to End Today, Apply Here Right Now
Manipal Group Introduces Online Training Solutions amid Corona virus
AEEE 2020: Application Process Ends Tomorrow, Apply Soon
JNUEE 2020: JNU Students Union Demand Extenstion of Registration Deadline
NTA ICAR AIEEA UG 2020: Application Process Ends Tomorrow. Apply Soon
IIT Bombay Develops an Corontine App to Track Down the Quarantied. Check Details
NTA ICAR AIEEA PG 2020: Application Process Ends Tomorrow. Apply Soon
IIT ROPAR Develops New Techniques to Make Identical N95 Masks at Home. Check Details Here
NTA to Maintain The Academic Cycle by focusing on Quick Evaluation
RBI Recruitment: Notification Released for Vacant Consultants,Specialists,Analyst
UPSC postponed NDA and NA(I) Exam, Check New dates and Details Here
UPSEE 2020 Application to End Today, Check How to Apply
KIITEE 2020 Registration to End Tomorrow, Click Here to Apply
GAT UGTP 2020 Registration Ends Today. Check Details and Apply Now
NTA ICAR AIEEA PG 2020: Application Process Ends in 3 Days. Apply Soon
IIT Gandhinagar Has Launched Project Isaac, Read the Details Here
IIT Delhi Postponds the Deadline of Registration for P.G and Ph.D Courses
IIT Kharagpur Study on Understanding People's Preparedness for Lockdown
NTA ICAR AIEEA UG 2020: Application Process Ends in 3 Days. Apply Soon
IGNOU OPENMAT 2020 Registration Extended to 30th April. Apply Here
UGC Directs VCs to Provide food, healthcare to hostel
AIIMS Bhubaneswar Set Up 206-Bed Isolation Facility for COVID-19
NEST 2020 Application Date Extended to April 19, Check Here
AEEE 2020 Exam Dates Postponed, Check Details Here
CLAT 2020 Last Date for Registration has been Extended and Exam Postponed
AIEEE 2020 Exam Date Postponed, Check Details Here
GAT UGTP 2020 Registration Ends in 2 Days. Check Details and Apply Now
CA 2020 Exam Postponed due to COVID-19, New Date Announced by ICAI
Delhi University May Conduct 2020 Admissions Online
Corona Update : CEPT University To Conduct PG 2020 Admissions Online
BCECE 2020 Exams Postpones Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak
AEEE 2020 Registration Ends on 31st March. Check Details Here
GAT UGTP 2020 Registration Ends in 3 Days. Check Details and Apply Now
NTA ICAR AIEEA UG 2020: Application Process Ends in 4 Days. Apply Soon
CLAT 2020 Registration Ends in 4 Days. Check Details Here and Apply Now
OUAT 2020, Last Date of Application Extended to 3rd April; Check Details
LPU Developed ‘KAWACH’ to Prevent The Spread of Coronavirus
NMIMS School of Business Managenent Starts the Registration for MBA Law. Apply Now
IIT Madras organizing India's First Global Hyperloop Pod Competition
TISS-BAT 2020 Registration Extended to 10th April. Check Details
Project "Isaac" initiative to make quarantine Productive by IIT Gandhinagar
Corona outbreak: ICAI Exam 2020, important announcement for Students
SAAT 2020 Registration Ends on 31st March. Apply Soon
NTA ICAR AIEEA PG 2020: Application Process Ends in 5 days. Apply Soon
NTA ICAR AIEEA UG 2020: Application Process Ends in 5 days. Apply Soon
CLAT 2020 Registration Ends in 5 Days. Apply Now
NMIMS Started M.Arch and B.Acrh Registration for 2020-22 Batch. Apply Here
State Board Exam Evaluation on Hold Due to Lockdown
10 HRD-UGC Initiatives For Online Learning
Allahabad University UGAT and PGAT 2020 Application Form Released
NTA UGC NET 2020 June Registration is going on, click to Apply
Covid-19 Outbreak in India- Top 5 Education Updates
How Does the Corona Lockdown Helps in JEE Main 2020 Preparation
BML Munjal University 2020 B.Tech Application Process Ends Today
AICTE, MHRD Innovation Cell seeks Solutions for "Fight Corona IDEAthon", Apply Here
CUSAT CAT 2020 Exam Postponed, New Dates will be Announced soon
LPU invent KAWACH to Guarantee Social distancing to Fight Coronavirus
NIST providing Online Classes for Students, Due to Coronavirus
Coronavirus: CBSE, NTA to work on revised exam schedule Directs HRD Ministry
AMUEEE 2020 Revised Exam Date Released by the AMU
Will JEE Advanced 2020 be postponed Due to Coronavirus?
