5 alternatives if you could not clear JEE Mains

  • 18Oct,2019

    In recent years the competition in the Engineering field has skyrocketed like a space shuttle. The increasing number of candidates increase the competitiveness in the ranking system makes it much more hard to clear get a good rank in the examination.

    Many science students dedicate their whole schooling life for the engineering entrances and still don’t make it to the end of their dreams. For this many students remain hopeless after their JEE exams failure. So planning is essential for students , if they don’t have a backup plan then their precious career will be a total failure. 

    What if a student is unable to crack the exam or does not get good rank for the NIT’s and IIT’s, well that’s not the end of the road. There are many alternatives to be followed if the JEE does not go according to plan.

    Alternatives of JEE Main:

    Applying for other entrances :

    The student who are well clear of their fundamentals still have low marks and have targeted engineering as their career, can opt for other entrances organised by the respective state exam boards like:

    1. WBJEE

    2. COMEDK

    3. MHTCET

    4. TNEA 

    Many private colleges can also be considered as they also offer engineering courses. The private colleges may not be popular like the NIT’s and IIT’S but still there are some good private colleges.

    The famous private colleges with their own entrance examination are as follows:

    1. Birla Institute of Technology

    2. Vellore Institute of Technology

    3. SRM University

    4. Manipal University

    There are also many other private is universities and institutes that offer engineering courses but before taking any decision the college reputation, their previous year placements and reputation should be taken into consideration.

    Careers scope with Bachelor Degree in Science:

    There are many more other ways other than the NIT’s, IIT’s and engineering, like the going for a pure science bachelor degree. Many students now a days in fact go for bachelor degree in science other than engineering as there many more prestigious careers scopes in science stream.

    Many universities and colleges have their own entrances for the bachelor degree in science like entrance for IISC( Indian Institute of Science), IISERs ( Indian Institute of Science Education and Research), ISI( Indian Statistical Institute), University of Delhi. Many institutions and colleges take admission on merit too. The career scope of the pure science bachelor degree holders is very vast out of which any science student can opt for any prestigious career.

    Here are some of the important Career options with the BSc:

    1. Robotics

    2. Aerodynamics

    3. Data Science

    4. Operational Research etc.

    Career options in Professional Field:

    There are many bachelor degree courses in professional field and there is focus is on developing skills in their related  professional fields.

    These options can be kept as a back up plan for the students in case the previous plan for engineering does  not work out. Now a days students are considering these professional degrees as a promising future for themselves.

    Some of the most sorted out degrees in professional field are:

    1. BCA( Bachelor in Computer Application)

    2. B.Arch( Bachelor in Architecture)

    3. B. Sc Aviation( Pilot Training)

    4. B. Nautical Science ( Marine Navy)

    5. B. Design (Designing Industrial Products)

    6. B. Ftech ( Fashion Technology) etc.

    Change the Stream:

    The sky is the limit of any student. Students who are having second thoughts in engineering or are no more considering engineering as a career option can move on with many other courses or different streams.

    It is important for any student to realize what kind of scopes are still available other than engineering, so as to move towards a bright future.To be particular there are endless possibilities for any science student who chooses change to a different stream.

    Here are some of the Streams that a student can opt :

    1. Degree in Law

    2. Degree in Management

    3. Degree in Social Media Analysis.

    4. Degree in Phycology, etc.

    Beyond research, students should take out the time to talk to people who know more about the fields they wish to explore – college students pursuing the course, professionals in that field, even career counsellors. If the students  don’t have any contacts in those particular circle then also they can use the social platforms like You tube , Quora, LinkedIn etc.

    Drop a year if the Reason is Valid:

    If a student has a dream to become a engineer and  really wants to pursue engineering as his/her career, then dropping a year is not much of a problem in the long term run of career. 

    Before considering this option the students should:

    1. Check their margins by which they missed their cut offs 

    2. the time and dedication that they have to give the next year attempt.

    3. They should also be sure of their ability and patience for the second attempt.

    4. The main reason of their failure and can they overcome it.

    5. Dropping a year is very bad thing in the students’ academic profile, this may hamper the future of the student if he does not qualify with good ranks in the next attempt thereby wasting the most precious time of his/her life.


    Countless of students end up discovering they do not wish to be Engineers after/during their course. A student should always evaluate the dreams and aspiration of himself/herself before taking the big step. 

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    India is home to many Engineers and IIT’s but that does not mean every one can be the same. Students should not follow others just because they are doing it rather they should be tae time and evaluate if engineering is valid for them or not.

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