Know The Key Elements of Successful CAT Revision

  • 16Sep,2019

    CAT 2019 exam is going to be held on 24th November 2019. Securing a good score in CAT is not an easy task. Time management skills with accuracy are the most imperative factor for scoring good in the CAT exam. A new pattern with the competitive world brings new competition, so you should have to prepare by taking a new strategy.

    As the exam is nearer, you should keep your revision strategy ready. Here are some tips for revision:

    1. CAT Preparation with Revision:

    CAT syllabus consists of 3 sections Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability. So overall CAT syllabus is vast, it is very important to do practice and revise simultaneously otherwise you can not cover all things before the examination. Students should make a proper revision table to take care of his/ her subjects and also table reminds the subjects which you left.

    2. A Must Revision:

    Yes it is good to take revision simultaneously when you are taking your preparation. But two important things you have to remember about revision one is, it helps you to remember the facts, figures, topics, methodology, etc that you have covered before some days. Second is if you cover your revision perfectly it enhances your confidence level to high.

    3. Never Take Backstep:

    While you are engaged to prepare for CAT entrance exam, sometimes you fell, it is very difficult to score well in the CAT as competition is high and ultimately you fall into the frustration. So forget about the surrounding try to finish those things which you had started before. Taking the competition into account and you have to prepare your strategy to compete with others. Smart hard work always leads to success.

    4. Individual Approach to Revision for CAT:

    Time taken for revision is directly proportional to your preparation. If your preparation is as usual then it takes time for revision, but if your preparation is from root than it is easy for you to revise the chapter quickly.

    Merits of CAT revision:

    1. Polished the mistakes until it shines.

    2. Improve the quality of study you generate.

    3. Improve the quantity of time-consuming and time spreading.

    4. Create confidence for the exam.

    5. Get a complete idea where you have to work or where not. 

    We gave you some revision tips about the CAT entrance exam. Hope this information helps you in your preparation. For more details about CAT go to the official website of CAT.

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