CMR University B.Tech 2020 admission Started. Apply Now
IBPS Clerk Result Has Been Postponed, Check Details Here
BML Munjal University 2020 B.Tech Application Process to be End on 26th March
IIT Guwahati to Have Supercomputiring Facility Soon
BMAT 2020 Examination Date Postponed due to COVID-19 epidemic. Know Complete Details
MAH BHMCT CET 2020 Application Form to end on 31st March. Apply Now
PU LLB Application Form will be Available From April 1, Check Details Here
Is MHT CET 2020 Postponed?
Delhi University: Online Library to access from home for Students
TS EAMCET 2020, Last Date of Application Extended ;Click Here to Check Details
E-Classes begins in Uttar Pradesh amid Coronavirus Scare
Sanitizers developed by IIT Kharagpur
AP EAMCET 2020 application Dates Extended, Check Details Here
NTA Releases Helpline Numbers of JEE Main, NEET, UGC NET, and more
Latest Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak
IRMASAT 2020 Final Results Released Today, Check The Result Here
JNV Hostels to turn into Quarantine centres to fight Covid-19: Govt
AMU: To Buy its second machine for COVID-19 Test
BCECE 2020 Registration to End Today, Click Here to Apply
Corona Outbreak: CA 2020 Exam Postponed? ICAI Announcement for Students
CDS (I) Results Released by UPSC. Check the Result Here
Aligarh Muslim University Postponed BA LLB Exam Due to Coronavirus
IIT Hyderabad to introduce B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering,GATE to change Question Paper Pattern
Scholarship Scheme for Central Hindu School Student by BHU
IIT Ropar Prepares 6 Liters Sanitizer to Fight Covid-19, Can Make 70 Liters Per Hour; Read Full Story Here
TISS-BAT 2020 Registration Ends Today. Apply Now
Researchers in IIT Delhi have Developed Low Cost Test Kits for the COVID 19
Coronavirus Update: NEET PG/MDS 2020 counselling Postponed; Register till March 23
CBSE Launches e-Content For All Subjects On DIKSHA App
Bill Passed: 25 percent reservation for Karnataka in NLSIU Bengaluru
The New Five IIITs of India will be Accorded the Status of INI
Coronavirus: 1st AI Summit "RAISE 2020" Postponed,Says GOI
TISS-BAT 2020 Registration Ends on 23rd March. Apply Soon
Coronavirus Effect: UGC Directs Universities To Reschedule Exams, Evaluation Work
CUCET 2020: Application/Registration Process Started. Apply Now
D Y patil Pune: AIET 2020 Registration Extended, Exam Postponed
KCET 2020 Application Correction Starts, Correct Till 27 March
Coronavirus: DU Shuts Its Campus and Hostels till 31 March
SRM Postpones SRMJEEE UG/PG Exams. New Dates On or Before 1 April
OJEE MBA Registration Process Extended to March 27 - Check Details Here
GUJCET 2020 Date Postponed. To Be Announced After 15 April
BHU Will Reopen Application Window For 24 Hours on March 20
Corona Virus: IIT Ropar To Provide Online Courses after Suspension Of Classes
Corona Virus: HRD Ministry To Launch E-Classes On Swayam Prabha DTH Channels
GATE 2020 Scorecard Released, Get Direct Link to Download Here
Centre Says No Reservation Provision to Super Speciality Courses In Medical Institutions
UPSEE 2020 Application Form Correction Begins; Last Chance to Edit Your Application Form
PGIMER Application Form Released, Open Till April 16, Apply Now
NEET PG Choice Filling and locking Started, Lock Your Preferred College Here
Over 4,800 Increase in PG Medical Seats In 2020-21 Academic Session: MCI
Coronavirus:VIT Vellore Shuts Its Campus and Hostels till 31 May
Is NEET Abolished? See what Health Ministry has to Say.
MET 2020 Registration Extended Upto 31st March, Apply Now
Coronavirus: Universities in Odisha Asks Students To Vacate Hostels.
