Career Prospects beyond Medical and Engineering

  • 31Aug,2018

    Just close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine that every alternate human being you are meeting in this world is either a doctor or an engineer. You are starving but no one is there to give you food, you want cloth but no one is there to manufacture and sell cloths. If it turns into reality then, have you ever wondered what would happen to this world? What would happen to you?? Then why is so that most of the parents want their children to either become a doctor or an engineer? “Career” is one of the most important aspects of our life... Our performance, lifestyle, job satisfaction, and livelihood everything depends upon this... One wrong decision can spoil the entire life. But some of the parents take the decision regarding their children's career even without knowing the desire n potential of their kids. The popular movie '3 Idiots' has presented this kind of mindset and its consequences very nicely.

    When we see a beautiful dress we admire the designer and immediately pay for the dress to make our wardrobe collection more exclusive. At the same time, we train our children that, be a good doctor or engineer so that you can buy more such dresses. But never say that be a fashion designer. We spend thousands of rupees for movies, concerts, art exhibitions, matches. We madly follow our favorite actors, actresses, dancers, sports persons but at the same time we keep suppressing the artistic instinct of our kids by saying that don't waste time in such things, these things are not going to pay your bills. Why is so??? 

    The newspaper you need every morning with your cup of tea or the breaking news you watch on your TV are the results of the restless and dedicated work of some excellent journalists, camera persons, technicians, news anchors, and many others. Have you ever thought if their parents would have forced them to become only doctors or engineers then who would have done all these things for you?

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    It is not at all mandatory that if a student is brilliant and has scored well in 12th then he/she must go for medical or engineering. There are other fields too where one can show his Excellency. If the best brains will not come in the fields of trade and commerce, economics, the law then how our country’s economy will remain in safe hands? Without these persons, the economy will crash as a result of which every citizen of our country has to suffer from financial crises. Now you could have understood that medical and engineering are not the only lucrative professions. There are other works or professions too which are equally prestigious and important as medical and engineering.

    As per the reports, 95 percent of engineers in India are not fit for software development jobs. 97 percent of graduating engineers want jobs either in software engineering or core engineering. However, only 3 percent have suitable skills to be employed in software or product markets, and only 7 percent are fit for core engineering tasks. Doesn't it seem wastage of money and time???? The more the literate unemployment increasing, the more frustration, depression, and crimes increasing in our society. 

    Instead of bearing the tag of unsuccessful engineers, these students could have become successful Teachers, professors, administrative officers, lawyers, bankers, businessmen, economists, scientists, defense officers, farmers, politicians, writers, artists, architects, fashion designers, pilots, business administrators, and industrialists. But a single decision ruined all hopes. 

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    Education experts suggest students don’t always sign up for engineering courses just to become engineers, but in reality, most of them are not passionate about their profession. They don’t enter into this field to design new engines for cars, developing a new gazette, building the next big software giant or taking part in the “Digital India” program. Most of them simply want a job — any job or a job with the government. Whereas the eligibility criteria to apply for a government job is a ‘graduation degree’. Which costs hardly Rs. 4000 to 5000 for 3years and engineering costs Rs. 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs and the fees vary from institution to institutions. Still, students and parents prefer engineering because they believe that the employers consider an engineering degree holder as more talented and capable compared to those who don’t possess one, regardless of whether the qualification has any direct relevance or implication for the job.

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    In this competitive world, degrees like medical or engineering cannot assure jobs. Then why to confine your children within these streams only?? Let them peep inside their hearts, let them decide which career they want to choose. Because every successful person is of the view that "any work done with passion leads to excellence".

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