Tips which will help CLAT aspirants to nail the exam easily

  • 16Feb,2019

    Handling stress while preparing:

    When you know that it’s high time to ace up for your preparation then you should go qualitative study than a quantitative study. Lengthy and stressful hours can lead to mental tiredness. It is always advised to take short breaks and fresh your mind with little music.

    It’s okay to belittle tense as it helps you in staying focused but that shouldn’t affect your preparation. While it is important for you to be obstinate and work hard, it is equally important to release all that tension. Remember this is not a do or die situation. You must be easy on yourself. Try to relax, fetch out time for some daily exercise, yoga or meditation which will uplift your concentration level. Try to be in the company of people who motivate and de-stress you.

     Analyze your preparation:

    The most important step to take is to figure out your strong and weak areas. Examine yourself like your weak areas and polish them with constant practice. Prioritize your syllabus accordingly like the most important content to be dealt at first and the least important to be dealt at last. Give some extra time on preparing for the General Knowledge as they are something which generally requires revision or chances are there to forget them easily.

    Polish up your syllabus regularly:

    For a candidate, it is very important for you to revise your syllabus and strike a balance between all the subjects. For English comprehension, read a newspaper daily which will enhance your GK as well. Focus on the Legal Aptitude section and try to learn short tricks for Maths. Keeping a track on daily news through TV news channels will help you to gain some points in the current affairs section.

    Always avoid new material:

    With a pile of study material available on the internet, it is mostly expected that you would feel curious to experiment with new topics before the exam. Abstain from doing it. Increasing your interests in new study materials may make you anxious and increase your stress levels.

    Mock Test:

    Mock Tests are the best way to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Try to take one mock test daily and analyze it thoroughly. This will, in turn, help you to master the art of time management. Sticking to the time limit in mock tests will help you to get habituated to the examination pattern.

    “ The day ”

    1- Do not attempt any mock test before the exam day. Never compare your mock test result with your friends and get nervous. Go out, take a stroll in the park and try to relax your mind as much as possible.

    2- On the day of the exam, wear and eat what you are comfortable with select your questions smartly. First, attempt those questions that you are confident of, this will help you boost your morale. Do not get stuck on a question and waste your time. The clock will keep tickling so it becomes very necessary for you to time your question attempts.

    3- Be prepared for not-so-good-surprise questions. Remember, it's the same surprise for others too! Ultimately it boils down to who handles the surprises better

    4- Do not get under pressure while attempting a question. The key is to have belief in yourself and trust the amount of effort you have put in this exam

    5- Remember efforts always triumph over luck. May you reach the paramount of your potential in this CLAT 2020. Good Luck!

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