How to score 100 Percentiles in CAT Exam ?

  • 01Aug,2019

    The competition in today’s world for a successful career is obeying no boundaries, if we may say honestly. There is cut-throat competition to secure good positions in life and career as well. CAT or the Common Admission Test is one of those highly competitive exams that gets most of the student’s spirits high. Many aspire to score 100 percentiles in the same and the following are some of the tips that are tested to work fine and alright by experienced top scorers of CAT in yester-years and CAT 2019 is going to be nothing different from all previous achievements.

    Now, before we start, let’s do some maths about what should be the number of correct attempts and the marking scheme in order to score 100 percentiles in CAT 2019.

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    What is CAT?

    CAT is basically conducted with the objective to select a candidate who has the potential to become an efficient manager and who can contribute to the growth of industries and the nation consequently. The candidates are tested based on their Quantitative, Verbal, Reasoning and Data Interpretative abilities in a duration of 3 hours.

    Understanding the marking scheme:

    Each correct answer is awarded +3 marks, 0 for unattended and -1 for each incorrect answer depending on whether the question is MCQ or non-MCQ.

    According to Gautam Puri, Vice Chairman of Career Launcher, the estimated correct attempts and score required for a 99 percentile is as below –

    1. QA - net score of 70-75 (23-25 attempts out of 34)

    2. DI & LR - net score of 65-70 (22-24 attempts out of 32)

    3. VARC - net score of 55-60 (20-22 attempts out of 34)

    4. Overall - net score of around 175

    In CAT 2019, it is possible to score 100 percentiles if a candidate gets a minimum of 61 – 62 questions correct out of 100 questions in the following manner –

    1. QA – net score of 96

    2. DI & LR – net score of 73

    3. VARC – net score of 87

    4. Overall – net score of around 246

    Aiming at 100 percentiles is no big deal if you take care of the following obediently –

    1. Develop a strategy 

    Your preparation for CAT 2019 begins with you. Calm yourself down and try to figure out whether you need an extra coaching for the purpose or you can school yourself in your own space. Also, select the right time; whether being an early bird helps or a night owl, it solely depends on how you can take up for this. Some of the yesteryear’s achievers have set up examples that one can crack this test in the first attempt, while some were unhesitant about speaking of their coaching that were fruitful and much helpful in the process to work on the basic concepts and distraction control while working through practice tests and critical self-analysis. 

    2. Fundamentals and the basics

    The biggest asset for any CAT aspirant is having a solid hold on the fundamental concepts. Toppers have mentioned several times that they used to revise, clear the basics and take multiple mocks regularly. Strong basics can solve even the toughest of questions without much ado and hence, pump you up with higher confidence. It is like constructing a building, without a proper base nothing is possible. Make sure you have strong hold on your basics before you go ahead for practice sessions and save yourself from demotivating yourself.

    3. Mock and Analysis

    Before we begin, remember to not ram after more and more mocks, rather look after your approach in order to have a thorough knowledge about the minutest details that you lack. Set your goal to appear a certain number of mocks and check the way you approach each question, so you know about your weaknesses and work on them accordingly. However, these can be too time consuming and might frustrate you at a point, but in the long run you will realize it was all worth it.

    4. Strength prevails 

    It is true that CAT tests your conceptual abilities but along with that, it tests your decision making at the time of crisis. In tough times, you must rely on the topics that you consider as strength. These topics will take you forward and ensure that you reach closer to the 100 percentiles score. Remember, it is not mandatory to get 100 percentiles in all the sections.

    5. Approach, Accuracy and Speed

    No wonder, you are good in every other section but until you have your approach set right and you perform with great speed and accuracy on the day of examination, everything goes in vain. Ensure that you have practiced to achieve the speed needed for the examination by taking up regular tests repeatedly. This is unavoidable in order to fulfil the purpose.

    It is said and done, ‘practice makes man perfect’ and nothing can stop you from perfection if you are dedicated and honest with your practice. Not only that, you must keep your mind calm and away from distractions in order to sail further towards the goal. 

    We wish you all the best!

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