Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Courses & Eligibility,Job Prospects and Top Recruiters:

Electrical engineering is concerned with power generation, storage and transmission whereas Electronics engineering is focused on appliances and devices that use electricity, as well as electricity applications that are used in signal processing or control systems. This branch of engineering is concerned with defining the technologies required for our future needs, including communication, entertainment, energy and healthcare. These Engineers are also involved in advances in medical technology, e-commerce, mobile telephones, wireless communications, renewable energy and the internet.

These two branches can be distinguished on the basis of the strength of electric current they deal with. In this sense, electrical engineering is the branch dealing with “heavy current” that is, electric light and power systems and apparatuses, whereas electronic engineering deals with light current applications as computers, radar, telephone and radio communication, automatic control systems, etc.


  • Power Electronics
  • Electrical Machines and Drives
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Energy Systems
  • Power Electronics & Electrical Drives
  • Power Systems Engg
  • Power & Industrial Drives
  • Advanced Power Systems
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Industrial Drives & Controls
  • VLSI Design

Courses & Eligibility:

Diploma3 years
  • Candidates have to qualify the 10th Board with a minimum aggregate of 55%from a recognized Board. 
  • Some Institution takes the students by the entrance examination. 
  • State Level Entrance Exam (DET)
  • Private entrances
B.E/ B. Tech4 years
  • Candidates should pass the 10+2 examination with a minimum of 55% (relaxation for the reserved category) from a recognized Board (CBSE, CHSEand ICSE). 
  • For taking admission int the course students have to qualify for the engineering entrance exam.
  • Students can enter directly by the lateral entry into the 2nsd year of this course.
  • OJEE
  • JEE-main
M. E/ M. Tech2 years
  • Students must have a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • Students have to qualify for a  PG entrance exam. 
  • GATE

Top Recruiters:

Here are some good companies which provide jobs for the Electrical and Electronics Engineering:


Admission procedure:

For Diploma-

  • To take admission into the Diploma Course students have the 10th qualification. 
  • Some Institutions take the students directly by taking their 10th mark list. 
  • Some Institutions take the students by the State level Entrance Exam. 

For B. Tech-

  • Candidates must have qualified the 10+2 examination or any equivalent examination with an aggregate of 50 % (relaxation for the reserved category) Physics and mathematics should be the core subjects. 
  • Candidates have to qualify the bachelor degree entrance exam for seeking admission into the course. 
  • A counselling date is fixed by the Advisory Authority proceed of Interview.
  • After the counselling session, there will be a merit list of the candidates. 

For M. Tech- 

  • Candidates must have a bachelor degree in Information and Communication Engineering with a minimum of 50 %.
  • Candidates have to qualify the Post Graduate Entrance exam for master degree.

First YearSecond Year
Third YearFourth Year
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Mathematics II
Engineering Mathematics IV
Control Systems
Engineering Physics
Hydraulic Machines and Heat Engines
Electronic Instrumentation
Power System Engineering 
Engineering Chemistry
Hydraulic Machines and Heat Engines
Electrical Measurements II
Digital Signal Processing
Engineering Graphics
Network analysis and synthesis
Power Electronics
Electrical Drawing
Engineering Mechanics
Solid-state devices and circuits
Electrical Machines II
Electrical Machines Lab II
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Electrical machines I
Digital Circuits Lab
Power Systems Lab
Basic Civil Engineering
Engineering Material Science
Measurements & Instruments Lab
Projects & Seminar
Basic Electrical and electronic engineering
Power System Engineering I
Electrical Machines III
Advanced Control Theory
Basic Communication and Information Engineering
Electronic Circuits Lab
Microprocessors & Applications
Electrical Machine Design
Engineering Workshops
-Numerical Techniques & Computer Programming
Electrical System Design

Industrial Engineering & management
Power Semiconductor Drives

Skills Required:

  • Critical Thinking and complex problem-solving ability.
  • Circuit Design and analysis.
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Measurements.
  • Active Learning and online electrical engineering degree.
  • Working with op-amps.
  • Knowledge of analogue filters.
  • Knowledge of how to design digital filters.

Job postJob DescriptionAverage  Salary per annum
Managers are the people in charge of employees and the facilities they work for. As a manager, your job is to plan and promote the daily schedule of employees and the business, interview, hire, and coordinate employees, create and maintain budgets, and coordinate with and report to senior management in the company.
6.5 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs
HR Manager
Human resources managers plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. They oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; consult with top executives on strategic planning; and serve as a link between an organization's management and its employees.
4.5lakhs to 5.5 Lakhs
Research Engineer
A research engineer may work in or supervise a research department. Some duties of a research engineer include Analyzing, implementing, and testing the materials developed in a research lab. Creating designs for instruments or devices based on innovative concepts so that they are functional.
3.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs
Graduate engineer trainee
Graduate Engineer Trainee is a designation when you first enter into a company just after completing your graduation. During this period you would be learning about the company, its various departments and how they work.
3.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs
Purchase Manager
A purchasing manager, also known as a purchasing director or supply manager, heads a team responsible for procuring goods and services for resale or company use. They seek the best available quality for the lowest price. They evaluate suppliers, negotiate contracts, and review product quality.
2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs


Q: What is the scope of Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

A: As nowadays, everything works on electronic equipments.The scope of EEE is huge. Electrical & Electronics engineers can work in a wide range of fields such as power generation, electronics, computers & control systems, telecommunication and Bio-Medical.

Q: Which is better CSE (Computer Science Engineering) or EEE (Electricals and Electronics Engineering)?

A: First, CSE has better demand in companies as compared to EEE. EEE has a vast syllabus and has very limited companies that hire for core jobs. Second, if you are joining good govt engineering college EEE is equally good of CSE. Third, if you are joining just any other engineering college CSE will be good comparing EEE.

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