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By Sanjeet Nayak

Choosing an overseas education during your university years is one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make in your life. An experience that will benefit you in ways beyond your imagination and expectations. It will offer you an opportunity to  discover a unique diversified culture, make lifelong friendships and connections, and receive an quality education. 

Studying abroad at a school that best matches your criteria and supports your strengths will be a life-changing experience that will open your mind and give you an edge when you enter the workforce. And why should you study abroad? Because you will get to explore, transform, travel and learn - all you have to do is apply.

Not many students go for a foreign exposure i.e. to go overseas to study and get a career in foreign soil. There are many factors responsible for the same. Some of the top ranked factors that are responsible in affecting the student's preference to studying aboard are:

1. Quality of education in outside country

2. Reputation and ranking of the institute in global stage

3. Safety issues for foreign students.  

1. A broader way of Education

Studying abroad will surely give you the chance to experience the various styles and diversities of Education. You will have a great chance to learn new things you will have a broader view of looking into things and accomplishing them. Studying abroad gives you the likelihood of experiencing different styles of education. Therefore if you go studying abroad, of course, you would get to see that extensive side of the world that you may not have been exposed to at home. This also adds an extra quality to the student's book of characteristics i.e to adjust and adapt to different education systems.

2. Career Opportunities

There is this long term tradition going on that once you study from abroad you will have better chances of jobs. No doubt, when you complete your studies abroad program and return home, you will have a new perspective of life regarding culture, language skills, a great educational qualification with better ideas. Hence, you will be offered better job opportunities. Also, it happens that students get better job opportunities in their host country as well. The payment scale in higher the facilities are better and hence the way of living gets better. Additional to this if you return back to your country after gaining some experience in some foreign countries then that will boost up your career opportunities. 

3.Personality Development

Moving to a new country for studies is in itself a great move. Going to a new country for your study purpose will definitely make you smarter in a way. Of course, you will get opportunities to explore a new nation to discover their cuisines, traditions, language, places, history their political status and many more. Studying abroad really brings out your independent nature in a precise manner. 

This will add up into the process of discovering yourself in a better way while gaining an understanding of a different culture. This will help you in adopting new things, in facing challenges as well your capability to solve your problems. 

Some Top Study Abroad Entrance Exam are : GMAT, GRE, TOEFLIELTS

4.Learning Life Experience

First of all, going out means exploring yourself more and more in different places. To travel the world and add up in your travelling experiences. This will definitely help you in learning things which you could never get chanced to learn in your home country. Learning will gradually develop your personality skills and make you taste the different phases of life. Eventually, you will find a job and career, and the opportunity to study abroad may turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

5.Broaden your Knowledge

When you are going for studying abroad then it can be a tremendous opportunity for you as studying abroad will no doubt open new paths and ways to pursue your passions. You will get a number of opportunities to sharpen your knowledge. 

You may get chance to study at universities with leading researchers in your field of interest, access to historic libraries and local archives which would all definitely contribute to a better understanding of the subject matter you are studying. And it will help you in increasing your knowledge. In addition to this pursuing, your studies in an international location can also help you to follow your interests and deepen your knowledge about them, and discovering new interest along the way.

6. Secure Independence

If you join any university out of the country then this experience will definitely let grow personally and professionally. You will learn to conduct things on your self without taking the help of anyone else. The sole responsibility will be taken by you. You will learn adulting skills, money management, navigating yourself in an international field will count upon your independent lifestyle. After you return to home,you would will for sure have lots of experiences and would be able to make your own living arrangements in a better way. 

7. Become self-sufficient:

Although the idea of studying abroad may be overwhelming at first, you will soon realize that you have nothing to worry about. The experience of studying abroad will give your confidence a boost and will help you deal with new situations. Studying in a new country will also help you to know how can one look for oneself. Living on your own and learning how to manage your money and other resources will teach you to become independent and self-sufficient. 

8.Engulfing into New Culture

It is quite obvious that going for studies into a wholesome new country will give you opportunities to explore other cultures in-depth. You will have the chance to know about their traditions, culture, their history, and language, their cuisines which will make it easier for you to understand different world views. You will get to new perspectives and opinions on a diverse number of topics that appear in everyday life. Hence you would get the opportunity to start having a much broader understanding of the world.

10.Learn a New Language:

This is the most exciting thing you can do is to leran different languages. Not only the language of the host country where you are studying but also from other students who are studying with them There will a number of diversities. This will help you a lot if you plan to begin your career in any MNC in your country. You can handle those processes which deal with foreign languages. You can play the medium of conversation. Hence this will pay you a lot. Learning different languages will open you up to more international opportunities.

11. Make Lifelong Friends

Another most interesting benefit of studying abroad is the opportunity to meet, make and grow new lifelong friends from different backgrounds, different countries. How exciting is that?  Studying in any University will give you the opportunity to really get to know and create lasting relationships with your fellow students from various places, countries, backgrounds.

12. You learn to appreciate the small things:

Studying abroad usually means you have even fewer possessions than the average student, and being that much further from home can really make you miss those familiar comforts you’d taken for granted.  Being a foreign student now you will find yourself appreciating even the minimal things that you did not care back at home.

13.Increase Your Employment Prospects:

Employers value prospective candidates with international experience, foreign language skills, and the ability to communicate across cultures. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in international relations, diplomacy, or government, these skills will be especially useful.

Use your experience of studying abroad to expand your set of abilities, and make these a determining factor that will separate you from the others in a pool of applicants. This will not only help you grow during your studies but also after you leave that place you will have some best memories to keep with.

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