GUJCET Admit Card 2020 Released. Download Your Hall Ticket
NATA Application Form Registration Extended Upto 23rd March, Apply Now
NID DAT B.Des 2020 Result to be Declared on March 19
IIT JAM 2020 Result Released. Get Direct Link to View Result
Answer Key of SSC CGL Tire I 2019 Released, Candidates Can Raise Objections Till March 21
IIT JAM 2020 Result Soon, Final Answer Key Released, Download Here
IIT JAM 2020 Rsult Soon, Final Answer Key Released, Download Here
NATA 2020: Application Form Registration Ends Today. Apply Now
UPSEE 2020 Registration Process Ends Tomorrow. Apply Now
IIT:COAP Registration will available shortly for M.Tech admission
IIT Jodhpur to starts School of Management and Entrepreneurship
GATE 2020 Cutoff Released, Check Category wise Qualifying Marks
NIFT 2020 Result Released. Get Direct Link to View Result
GATE 2020 Result Declared, Download Score Card Here.
GATE 2020 Final Answer Key Released, Download Here
Schools, Colleges Closed Till March 31 In Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Manipur
IIM Jammu Signs MoU with ICAI for training programs and free waiver
TANCET 2020 Result Declared Before the Official Date, Click Here to Know More
JEST 2020 Result Declared, Click Here to Download Scorecard
IIT Madras and Rolls-Royce to Collaborate on Research, Academics
TS ICET 2020 Application Form Released, Check Details Here
IIFT ranked 15th among top best B-schools for 2020
TS ICET 2020 Application will be released on 9th March, Exam to be Held on May 20-21
CV Raman College Of Engineering gets University Status by Odisha Govt.
Jindal Global Law School and NLSIU, Bengaluru Among Top 200 Of QS World Subject Rankings
Two Indian Engineering Schools Among Top 50 of QS World Ranking
BVP CET Law 2020 Application Form Released. Apply Here
CEED 2020 Scorecard Accepted by School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal
KCET 2020 Application Form Released Again. Apply Till Last Date
IPU CET 2020 Registration Started. Get Direct Link to Apply
NIT Warangal to introduce MTech course in waste mgmt.
JNU 2020 Registration Started. Get the Link to Apply
MAH BHMCT CET Application Form Release Today . Apply Now
IIT Delhi Signs MoU with NIT Agartala for Early PhD Admissions
NTA ICAR AIEEA PG 2020: Application Process Begins, Click Here For More Details
NTA ICAR AIEEA UG 2020: Application Process Begins, Click Here For More Details
KCET 2020 Registration Ends Today. Apply Now
MH CET LAW 2020 Registration Ends Today.Apply Soon
AP EAMCET 2020 Registration Started. Get the Direct Link to Apply Here
BHU UET 2020 Registration Ends Today for UG and PG Courses. Apply Now
KEAM 2020 Registration Ends Today. Apply Now
KEAM 2020 Registration Ends Tomorrow i.e 29th Feb. Apply Now
AP EAMCET 2020 application date Rescheduled, Registration Starts Tomorrow
AP EAMCET 2020 application date Rescheduled, Registration to Start From 29th February
KEAM 2020 Registration Extended Till 29th Feb. Apply Now
KEAM 2020 Registration Ends Tomorrow i.e 25th Feb. Apply Now
TS EAMCET 2020 Application Form Released- Check How to Apply
IISc Bangalore Ranked 16 in Emerging Economies Ranking, Read Here
IIT Delhi Launches Two New Msc Programmes, Check Details Here
SSC CGL 2020 Admit Card Released- Check How to Download here
Bihar BCECE Exam Registration Starts Today
AP ICET 2020 Application Form will be Released Soon.
