10 Demandable Nursing career options in India

  • 26Jul,2019

    Are you still thinking that there are limited career options in Nursing? If yes, then you are totally wrong as the definition as well as the role of nursing has already been changed along with the medical field in general.

    As per the new definition, nursing, as an integral part of the health care system, encompasses the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and care of physically illness, mentally illness and disabled people of all ages, in all health care and other community settings. Advocacy, promotion of a safe environment, research, participation in shaping health policy and in patient and health systems management and education are also key nursing role. It is not just taking care of the sick. Other opportunities for qualified nurses include teaching, administration and research jobs. An interesting aspect of this profession is that a vast majority of nurses are women. However, now-a-days, men are also showing interest in the profession.

    Today, we can find hundreds of options for meaningful careers in nursing, with the role of a nurse determined by the level of education and specialization, the type of facility, and other factors. For example, a registered nurse may have an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, and an RN license, but the duties of a nurse with a BSN will likely be higher than RN with an ASN- and better paid.

    Tips For Getting Hired:-

    1. A degree or a diploma from a reputed nursing college is required.

    2. It pays in the long run to have obtained a specialization in a particular area of treatment

    3. An important prerequisite for getting employed is to register oneself with a State Nursing Council.

    4. Since nurses have to constantly deal with the medical staff and patients it is advisable to have good communication skills.

    10 demandable nursing career options in our country is listed here which can provide you more information about the roles and their salary:-

    1. School Nursing:

    Generally a school nurse works without a lot of different supervision from a nursing coordinator. School students are the main clients for school nurses who do wellness screenings as well as providing basic first aid and referral of students discovered to be ill. Medication administration will probably be included in your tasks. A couple of years’ experience following graduation and licensure will probably be a basic requirement. Children with special needs, both physical, and emotional, will probably form part of your clientele; knowing how to respond both personally and professionally may challenge you.

    Salary: INR 1.92 Lakh per year

    2. Nursing Home-Staff Nurse:

    Nursing home nursing requires independent thinking and good assessment skills since generally speaking physicians may not be present physically. Medications and patients with special feeding and elimination needs will probably be included. RNs often supervise staff that performs basic care of clients. Several years of experience in acute care may be required. Persons who either through age or disabilities require nursing care in a nursing home also require a great deal of patience and understanding.

    Salary: INR 1.44 lakh to3.82 lakh per year

    3. Nursing Home-Head Nurse:

    In this position you will probably do much less hands on care, but be involved in assuring that policies, services, and procedures are done as specified by the persons you are supervising. If you staff is primarily paraprofessional you will be assessing, evaluating, and following up the care needs of your clients. Caring for the staff will also be part of your role as you make certain that professional care is happening at all levels within your place of employment. Maintaining a team spirit when staff members are feeling overworked and stressed is important thing of this role.

    Salary: INR 2.05 lakh to 3.5 lakh per year

    4. Nurse Educator:

    Nurse educators combine a passion for teaching with clinical expertise to design, evaluate, and implement education programs for nurses, teaching at schools, universities and colleges. By doing this one can also earn good money. 

    Salary: 1.82 lakh to 6.7 lakh per year

    5. Nurse Researcher:

    Nurse researchers create reports based on analysis and research gathered within the nursing field. They aim to improve medical and healthcare services. Although a registered nurse with a BSN could get this job, those with an MSN or higher have a better chance obtaining the position.

    Salary: INR 2.40 lakh per year

    6. Phone Triage-Staff Nurse:

    As the name implies, this career puts you squarely in the role of a good listener and interpreter of what your client describes without you actually seeing them. You will need to know how to ask probing, but not leading questions if you wish to get an accurate awareness of what is happening. Even though you may have clear guidance about how to respond, or to discover what is happening, non-scripted reality will always break through. Persons calling may be in a panic, and your response will determine whether an ER visit is warranted, or whether waiting at home, or making an appointment “in the morning” is the best option.

    Salary: INR 2.03 lakh per year

    7. Home Care- Head Nurse Quality Improvement:

    Although this nurse, like many head nurses, will not be involved in direct health care, the guidance and planned activities to promote quality of care provided by the home care service will ultimately improve the organization provides to its clients. Being aware of current best practice and expectations that persons who utilize the service expect is a starting point. Carrying out the tasks and successfully motivating changes will be the test of leadership you practice. Because of government regulations that cover most health care professions an awareness of regulations, and successful adherence to those are vital to this nurse’s success. Minimally you will need a bachelor’s degree and more than a few years’ experience, as well as strong leadership and self-starting skills with creativity to lead.

    Salary: INR 2.04 lakh per year

    8. Oncology- Staff Nurse:

    Once more it seems ironic that like the preceding careers, oncology nursing also calls for a profound depth of character and personal strength, but provides a salary at the lower end of the scale. Caring for persons who are facing the reality of cancer, who may consider that word to be synonymous with death, makes this career one requiring a lot of fortitude. On the physical side, being a skilled phlebotomist, starting and maintaining intravenous lines is crucial, but so is sensitivity and compassion for persons coming to terms with the meaning of their lives. This job has aspects that no course material can provide and you alone will know if you have what it takes.

    Salary: INR 1.68 lakh per year

    9. Flight Transport- Staff Nurse:

     Handling emergencies with firm ground under your feet, both literally and figuratively, is part of being a professional nurse. Doing the same when you are thousands of feet above the ground, and possibly dealing with acutely or severely ill clients will identify your level of competence. Accurate and ready assessment of the unexpected as well as simply handling the crisis you faced on beginning the transport to a major medical center, will call for your best effort. Sometimes you will need to do much more than simply follow orders that anticipated almost every potential issue as you respond to the demand for your best effort.

    Salary : INR 3.02 lakh to 4.53 lakh per year

    10. Renal Dialysis Unit- Staff Nurse:

    Of all the nursing careers we have considered, being a renal dialysis nurse requires less formal or advanced education in order to begin a career than most. Much of the work is routine with specific guidelines for assessing and determining what goals need to be met during the time a client spends using an “artificial kidney.” While the work in itself may be more routine, clients who have, or are in the process of coming to terms with their reality and needs may not see their reality as routine. Being a compassionate, understanding, and encouraging person will probably give both you and your clients a lot more satisfaction.

    Salary: INR 4.3 lakh per year

    Having a valid nursing license opens doors to a wonderful variety of possibilities for both work and advancement. This listing will help you discover those doors, from basic staff positions to advanced nursing practice, education, and research-any of which may be “best” depending on what invigorates you.

    Are you still thinking that there are limited career options in Nursing? If yes, then you are totally wrong as the definition as well as the role of nursing has already been changed along with the medical field in general.

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