Know How to prepare for JEE-MAIN (April Exam) within 2 months?

  • 01Feb,2019

    These two months of preparation plan for JEE Main II will boost up your score for the April exam.

    The first phase of JEE Main session is now over with the NTA conducting the exam in January and declared the results on January 31, 2020. The aspirants now are familiar with their percentile and can roughly estimate where they stand in terms of their All India Rank. This year also brought something new -- 

    1. students are fortunate enough to have two chances to attempt JEE Main. So, it is important that they make the best use of this opportunity. 
    2. With this learning, students will get a better idea about which topics to focus on more.
    3. Study these topics having a clear-cut strategy in mind. There are about 70 days left for your JEE Main April exam, so time is limited and crucial.
    4. Plan these 70 days with utmost sincerity, and make sure you make the most of this time.

    Tips to prepare for JEE-MAIN II in these Two months:

    1. Prepare a time table for the remaining two months before April JEE Main paper. Include a regular testing system.

    2. Include all chapters of each subject in the timetable. If a topic is difficult, do not ignore it. Revise the fundamentals of each chapter.

    3. Revise the NCERT textbook thoroughly because as observed in the January session, some questions were asked directly from NCERT.

    4. Practice previous years’ papers and try to solve chapter-wise papers of IIT JEE. While doing this, try to observe how the same concepts are asked in different ways.

    5. If you find that you are weak in a particular topic, do not leave it. Go through its fundamental concepts and formulae. This will enable you to solve some problems from these topics if not all.

    Things to read from NCERT:

    How to prepare for Physics in JEE Main II?

    Students currently in class 12 should cover the entire syllabus of classes 11 and 12 from a conceptual textbook like Concepts of Physics by HC Verma.

    For class 12 syllabus, you must focus entirely on NCERTs and previous years’ papers. Students must write the derivations again and again to memorize them.

    How to prepare Chemistry in JEE Main II?

    Students currently in class 12 should make short notes of class 11 chapters from both the books of NCERT. Use the remaining days of January and the first week of February to do this.

    From the second week onwards, start preparing for your board exams and give more emphasis on a numerical solving approach. This will help you both in JEE Main and the board exams.

    For students who have already passed class 12, reading these topics from NCERT books are a must:

    1. Polymers
    2. Environmental Chemistry
    3. Biomolecules
    4. Oxidising and Reducing Agents of Organic Chemistry
    5. Electrochemistry
    6. Ionic Equilibrium
    7. Salt Analysis
    8. Coordination Compounds

    How to prepare Mathematics for JEE Main II?

    An average 20-25% questions are from previous years’ papers making practice very essential. Attempt two mock tests every week before you finally appear for JEE. These mocks tests would clear your concept and also aid in identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

    Around 7-10 questions in JEE are from NCERT and include these topics: Probability, Vector 3D, ITF, Continuity and Differentiability, Area Under Curve. Therefore, you can prioritize these chapters with maximum weightage in JEE Main, while revising for the boards.

    Do’s and Don’ts for JEE Main 2 in the Examination Hall:

    Do’s for JEE Main II
    1. Do not panic as it will not help you, rather it’s dangerous to your health as well as for your exam hence, keep calm, as that’s the basic mantra you must follow.
    2. While giving the exam, maintain silence and just focus on your question paper. This will save time for you.
    3. Don’t distract & don’t get distracted by entertaining any gestures or do not engage in any sort of conversation with anyone. Once caught by the examiner, you may be disqualified.
    4. Do not carry any type of unfair means to the examination hall. Once found with anything, you are definitely out of the examination hall as ‘disqualified’. Carrying anything might lead to cancellation of your candidature permanently or for a stipulated time period.
    5. Do not forget to carry your JEE Main Admit Card 2020 to the examination hall. You can not enter the exam hall without possessing the admit card.
    6. Do reach on time because no candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall under any circumstances after the exam commences.
    7. Check the system allotted to you for its working conditions.
    8. It’s your duty to ensure that all the details on the attendance sheet must be correct and signatures are done at the prescribed place/column.
    9. Carefully go through all the instructions for marking, mentioned on the computer before the exam starts.
    10. You have to produce your admit card whenever demanded by the invigilator. So, keep it safe with you throughout.
    11. You also have to imprint your left-hand thumb impression in the space provided in the Attendance Sheet.
    12. Follow the signals given by the invigilator at the beginning of the examination, at half-time and before the closing of the exam.
    13. Do carry the copy of PwD certificate in the prescribed format issued by the Competent Authority, if you claim relaxation under PwD category.
    14. Bring your own geometry box set, pencils, erasers and color pencils or crayons for aptitude test in Architecture. 

     Don’ts for JEE Main II

    1. Don’t be late, rather reach the meeting venue well in advance as the examination hall will open two and a half hours before the exam commences. This extra time is for frisking the candidates with metal detectors. Reaching late could be a huge loss for you, as you may miss some of the exam instructions announced in the examination hall.
    2. Avoid last minute study, as this will just build tension in your mind. You must feel relaxed.
    3. Do not forget to sign the Attendance Sheet at the appropriate place.
    4. Don’t compare your preparation with others. Each one may have prepared for the test differently, using different strategies.
    5. Don’t carry any gadgets or items to the exam center like calculator, pen, slide rules, log tables, electronic watches, any printed or written piece of paper, mobile phones, pager or any other device.
    6. You must only carry JEE Main 2020 Admit Card to the examination hall.
    7. Beware not to eat or smoke in the examination hall or take any eatables along with you. It’s not the right place to do so. 
    8. Don’t waste your time on questions you don’t know, either don’t spend too much time on one question.
    9. Don't move out of the examination hall, even if you have completed the exam. Wait till the exam time gets over.
    10. In the end, your hard work and determination will pay. Keep revising all subjects and don’t get stuck or spend too much time on one particular topic. Your focus should be only on maximizing your score and ranking higher than the January JEE Main exam!

    Give your best shot and build your own future!

    We wish you All the very best!

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