GUJCET 2020 Registration Ends Today. Check How to Apply
WBJEE 2020 Answer Key: Last Day to raise Objections Today, Raise Here
GATE 2020 Answer Key Objection Process Begins, Raise Here
GUJCET Extended Upto 19th FEB. Apply NOW
TS EAMCET 2020 Exam Dates (out) – Check Exam Details Here
NEET MDS 2020 Merit List Released. Check and download Here
KEAM 2020 Registration Ends on 25th Feb. Apply Now
GATE 2020 Answer Key Released, Download Now
GATE 2020 Question Paper Released, Answer Key to Follow Soon
WBJEE 2020 Answer Key Released, Download Now
No Fee Hike for Medical and Dental Courses: Medical Education Minister
SAT 2020 March Session Registration Ends Today. Check How to Apply
SAT 2020 March Session Registration Ends Tomorrow. Check How to Apply
TANCET Admit Card 2020 Released. Download Your Hall Ticket
TANCET 2020 Admit Card to Release Tomorrow. Check Details
CDS (I) Answer Key Released by UPSC. Get Direct Link to Check
KCET Will Be Held On A Single Day From 2021
AP EAMCET 2020 dates announced: Registration Starts From February 28
GATE 2020 CE Paper Analysis, Detailed Exam review, Available Here
GUJCET 2020 Registration Ends Today. Get Direct Link to Apply
GATE 2020 EE Paper Analysis, Detailed Exam review, Available Here
LSAT 2020: Registration Date Extended and Exam Date Postponed
GUJCET 2020 Registration Extended, Apply Now
AIMA UGAT 2020 Registration Process Begins, Apply Now
KCET 2020 Registration Started. Apply Now
UPSC Released the CDS(I) Cutoff Marks, Check Here
GUJCET 2020 Registration Ends Today. Apply Now
XGMT 2020 Result Declared by XUB. Check Here
WBJEE Paper Analysis 2020 Paper 1 and 2 Exam Review, Details Here
NDA(I) 2020 Application Form Withdrawal is Available From Today
TANCET 2020 Registration Ends Today. Apply Now
KMAT Kerala 2020 Registration to Start Soon. Check Details Here
IIT Madras Develops AI Technology for Speech Impaired Person
GATE 2020 Paper Analysis (Available) - Check Exam Review & Expected Cutoff
CMAT Result Will Be Published Soon Check Here For More Details.
IIT Bombay,NASSCOM Organised a One-day Job Fair on January 31
IGNOU Re-Registration Date Extended till 15th Feb 2020. Apply Now
IGNOU: Registration for Fresh Admissions Extended up to 15-20 Feb
IGNOU 2020 January Session Registration to end today. Apply soon
TANCET 2020 Registration Date Extended. Apply Now
UPSC conducting CDS(1) 2020 Results Released today, Check Here
GPAT 2020 Question Paper and Answer Sheet Released by NTA
UCEED and CEED 2020 Scorecard Accepted by Various New Institutes
IIM Calcutta Ranked 42 in Financial Times Global MBA Ranking
IIT Madras to offer Data Science Course on Its Platform 'PadhAI'
NDA(I) 2020 Registration to End Today, Get Link to Apply Here
Ashoka University Opens The Trivedi School Of Biosciences
IIT Hyderabad And Oppo Collaborate for Research in 5G, AI,Others
NDA(I) 2020 Registration to End Tomorrow, Get Link to Apply Here
IGNOU MBA & B.Ed. 2020 Registration to Begin on 31st Jan by NTA
MS Ramaiah Test:Registration has started,Get Direct Link to Apply
DY Patil Pune: P.HD. Entrance Result Has Announced
UPSEE 2020 Registration Starts Today. Apply Now
Manipal University 2020 Admission Form And Exam Date Announced
GRIHA Rates IIM-K with 5 Star For It’s New Phase V Green Campus
Mangalore University Signs MoU With IGCAR
WBJEE 2020 Admit Card Released,Download Now
NIFT 2020 Raising Objection Against Answer Key Ends Today
Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) 2020 Application Form Started
Pearl Academy 2020 Entrance Exam Result Declared. Check Here
NIFT 2020 Answer Key Released. Challenge Until 24th Jan
IIT Hyderabad will host an International Conference on CARRS
BVET 2020 Registration has started for U.G. Course. Check Details
BMAT 2020 Registration has Started for P.G. Course. Check Details
AIIMS:Nursing 2020 Registration dates Extended Check Details Here
Mangalore University Result Released for Nov-Dec Exams
IIT Bhubaneswar; 70 UG Seats To be Added This Academic Session
JEST 2020 Admit Card Released. Check Dates
