Preparing For an F1 Visa Interview? Here Are Some Things You Need To Know

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You might be planning to go abroad to the US for studying, right? F1 Visa is the ticket for your US study. Reaching the visa is quite difficult because it is a long process of interview sessions in the US consulate or embassy in your home country. 

The system isn't tough if you are prepared for it. Consequently, we have prepared some instructions and listed some common questions you might be facing during this whole session. We have assembled a set of questions to help in your preparation for an F1 Visa interview. Scroll down to discover.

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Details about F1 Visa:

F1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa that is guaranteed for 5 years. This visa is approved for the students, generally who are studying in colleges, schools, universities, higher school studies, language training, etc. 

To become an eligible F1 Visa candidate, you have to prove some important points: 

  • Your intentions of returning home. You have to prove that you are not going to stay back in America and apply for citizenship. If you fail to prove your intentions, you will not be granted the Visa. 
  • Your request for the visa must be backed by some educational institutions in the US. 
  • Your financial conditions will be checked and if found you don't have enough funds, your visa will be cancelled. 
  • For getting the visa, you have to have a familial tie in your home country, otherwise, you won't be given the visa permission.


What should you wear for an F1 Visa interview? 

The dress is the first thing your interviewer notices about you. Hence, the dress plays an important role. 

Formal wear is always praisable if you are going for an interview. Don't overdo on the formal part. For women to wear something that's refined, don't go for any heavy jewellery, like anklets, rings, necklaces, etc. Heavy makeup is always a no-no. Try to keep your get up minimal. For men, don't overdo with your hair or beard. Don't be too formal on the tie. Avoid chains and bracelets that jingles. For both, colour choice is an important aspect. Wear a cool-toned colour dress. Don't go for shaded garments, because they might distract the interviewer. Wear clean ironed clothes, and don't forget to wear your aspects if your passport photo has expectations in it. Don't put bottles of perfume either wear a foul-smelling dress.


Commonly Asked Questions For F1 Visa Interview

There are various segments that your visa officers will explore about you. The following are the segments and the questions related to it in a summary. 

Choosing A Particular Educational Institution or Institutions 

First of all, they will require to know why you would want to pursue it in the US. 

  • You need to provide details of the educational institution that you are applying for. 
  • How many universities did you apply for or why did you choose these particular universities, are some of the important aspects. They will require to know how many universities did you get accepted in.
  • They will also want to know about the professors you know from the US university. 
  • Your educational background and marks you secured and what you are planning to do after completion of your course you have applied for, whether you will stay back and further enrich yourself or you are planning to come back after the tenure. These details are crucial for approval of your Visa. 


Information About Bank Balance and Finance

  • They will ask you various questions about your capital resources. 
  • They will want to see your passbooks, bank balance statements, transactions, etc. US can be very expensive, and therefore, checking these aspects are necessary. 
  • They will ask you questions about your monthly income if you are having any, your sponsor's monthly income, your father's monthly income, etc. 
  • The company details where you work, if any, or the place of work of your father/mother is needed. If recently a large amount of money is deposited in your account, get ready to explain why! 


Information About Your Family 

Visa officers will want to know about your family members, your mother, father, brother, or any other relatives living in your home country. They will also urge you to know about your relatives living in the US, if any. Don't lie, about anything, you might get into trouble. 

What are the documents you need for the F1 Visa Interview?

This below-mentioned information is necessary to get an F1 Visa. If you are preparing for an F1 visa interview, we would request you to take care of these documents immediately.  

Important documents: 

  • I-20/SEVIS form issued by the U.S University, Completed DS-160 visa application form, Receipt of the visa application fee, SEVIS, receipt fee, Visa appointment letter, Passport, and a recent photograph. 
  • You will also need the Academic certificates/documents and transcripts, SOP, original GRE, and TOEFL score reports. 
  • You need documents that confirm your financial and inseparable ties to your homeland. This will be verified as proof. 
  • If you're financially dependent on anyone, they will need proof of relationship with the sponsor like a birth certificate is essential along with the sponsor’s salary proof and job details. You have to provide strong financial backing documents, and bank statements too. These are some of the necessary documents. 


How To Pass the F1 Visa Interview?

Preparing for an F1 Visa interview, understand how to pass the test. Scroll down to learn. 

The first impression is the lasting impression

The moment you enter the interview room, you make an impression. Your dress, your attitude, the neat way of wearing your hair is the very thing they will notice. Confident start and a firm handshake will do all the necessary. 


Communication is the key

A good communicator will always exhale in their motive, hence, any hesitation while stealing can be a hindrance. To ease this situation, we recommend you to practice in the interview session. Be confident.  


English is Important 

You are going to the US, speaking English fluently is important. Therefore, take English lessons if you are weak at it. Even if you have graduated from an English medium school, you need to practice speaking it. You don't want to be embarrassed at the interview moment, do you? The most important thing is to understand the language. If you are not able to understand the language, you might not get a tea for your visa. If you need a translator for making you understand the language, you are probably not ready for the journey. 


Prove that you want to come back to your homeland

You have to prove to your interviewers that you are going to come back to your homeland. The intention behind this particular question is to know about your plans after your 5 years completes the US. It is very important to prove your point because, if you don't, your F1 Visa request will surely get cancelled. You have to be firm and straight forward while answering any of these questions. 


Be Precise while Answering

Most of the F1 visa interviews are done within 10 minutes. Keep your answers precise, be confident, prove your point, and answer all questions truthfully. Do not take shelter of any lie. Practicing interviews is the best way to avoid any issues with your visa. 


Stay positive and honest 

As we all know, honesty is the best policy, we have to practically use the proverb. You have to be positive, confident, and honest with the interviewer. Honestly doesn't mean losing your wit, you should be witty while being honest. Don't overstress yourself, be what you are, wear clothes that make you look confident and you feel confident in as well, talk slowly but don't be hesitant to speak the truth. 


When will you get your F1 Visa? 

F1 Visa is generally received just before you are about to receive your Visa. After all the documentation is completed, it will be scheduled for an interview. On clearing the F1 Visa interview, you will receive the original student visa.  

Dos and Don'ts for Preparing for an F1 Visa interview


  • Read your visa application properly and understand every point clearly 
  • Clarify all your doubts
  • Be honest with your interviewer 
  • Do make them understand your intention for the US visa. 
  • Practice interview sessions at home 
  • Practice English if you are weak at it. 
  • Stay positive, calm and confident



  • Don't be very casual
  • Don't forget to greet your interviewer
  • Stress is harmful, therefore, don't stress 
  • Don't believe the internet, rely on the information you receive from the visa office. 


We hope this article was helpful for the students preparing for an F1 Visa interview. To conclude, we can say only one thing, be you and that should help you pass the test. Happy studying in the US! 

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