• 01Apr,2020

    Career Opportunity in perfusion technology in India


    A perfusionist is responsible for managing circulatory and respiratory functions of a patient during surgery to allow the cardiac surgeon to focus on the surgical procedure.A perfusionist is also known as a CCP or a Certified Clinical Perfusionist, is actually a professionally trained health-care worker who is actually a part of a surgical team, particularly in the heart and respiratory surgeries. 

    What is Perfusion Technology?

    Perfusion Technology is the study of physiology...

  • 18Sep,2018

    Is online learning a boon or bane- The pros and cons


    Today, people are more inclined to their phones or computers than actually going out and interacting with new or old people. Today, people have more virtual friends than real ones... and are more active socially than practically. Same follows in the case of studies, students are more eager to learn through online media than attending extra classes or coaching. But hey, is real teaching actually replaceable? Does new media actually has better teaching standards when compared to classroom education?  This indeed has become a debatable topic over the past few years... well as every single thing ha...

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