AMU 2020 Registration Process starts Today
FDDI AIST 2020 Registration Starts Today. Check Eligibility
"JNU is Our Top University": HRD Minister After IES/ISS Result
AILET 2020 registration Starts Today. Get Link to Apply
D Y patil Pune: AIET 2020, Registration Process Starts, Link Here
FDDI AIST 2020 Important Dates Released. Exam on 24th May
NEET UG 2020: Correction window starts, Get Link Here
IIT Jodhpur is going to offer MBA course from this year
BITSAT 2020 Registration Started. Check Eligibility & Dates
AIIMS PhD Entrance Exam Result Released For Stage I & II
NIFT 2020 Admit Card Released. Get Link Here
M S Ramaiah:Last Day of Registration for Big Data and AI, Apply Here
CDS(1) 2020 Admit card Released today. Get the Link Here
M S Ramaiah: Registration to End Tomorrow for Big Data and AI, Apply Here
NIFT 2020 Admit Card to be Released Tomorrow. Check Details
NDA 2020 Registration Starts Today. Get Link Here
TANCET 2020 Registration Starts Today. Get Direct Link Here
IIT Bhubaneswar Signs MoU with AIIMS Bhubaneswar
TANCET 2020 Registration Starts Tomorrow. Check Eligibility
NIT Surathkal: ISRO Sets Up Space Academic Center
GATE 2020: Admit Card Released, Get Direct Link Here
GATE 2020: Admit Card to be Released Tomorrow January 3
KCET 2020 Exam Dates Released by KEA. Check Here
UGC NET 2019 December Cut-Off Released. Check Here
CLAT 2020 Registration Started. Get the Direct Link Here
UGC NET 2019 December Results Announced. Check Here
GATE 2020: Admit Card to be Released on January 3 by IIT Delhi
TSCET 2020 Exam Dates Released for Various Exams. Check Here
HPCET 2020 Exam Date Announced for Various UG & PG Courses
CLAT Important Dates Declared, Check Details for More Information
TISSNET 2020 Admit Card Released. Download Here
NEET 2020:NTA Releases Clarification as for 'State Of Eligibility
IIT-Kharagpur offers joint PhD programme with Auckland University
AIIMS Nursing 2020 for B.Sc. registration Started. Check Details
D Y Patil,Pune: Ph.D Entrance Test Application Closing Tomorrow
NDA (II) 2019 Written Exam Result Announced by UPSC, Check Here
Mangalore University: Methodology Course for Research Scholars
IAF 2020 Official Notification Released for Airman Group X & Y
NEET 2020: 11 More Centers set up for Kashmiri Students
UGC NET 2019 Answer Key Released. Challenge Until 13th Dec
IIT Delhi: To offer Bachelors in Design Courses from 2020-21
NEET UG 2020: New Changes by NTA
D Y Patil,Pune: Ph.D Entrance Test Application form starts today
SOA University Conducted its 6th Convocation on 16th Nov
Sharda University at Advantage Healthcare India 2019
Sharda University opens a new Campus in Uzbekistan
Birla School of Communication Bags 'Best Mass Communication Institute' award
Sharda University to feature in Institution of Eminence by GOI
BGU to host national seminar on 9th-10th January 2020.
SOA University Holds a Conference on Functional Materials
Sharda University: Ph.D 2020 Registration Ends on 16 december
SAAT 2020 Application Form to be Released Soon. Check Dates
TISSNET 2020 PG Registration Ends Today. Apply Here
GPAT 2020 Registration to end today, Check details here
GATE 2020 Exam Schedule Released by IIT Delhi. Check Slot Details
IIT Kanpur to Start Certification Program in Cybersecurity
CDS (Common Defences Service) Result Announced Today
TISSNET 2020 PG Registration End Date Postponed to 30th Nov
COMEDK UGET Entrance 2020 For Engineering : Date announced
AIIMS PG 2019 January Session Result Out Now. Check Here
CLAT 2020: Major Changes in Exam Pattern and Exam Date Announced
AILET 2020 Official Dates Announced
NID DAT 2020 Application Process With Late Fees Ends Tomorrow
IIFT 2020 Admit card is out now, Check details here
NID DAT 2020 Application Form Correction Starts From 21st Nov
CDS Application Closes Today
NID DAT 2020 Application Process Ends Today. Check Details
CDS Application Closes Tomorrow
KIITEE 2020: Applications Open for UG, PG, and PhD
NDA Admit Card: Tomorrow, Last date to Download.
