What are the career opportunities after pursuing LLM?

  • 26Jul,2019

    Law refers to rules of conduct and is enforced by a state or a country in the administration of justice. Lawyers are professionals who practice law, they counsel and advise people about their legal rights and suggest necessary actions to access their rights. They have to attend multiple court hearings for which they have to collect data, facts, figures, documents and witnesses in order to support their cases. One doesn’t become successful in this field with just high knowledge of law but with a lot of practice and professional competence. Law is similar to mathematics, the more you practice the more you become proficient in the field.

    After a master’s degree in law, there’s a plethora of opportunities to welcome you while you scale your career graph. While the choices are more, a good starting point would be being true to yourself about what keeps you engaged when it comes to work. There shouldn’t be any slogging away in this firm if you find the work boring; life is short, firstly. Next, your employer won’t take long to notice that your enthusiasm is flagging off.

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    Which industries recruit LLM graduates? 

    The degree holders can check the following list of organizations and institutions –

    1. Consultancies

    2. Corporate

    3. Courthouses

    4. Finance

    5. FMCG

    6. International Organizations such as the UN or UNICEF

    7. Law Firms

    8. Media and Publishing houses

    9. NGO

    10. Real Estate

    Professions to choose from

    Building a career after LLM paves way for various professions which are immensely respected and appreciated in the society. Not only these professions guarantee fiscal security but also ensure that there is job satisfaction for an individual. Here is a list of professions which make sure an LLM graduate is well placed and has the answer to, what after LLM :

    1. Advocate

    A significant professional when it comes to a legal career in India or abroad. The individual needs to have thorough knowledge of the country’s laws along with an astute awareness of human behaviour and psychology.

    2. Legal Consultant or Legal Associate

    Assists in contract summarization, contract management, legal research, drafting, litigation and research related projects. One with specialized knowledge of the subject successfully manages to grow as a consultant with high paying offers.

    3. Legal Document Reviewer

    A derivative’s job is to negotiate and review various kinds of legal documents. By documents we mean, legal documents like draft responses and ancillary documents.

    4. Magistrate or judge

    A highly respected as well as regarded position in a legal career or in the judicial system of any country. One needs to be well nuanced with subject knowledge and skills in order to be a judge.

    5. Notary 

    Also known as ‘Notary Public’ is a qualified and experienced lawyer appointed by the state or central government, recommended by the court. This professional is responsible for all the governance-related legal matters.

    6. Oath Commissioner

    Also known as ‘Commissioner of oath’, is a freshly qualified lawyer appointed by the Registrar of High Court under the provisions of Law.

    7. Trustee

    Someone who is under legal obligation in order to administer property for a specified purpose.

    Other career options

    Along with the above, the following are some of the other career opportunities one can choose to become –

    1. Attorney General

    2. Public Prosecutor

    3. Solicitor

    4. Sub-Magistrate

    5. District and Sessions Judge

    6. Legal advisor

    7. Law Teacher

    8. Law Reporters

    9. Legal Experts

    10. Process Flow Analysts

    11. Legal Manager

    12. Law Officer

    13. Legal Head

    14. Legal Counsel

    15. Legal Reporter

    16. Legal Assistants

    Law graduates in reputed positions enjoy attractive salary packages in various Public Sector Organisations.

    Jobs in Government sector

    To get placed in various Public Sector undertakings, LLM graduates have to compete with a large number of candidates by appearing various exams that are being conducted by UPSC, Public Sector Banks, PSC, SSC etc. On successfully cracking such exams, they are called for a personal interview which is the final stage of screening to get placed in Government Organizations.

    The following are some of the employment areas in the Government Sector where LLM graduates are recruited:

    1. Judiciary

    2. Banks

    3. Educational Institutes

    4. Regulatory Bodies

    5. Legal Consultancies

    6. Newspapers

    7. News channels

    8. Sales Tax and Excise Departments

    9. Life Insurance Firms

    10. Indian Railways

    11. Defence

    12. Labour Departments

    Along with these, they have a lot of scope in NGOs and international organizations like UNO, ILO, and also in ICJ.

    Public sector Banking jobs after LLM

    Certainly, there are various job scopes in Public sector banks after successful completion of LLM. These banks conduct various tests (both online as well as offline), group discussions and interviews in order to filter eligible candidates to these posts. Students with a good academic background can join banks as Law Officers and as clerks otherwise.

    Job in railways after LLM

    Railway departments also require scores of Legal experts where they are offered attractive salary packages.  They, too, conduct multiple tests and interviews to recruit eligible candidates into various positions.

    This, today’s world that we live in requires expertise and skill-based degree programs. There are broader scopes after successful completion of LLM because the degree dedicatedly offers expert and subject-oriented coursework. LLM is a specialised and highly rich degree, owing to which, LLM holders often land onto jobs that are subject oriented. Hence, pursuing an LLM degree opens a lot of promising career avenues in the legal sector.

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