Fashion Designing Career: Why should you go for it?

  • 20Jun,2019

    Fashion Design is one of the most rewarding to be alluring, glamorous and exciting career option in today’s world.
    Fashion Designing if you have an inclination for creativity, style, and originality a career in fashion designing is apt for you, but fashion designing has become highly competitive today.

    A Career In Fashion Designing

    If the candidate wishes to pursue a career in this industry, one will have to work and develop the new skills to meet the demand for the running industry. Because of the fashion designers play a key role in how we see the world. As in a day-to-day manner, they consistently update to the new trends and also develop the taste for the people. Fashion itself is the art, wearable art, so as it is essential to the understanding of the art history so as in order to understand fashion and its trends all around.
    Designing sense is all of the couture and this makes the personalized with the high-end of wears, keeping to this view for the international trends and the particular signature style for the designer. Depending upon the fact of the fashion you want to the study, you have the refine your technical aptitude and for the knowledge of the industry. It’s an art and it demands so as to be the creative sense.
    The fashion world is a resemblance to the complex ecosystem and the designing is the only a part of the whole, which requires formal training to understand its technicalities.

    How to build a career in the fashion industry?

    This depends on a choice whether you want to just work in fashion technology or actually to become the driving force behind this world. To build the position you need to start with the basics of fashion. Bachelor in the Designing (BDes is the four-year course which is aimed to develop the aesthetic skills in the field of design and fashion.
    The subjects here include the draping, the pattern making, the garment construction, the illustration, the surface ornamentation, etc, which would help so as to understand the detailing of this course.
    Also one can also check for the SFI Prospectus for the details. Doing the undergraduate course into the fashion design will help to understand everything about the fashion design antiquity, handling the clothing textiles, delineating and the drawing clothes, the fashion events and the managing of the fashion house.

    Course in the field of Philosophy of Arts, Visual Arts, General Design and the Graphic Design can also offer for the great tools for expressing the ideas and putting them into the right context. If someone wishes to enter the dynamic realm of the fashion designing, this could help to gain the perception and also to be in a classroom or the studio setting to interact with the textiles and the fabrics.
    It’s is no the cakewalk, it will also even give the sleepless nights and also someone who loves the work, one would definitely not mind to this. It is just the apropos career for the self.

    Scope of Fashion Design

    It is an enthralling world if one can have the creativity and the passion they can also pursue it. The skill set can be focused enhanced and also be cultivated with the proper and the right training. The scope of Fashion Design is not restricted to the garments only, but also it contains several other aspects such as the accessories, the jewelry, the footwear and many more.
    If the creative expression is the thing of the person. One can also become and step to the field of:-

    1. Fashion Show Coordinator

    2. Fashion Consultant

    3. Fashion Forecaster

    4. Fashion Entrepreneur

    5. Fashion Stylist

    6. Fashion Photographer

    7. Fashion Designer/Assistant Designer

    8. Production Supervisor

    9. Fashion Merchandiser

    10. Quality Supervisor

    11. Costume Designer

    12. Pattern Designer

    13. Pattern Maker

    14. Fashion Illustrator

    Indeed, the work of Fashion Designing is the righteous choice and has the bright future and is so considered as the one of the highly growing and as the one of the best paying industry so as today, popularly being conceived as the glamorous field, and the domain has the cut-throat competition and the massive of the challenges as well.

    Give Wings To Your Creativity With Designing Careers

    A Career in Fashion Styling and Image Design: Here’s Your Complete Guide.

    Confused about the career in fashion? Here, it ends all the queries regarding fashion styling and image design. Take a look. 

    1- What is fashion styling?
    Ans - Fashion styling is to create enduring and alluring the images based on the current fashion trends, social context, and personal identity by working with Photographers/Designers.

    2-Difference between Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Image Design.
    Ans - Fashion Styling and Image Design
    Fashion Styling and Image Design Create a complete image Also the details for the execution of the concepts in the editorial, commercial space. About the personal styling and the image consultancy.
    This also emphasizes the display as the core image and the identity of the retail and the other spaces.
    Fashion Design
    The fashion design students are focused on the making of the garments.
    Consolidates knowledge on current trends, contemporary design for structured clothing. Pattern cutting, garment construction, and draping.

    3 - What is the skill set required and what are the career options?
    Ans - Opportunities to work as an independent fashion stylist and the image designer/brand stylist/stylist in tv industry and advertising costume designer for the movies/e-commerce stylist and the contractor/personal shopper fashion magazine stylist/visual merchandiser/stylist for Fashion shows celebrity stylist.

    4 - Is it important to have a formal education to be a stylist?
    Ans - It is important to have the classroom understanding of this field as it will equip you with the skills required to be as successful professional tomorrow. It is critical to have an understanding of different domains such as make-up and hair-styling, photography, CAD and visual merchandising. A 4-year UG and 2-Year PG courses from a good design institute should cover all the basic elements of the above in the forms of modules and workshops.

    5 - What things should a student look for while choosing a design school for such courses?
    Ans - Faculty experience employ-ability and entrepreneurship nurturing industry exposure and connect international exposure.

    Fashion designing: Career, courses, and top institutes

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