NID DAT 2020 Application Process Ends on 18th Nov. Check Details
CDS application closes on 19th November 2019
IIFT 2020 Admit Card expected to be issued on 15th Nov, Check here
WBJEE 2020:Correction and Downloading revised confirmation Page
Content Based Lectures: For JEE Main And NEET by subject Experts
IIFT 2020: Delay in admit card release, Check details here
NIT students can now pursue PhD at IIT Delhi without Gate exam
WBJEE 2020: Registration ends today
NDA 2019: Qualified Rank List with marks out, Check details here
WBJEE 2020: Registration to end tomorrow,check details here
VIT application forms for MBA and PhD courses available
WBJEE 2020: Registration to end on 13th Nov 2019, Check details here
KEAM 2020: Exam Dates Announced for Engineering
IIFT 2020 Admit Card is on the way, Check details here
UCEED, CEED 2020 Registration to end on 9th Nov 2019, Check details
NID DAT 2020 Application Process Extended
IIFT 2020 Form Correction process to end today, Check details here
NID DAT 2020 Application Form Closes on November 7
NDA I 2019 SSB Interview Result Announced by UPSC
NTA Exams Application Form Re-Opens Today for J&K Candidates
UGC-NET, JEE Main, etc. Application Form Re-Open for J&K Aspirants
CDS 2020 Application Form Released. Check Details
NDA 2019: Admit card issued today, Check details here
NIFT Application Form Released Today. Check Details
SNAP 2019 Mock Test starts from today, Check details here
TISSNET 2020 Registration for PG programs begins, Check details
SRMJEEE Important Dates Announced and Changes in Pattern
UCEED and CEED 2020 Application Form Released Today.
VITEEE 2020 Registration Starts From September 27.
2nd Round Option Entry for Karnataka PGCET 2019 starts
NTA starts photo rectification for IIFT 2020
NDA (II) 2019 Exam: Rejected Fee Payment list out.
HRD Ministry gives IOE status to Delhi University and 4 other institutions
NIFT Bhubaneswar & Indonesia to jointly Promote Sustainable Fashion
ETC added afternoon test sessions in TOEFL, Check details here
NDA 2019 Application form closes on 3rd Sept, Check details here
IIFT Exam on 1st Dec; NTA to direct MBA admission Test.
SAT 2019-20, Here is important dates, registration, exam fee and other details
CSAB 2019 supernumerary round registration begins from 8-9 Aug, Check details here
SAT 2019 next test is on 5th Oct, Check details here
Fake University List Released by UGC, Check Details Here
TNEA 2019 3rd round allotment result list out; Check here for more details
JoSAA’S final round allotment results out today
NTA released ICAR result list 2019, Check details here
AIEEA’s answer key for UG and PG disclosed by NTA ICAR, Check details here
NTA UGC-NET June 2019 results out, Check the details here
UGC NET June 2019 final answer key is available now, result will be out soon
KEAM 2019 2nd allotment result announced, check the details
KEAM 2019 2nd allotment result is expected to be released today
DU second cut-off list out Check Direct Links Here
UGC NET 2019 - June Answer Key Released, Click Here to Download
KCET 2019 Seat Allotment List Released, Check Direct Link Here
UGC NET Response Sheet, Question Papers Released Download Here
UGC NET exam concludes, check details here
IIT Bhubaneswar Initiated a Go Green Battery Vehicle Service
UGC NET Result Date Will be Declared on July 15 Check Details Here
ATMA 2019 Results Declared Check Your Result Here
KCET 2019 Mock Allotment Result Declared Check Here
MMMUT Seat Allotment Result 2019 Declared Check Here
TS SET Admit Card Released Online, Click Here To Download
UPSEE Counselling Schedule Out Check Here
BUMAT Result Out by Bharati Vidyapeeth University Check Here
BITSAT 2019 Result for Iteration 1 Declared, Check Details Here
WBJEE 2019 Result Declared Online, Download Rank Card Here
KEAM 2019 First Allotment List Will be Announced Today
IIT Kharagpur Offers Financial Assistance
Manipal University Jaipur to Offer upto 3 Crore Scholarships
CSIR UGC NET 2019 Exam Begun for June Session get Details Here
Delhi University Extends Application Date for Undergraduate Courses
COMEDK UGET 2019 Counselling Schedule Out
MAHA CET 2019 Registration for Counselling Begins
IIMC Mass Communication 2019 Schedules Released
CLAT 2019 Result To be Out Soon, Check Direct Link Here
KEAM 2019 Counselling Starts Today, Click Here To Register
NIPER JEE 2019 Results Announced Check Here
TS ICET 2019 Result to release soon, Check direct link here
DU 2019 Entrance Examination Schedule Released
IIM - K launches MBA for Aspiring Business Leaders
NIMCET 2019 Revised Result Out Check Here
ICAR 2019 Admit Card to Release on June 17, Click Here to Download
IIT Gandhinagar receive Eat Right Campus Award
Symbiosis incubates and welcomes to Start-Ups
CUCET 2019 Final Answer Key been Released
CSIR UGC NET Admit Card 2019 for June Session Out Download Here
IIM Calcutta rolls out on Digital Mindsets
TOEFL Reduced Time Duration for New Score Feature
WBJEE 2019 Cut-off released, Check here
AP EAMCET Result Declared Today, Check Direct Link Here
MHT CET 2019 Results Going to be Declared Tomorrow Check Here
TS LAWCET and PGCLET Results Out Check Here
AFCAT Application Form Out Apply till June 30
Cognizant To Offer 18% Higher-Pay To Engineers
NID DAT 2019 Mains Result Released Today.
