Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology

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JEE Main, CMAT, Pantanagar 1960


After independence, development of the rural sector was considered the primary concern of the Government of India. In 1949, with the appointment of the Radhakrishnan University Education Commission, imparting of agricultural education through the setting up of rural universities became the focal point. Later, in 1954 an Indo-American team led by Dr. K.R. Damle, the Vice-President of ICAR, was constituted that arrived at the idea of establishing a Rural University on the land-grant pattern of USA. As a consequence a contract between the Government of India, the Technical Cooperation Mission and some land-grant universities of USA, was signed to promote agricultural education in the country. The US universities included the universities of Tennessee, the Ohio State University, the Kansas State University, The University of Illinois, the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Missouri. The task of assisting Uttar Pradesh in establishing an agricultural university was assigned to the University of Illinois which signed a contract in 1959 to establish an agricultural University in the State. Dean, H.W. Hannah, of the University of Illinois prepared a blueprint for a Rural University to be set up at the Tarai State Farm in the district Nainital, UP.


Course & Fee

  • Engineering ( UG )
    • BTech (4 Year)
      Mechanical Engineering 64,438
      Full Time
      Computer Science and Engineering 64,438
      Full Time
      Civil Engineering 64,438
      Full Time
      Information Technology 64,438
      Full Time
      Biotechnology Engineering 64,438
      Full Time
      Agricultural Engineering 64,438
      Full Time
      Industrial and Production Engineering 64,438
      Full Time
  • Management ( PG )
    • MBA (2 years)
      General Management 27,086
      Full Time
      Retail Management 27,086
      Full Time
      Agriculture Business Management 27,086
      Full Time
  • Sciences ( UG )
    • BSc (3 years)
      Full Time
      Full Time
      Full Time

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