Interior Design: Job prospects,Top Colleges and Recruiters

Interior Design is art and design of enhancing the interior of building, aiming to signify the shape of interior space through manipulation of spital volume. The interior design is the art and design of enhancing the interior of the building, aiming to achieve a positive, healthier and a pleasing environment for the people to use the space. The interior designer who plans to design, coordinates and work over the projects. The interior design is signified to the process to shape the experience of the interior space and through manipulation of spatial volume with surface treatment. 
The decoration is signified and furnishing or the adorning of space with fashionable or with beautiful things.


The course study for the interior design is the program referring to a bachelor's degree. The Bachelor of Design in the Interior Design is a 4-year undergraduate course, designed for the students, which aims and focuses towards making them seem more attractive, comfortable and useful for a human. Few of the highlights for the interior design are:

Course level
Undergraduate, Post Graduation
4years, 2 years respectively
Examination Type
Semester System

Following ahead is the Masters of Arts or Master of Science postgraduate degree are the alternative disciplines. This course follows with two years of study and research in design.

Courses & Eligibility 

Diploma1 year50% minimum mark in 10, +2 is required to pursue this courseState-Level Entrance Exam
Undergraduate4 yearsA minimum of 50% aggregate marks in 10, +2 is required for this course.National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED)
Post Graduate2 yearsThe candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in either Interior Design/ Interior Architecture/ Design/ Architecture/ Town planning with at least 45% from any recognized university. 
GATE, NIFT Entrance Exam

Top Recruiters 

The top recruiters considering the course study for Interior Design are :
  • Homeland
  • Urban Ladder
  • Bonito Designs
  • Live space
  • Inch

Admission Process

The admission process of the regarding the respective candidate performance in the entrance examination and following to the next round for counseling. The round of counseling is conducted which comprises of the Group Discussions and a personal interview. This is where the candidate's aptitude is examined for the course study of interior design.

Syllabus and Courses

The topics here for the course study of interior design are as: 
  • Computer Graphics
  • Survey of Interior Design
  • Drafting for Interior Design
  • Lightning Design
  • Presentation Techniques
The below is the semester wise course syllabus for the  course of interior design are :
Semester 1
  • Fundamentals of Structure 1
  • Fundamentals of Design 1
  • Material Exposure
  • Communication Skills
  • Freehand Drawing and Geometric Construction
Semester 2
  • Fundamentals of Structure 2
  • Fundamentals of Design 2
  • Research Strategies Design Process
  • Basic Photography
  • Analytical Drawing
Semester 3
  • History of Crafts and Interior Design 1
  • Interior Materials 1
  • Interior Construction 1
  • Interior Design 1
Semester 4
  • Building Services 1
  • Interior Materials 2
  • Interior Construction 2
  • Interior Design 2
  • Interior Construction 2
Semester 5
  • Building Services 2
  • Interior Materials 3
  • Materials and Processes 1
  •  Interior Design 3
Semester 6
  • Building Services 3
  • Cost Estimation
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Interior Design 4
  • Interior Construction 4
Semester 7
  • Building Services 4
  • Professional Practice
  • Interior Landscape Interior Design 5
Semester 8
  • Seminar- Thesis Topic
  • Interior Design-Topic
  • Dissertation (Case Study)

Skills Required

The skills required for the course study of Interior Design are :
  • Color Balancing Skills
  • Commitment to Client Services
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Familiarity with Codes
  • Good Problem Solving Skills
  • Knowledge of Fabrics 
  • Knowledge of Styles with Trends
  • Sense of Creativity
  • Space Planning Skill
  • Strong Computer Skill

Top Entrances

The entrances for the course study of interior designs are as follows : 

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary Per Annum

Interior Designer
They are responsible for making interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. They read blueprints and must be aware of building codes and inspection regulations.
5 - 9 lakhs
Theatre Designer
They are responsible for designing and creating the sets that appear in films, on television programs, as well as in the theatre. The role involves reading scripts, working and communicating with directors, producers, costume designers, and other members of staff.
3 - 7 lakhs
They offer advice and expertise to organizations to help them improve their business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy.
3 - 5 lakhs
Exhibition Designer
They are responsible for the design and layout of shows and exhibitions, including displays and exhibitions for museums, galleries, and local businesses.
4 - 7 lakhs


Question: What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?
Answer: An interior designer is a trained professional who creates and designs interior spaces which are aesthetically attractive and functional. An interior decorator, on the other hand, views the interior design which is largely an approach by using the elements to smoothly rearrange the spaces.

Question:  What is the way to work on decor and how to specialize?
Answer: The work is carried out with a wide variety of design genres basing on the needs and tastes of per clients.  The personalities and decor tastes are as respect to the clients in the living spaces which are refined, luxurious, exotic and comfortable.

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