ATMA 2019 Results Out Check Direct Link Here
CUCET Official Answer Key Out Check Here
JNU Online Entrance Exams Begins
MDI Gurgaon hosts ‘Enterprise Architecture in the Digital Era’ conference
UGC NET 2019 Admit Card Out Download Here
SP Jain & Emaar Hospitality Group signed MoU To Enhance Cooperation
MMMUT Has Released MET- Malaviya EntranceTest 2019 Results
KCET 2019 Results Declared Check Here
KIIT University Selected in Boeing Program Along with 6 Others
UPSEE 2019 Results Expected in the Last Week of May 2019
KEAM 2019 Results Declared by Check Here
RRB JE Admit Card 2019 Released Online, Click Here To Download
UGC NET 2019 Admit Card Release Date Changed, Check Final Dates Here
Class 12th CBSE Board Results Out Hurry Up Check Your Results Here
KCET 2019 Answer Keys Out Through Online Mode Check Here
COMEDK UGET Admit Card to be Released on May 3, Exam on May 12
KIITEE 2019 Results declared Check Direct link Here
Manipal Released the MET 2019 Scorecard Check Here
Symbiosis Released the SET/SLAT/SITEEE/SEED 2019 Admit card
NEST 2019 Admit Card Released by NISER Check Direct Link Here
SRMJEEE 2019 Result to be Declared on April 27 Counselling Dates Also Out
Symbiosis All Set to Release the SET 2019 Admit card tommorow
NEST 2019 Admit Card Issued Exam to be Conducted on June 1st
JNUEE Application Correction Process Has Begun Check Direct Here
NCHM JEE 2019 Exam to be Conducted on April 27
COMEDK UGET 2019 Application Date Extended to April 21
UPSEE 2019 Answer keys Released check the PDF here
NDA 2019 Will be Conducted Tomorrow by UPSC
SRMJEE 2019 Application Process Will End Tomorrow
JNU Last Date to Apply Today Also Correction Window to Open on April 22
EAMCET Hall Ticket Will be Released by JNTU on April 20, 2019
MHT CET 2019 Exam Scheduled Declared Check Details
AEEE 2019 Last Date to Apply Has Been Shifted to April 17
NATA 2019 Answer Key Announced Check direct Link Here
NATA 2019 Answer Key Released Check direct Link Here
SET 2019 Last date Shifted to April 21, 2019 by Symbiosis
UPSEE 2019 Admit Card Released Check Steps Here
SEED 2019 Last Date to Apply April 15, 2019
UPSEE 2019 Admit Card Going be Released on April 15th
UGC-NET Correction Window Will be Closed Tomorrow April 14
CUCET Last Date to apply April 13 Correction window April 21
Indian Air Force declared Airmen result 01/2020, admit card for phase II exam
UGC NET June 2019 Application Form Correction Started
Indian Navy Recruitment 2019: Online Application for Chargemen
Manipal University Started The MU OET 2019 Slot booking
Indian Navy Tradesman Mate 2019 Admit Card Out Check direct Link Here
SRMJEEE 2019 Application Date Extended For 10 Days(April 10)
SAT 2019 Important News Out About Dates Registration Process
CUSAT CAT 2019 Admit Cards Out Check Direct Link Here
VITEEE 2019 Entrance Exam Postponed Due To Upcoming Elections
IISC Bangalore Application Form Last Date 25 March apply Soon
IIT JAM 2019 Results and Final Answer Key out check direct link
JNU Entrance Exam Online Registrations To Begin Tomorrow
ICAI CA May 2019 exams Rescheduled Due To Lok Sabha Elections.
