5 Reasons to choose a career in Social work

  • 16Jul,2019

    Social work is challenging and is also one of the few careers which allow a person to stand up against injustice along with being diverse in all fields. This offers a variety of job choices as the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) identifies into three basic categories –

    1. Mental health and substance abuse counselors

    2. Family, child, and school social workers

    3. Healthcare social workers.

    Within these categories, social workers with a bachelor’s degree typically qualify for positions as caseworkers or assistants in the mental health field. Clinical social workers must be licensed and must have successfully completed a master’s degree in social work from an accredited institution. And you there’s no fixed job duty environment, and some of the options include state and local government agencies, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, military bases, prisons, and private practices. That is a part of the job type and requirement. Now, let us focus on 5 reasons why social work is a good career option.

    1. A profession in demand -

    The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics reveal faster-than-average growth in social worker jobs over the next seven years. Healthcare social workers will be in higher demand; the BLS currently estimates a 27 percent increase in employment opportunities between all years up to 2022 for this sector of the social work field. Higher demand can sometimes refer to increased compensation for qualified applicants, especially in large metropolitan areas. Additionally, because of the changing role of social work, jobs are opening up more in non-traditional sectors like business and public policy which include tech, human resources, fundraising, philanthropic giving, diversity leadership, and college consulting. Students willing to pursue this career path can often increase their employability and salary levels by obtaining a master's degree in social work and becoming licensed as a therapist in their state of residence.

    2. You will never be bored –

    As already known, this is not a desk job so every day is completely different. While you may try and plan your next step meticulously and still be assured that there will be several unexpected challenges to welcome you. Social work keeps you on your toes literally. You may receive a phone call any moment that requires you to drop off everything you were doing or planning to do and go to the scene of a crisis. You have to attend people’s homes, schools, hospitals, community centers, and police stations. An effective social worker has to engage with the community and this can not be done from behind a desk. This job is diverse and you will be trained in all aspects, from mental health to child protection accordingly. While some social workers might choose to specialize in one area once they qualify but you always have the option to move between different areas. Suppose, you’re in the child protection and at some point, you find the job emotionally challenging then you can opt to move into adult social work and tackle new challenges.

    3. It teaches you the value of things –

    Working for the society will show you some of the darkest and most upsetting sides of humanity and there will be times when it all can seem quite depressing. And that way you begin to notice the good in people that previously you took for granted. You begin to take pleasure in seeing children being brought up in stable homes or older people getting the compassionate care that they deserve. You start to feel extremely grateful for all that you have and realize, true wealth does not come from material things. You start to mature as you feel content with what you have when you’re not struggling or fighting back at somebody because you think that a ‘thing’ will make you happy. This career option can fruitfully provide a sense of accomplishment and pride for those who dedicate their lives to this worthy cause.

    4. You will make a difference –

    Social workers come into people’s lives during their most vulnerable time. Help families resolve conflicts and learn healthy skills in order for them to safely remain in or return to home. There are cases where reintegration with a child’s birth family is not possible and social workers are always out in the community finding relatives, foster and adoptive resources for children just so that they can have a permanent place to call home. With their belief and action, they try to do the best interest of children while being mindful about them and the families receiving the right kind of love and support so that the children grow into successful adults. Practically they work to solve social problems and put all efforts that fill you with a feeling of hopefulness as you know that you are trying your very best to make the world a little better to live in.

    5. An added degree of Independence –

    A great number of social workers operate with relative autonomy in dealing with clients and providing services for families and individuals. Clinical social workers have the liberty to open their own practices, allowing them to enjoy control over their office hours, their clients and the environment in which they work. Educational and governmental positions provide the social workers the liberty to enjoy a great deal of flexibility in setting their schedules and spend much of their time outside the office in meetings with clients of the betterment of everyone in the society. This added measure of independence can be a valuable benefit for working parents and others who require a more flexible schedule to manage personal obligations.

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