Choose the Career which Fascinates You Not the Other which Claims to Have More Scope!!

  • 18Sep,2018

    The words said by our ex- President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ‘Dream to dare, dare to dream’ possesses a great message. If we have no dreams and ambitions in our life then we can not achieve success. The concept of choosing a career arises from our dreams and aims. When we ask the children about their aims of life, without even understanding anything they reply that ‘I want to become a doctor or painter or dancer etc.’ but after the school days are over we start thinking a bit seriously about our career. Some years ago there were limited opportunities so choices were also limited. Even getting a job was much easier for the students after earning a basic qualification. Now, the time has completely changed. The diversity in employment sector is resulting the diversity in career opportunities. To keep pace with time various educational institutions are also offering various types of courses. So, without being confused a student has to be very serious while choosing a career.

    Before choosing a career one has to asses himself. Because each individual has their own potential, talent and qualities. One should choose a career by taking these things into consideration. Not necessarily one has to blindly follow the footprints of his/her parents and elders at least in this regard. What you are and what you can do no one knows this better than you.  We  often believe that if we follow the trodden path that everyone follows, the chances of success is assured but we never think that the  path which made one person successful might not throw light upon other person too. So, ‘scopes for job’ should not be the only factor to determine a suitable career for you. So, don’t forget to take these aspects into consideration while choosing your career-

    •  Self-assessment
    • Your interest and passion
    • Your strength and weakness
    • Your values such as financial security, work-life balance and social justice
    • Your attitude towards work
    • Your ability to handle stress
    • Education and training
    • Your financial condition
    • Your expectation from your career

    Today’s world is full of competition and here also the theory of Darwin ‘survival of the fittest’ works. The person having more talent and potential gets more scope. If you want to survive in this tough competition then be the best version of yourself. Give more emphasis on your present to achieve your coveted goal. Always keep in mind that sincerity brings forth brighter future.

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