CUCET 2019 Application Begin Today Check Direct Link Here
March 15th UPSEE Applications Last Date Click Here To Fill Up
Results of IAF AFCAT 2019 Announced Direct Links Here...
The Registration For UGC NET 2018 Will Begin. Check The Direct Links Here.
Food Corporation Of India Begun It's Recruitment-2019
CSIR UGC NET June 2019 online application process begins! Apply here!
CSIR JRF UGC NET 2019 Application process has begun! Check Direct links here.
All India Bar Examination AIBE XIII-2019 Results to be out!
SSC JE Last Date To Apply Today! Check Direct Links Here.
Intelligence Bureau Recruitment 2019 Out! Apply soon in the official website!
Final Registration For AIIMS MBBS 2019 Begins, Get Details Here
ICMAI CMA December 2018 Foundation Results out!
ICMAI CMA December 2018 results to be out today.
JAM 2019 response sheet released by IIT Kharagpur
GATE 2019 Answer Key & Question Paper Released, Check Direct Link Here
Results of MICAT-2 decalred! Check direct Link here.
BCECE Entrance Cancelled! Selection Will Continue As Per JEE Entrance Rank
AIMA Reopens Registrations For MAT 2019 PBT, Check Details Here
SAIL Recruitment. Last date to apply for 275 posts.
RGPV Result 2018: Result For UG & PG Courses Out, Check The Details Here
IIFT Admissions Notice 2019: Admission Open For Different Course, Check Details Here
CA Exam dates for May 2019 for Inter and Final released.
SAIL 2019: Recruitment Starts for 72 Overman, Mining Sirdar & Surveyor Posts
Senior Secondary Recruit August 2019: Admit Card Released By The Indian Navy
Direct links available for CA IPCC Result 2018 for November to be out at 6pm today!
Applications For JEE Main 2019, April Exam Begins Today!
NTA Mobile App: NTA Launches App For Mock Tests of JEE Main 2019 & Other Entrances
RSMSSB Document Verification Dates Released For Livestock Assistant 2018
NTA UGC NET June 2019 notifications out! Online application begins from March 1st.
NDA Registration to be concluded soon says UPSC.
NTA released UGC-NET 2018 modified results. Check direct link here.
25% Hike in seats in JNU(Jawaharlal Nehru University) prepares for EWS Admission quota.
SAIL 2019 Recruitment check the details
UPSEE 2019 Registration for online Application Form begins
UPSC-CDS(I) Exam 2019 on February 3. Check Important details.
Indian Army Recruitment 2019 for Technical Graduates
CA Final and CA Foudation November 2018 results will be released soon says ICAI
CUSAT CAT 2019 scheduled to be conducted on April 6th
UPSC Recruitment notification released: Applications for Assistant professor and others
Answer Key of RRB Group D-2018 released
RPF SI Admit card 2018 released.
CTET 2019 Dates are announced by CBSE.
RRB ALP Second Stage CBT Exam Date fixed - Jan 21st , 22nd , 23rd 2019
NDA 2019 Application Begins today (9th Jan)
GATE-2019 Admit Card Download: Learn the steps to download
CBSE syllabus and NCERT Curriculum to be enforced in all schools from April 2019.
BPSC Results-2018 CCE Preliminary Exam To Be Announced Soon
Manipal University Entrance-2019 Admissions open. Get Details here
Civil Service Mains Result For Tamil Nadu state Released
RPF SI Admit Card 2018 Released – Group A and Group B
RRB for JE Recruitment 2019 : From January 2nd ,Applications will begin.
UGC Net Answer Keys out on 30th December
SSC- Staff Selection Commission to have a New Logo from 1st of January
Google’s Application programme for AI/ML invites Startups from March 2019 in India.
UPPSC APO 2018 application invited
CTET answer key 2018 released in it’s official website
IBSAT 2018- Results are out!
SSC exam schedule 2019 released
UPES Admissions 2019 Open for UG and PG courses.
UPSC NDA 2019: Notification to be in January and exam on April 21st ,2019
SNAP 2018 admit card and exam analysis
NIELIT announces CCC August 2018 results
UPSC 2018: Admit card released
Relaxation for reserved category in DU admission
UGC has made strict rules on plagiarism for researchers
UPSC Declared Combined Medical Services result 2018 @


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