• 29Sep,2018

    Moulding the future of engineering With 7 new trends


    Technology today has managed to break the monotony of traditional business partnerships and transform it into building blocks for digital ecosystems. Digital adoption is a massive opportunity for companies that leverage the right technologies. Within ten years, full-scale digitization will lead to huge annual global cost savings.

    Some new adaptions that can help shape the future of engineering are:


    1. The Engineering & Construction (E&C) industry is eventually adopting many of the digital technologies including d...
  • 12Oct,2018

    5 tips for choosing your career as Mechanical Engineer


    Have you ever wondered seeing this magnificent works like cars, aeroplanes, ships, how these are made and who designed them? The beauty of creation, the magic of the mind, hard work, and patience are combined to make these magnificent works to become reality. These are made by the people whom we know as engineers-more specifically Mechanical Engineers. Career as a mechanical engineer is one of the toughest and most wanted job profile in the world. After modern civilization has evolved to a level of competition, this world needs more ideas of technology, modern machinery, designs and creativity of transportation machines, and so on. The work of a mechanical engin...

  • 26Oct,2019

    Tips and tricks to crack JEE-MAIN


    The time has come for another fiercely competitive round of examinations, to crack JEE Main 2020. With just a few months to go, it is time for all IIT aspirants to speed up their preparation. Carefully-crafted strategies, efficient time management, and realistic goals can help them breeze through the examination. With the number of applicants inversely proportional to the number of available seats in the IITs, students must go the extra mile to realize their dreams. 

    1. Time management

    Organize yourself to prepare efficiently. A daily study plan will help you achieve bet...

  • 30Mar,2019

    Things You Need To Avoid For JEE-MAIN Preparation


    NTA is going to conduct JEE Main 2020 from 6-11 Jan 2020 at various centers across India and abroad. The ranking of the JEE Main exam will be released by the end of March 2020. The entrance was scheduled to be conducted twice a year. Preparing for this crucial exam like JEE Main 2020 can be stressful but you need not worry about. all you need to do is throw away all the negativity from your mind. There's no need to stress out or strain. With the right preparation, candidates can score well and come out with flying colors. 

    Let us inform you few mistakes which you should avoid committing at this high time. 


  • 29Jun,2019

    Top Govt & pvt Medical Colleges in A.P, with Seats Matrix and cutoff


    As the Medical entrance results are finally out. There are now lots of anxiety hopes and expectations among students about which colleges to apply. How to complete the counseling process of NEET, AIIMS, etc. Hence, with the declaration of the results, the counseling process has begun rapidly. As there is the number of colleges in front of medical students they would obviously prepare themselves for a good college at a good place. And no doubt choosing Andhra Pradesh as a place to complete your Medical would at all be a bad option. To guide you in a perfect and a more broader way we have now gathered some of the best medical colleges in 

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