7 Things to keep in mind if it's your last NEET Attempt

  • 09Apr,2019

    By now NEET the biggest medical exam is just a month away from approaching to the students. As this is considered to be one of the toughest exams in our country, there are lakhs of aspirants preparing for years who couldn't clear the exam in one go. This article is for everyone who has made up their mind to keep this as their last attempt in NEET. Also, for the students who are adamant about to keep this attempt as their first as well as the last one. 

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    1. Scrutinize previous year score:

    The first and foremost thing that you should do is to scrutinize your previous year’s NEET results. This will give you a sense about your strengths and weaknesses which will help you improvise your weak areas. This will also help you in a way to put more focus more towards weaker sections which will help you decide in future which particular books to choose in this last moment and study material to practice.

    2.Practice a lot

    When there is only a month left for the exam the only thing you should need to without wasting your time blindly start spending time only upon mock test papers. Practising different and abundant questions will surely become the key to success in your this attempt of yours. What happens is when you practice questions, you are revising then you are strengthening your concepts at the same time. Hence this will help you a lot in the exam. It's advisable that by this time you should choose different online tests for NEET 2019 like Daily Practice Tests, Mock Tests, All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) and Previous Year Papers.

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    3. Make a fruitful monthly plan :

    As NEET is just a few days left by now you should strictly make a timetable and stick to it. Revise frequently and track your scores which will definitely help you improve your scores in order to succeed. You anyhow need to strictly follow the timetable to complete preparation in time.

    4. Keep yourself in a comfortable environment :

    Comfort and peace of mind the biggest requirement right now to prepare for any competitive exam be it NEET or any other exam. Let go about any matter that is making you worried. Keep your mind calm and focus on your studies. Take breaks in between your studies. Do not stress yourself. If you feel stressed sometimes relax your mind first and then get back to your studies again.

    5. Have an idea about your saturation point :

    The exam is on your head that doesn't mean you would go for studying for 15 hours straight without taking any break. Only studying hard won't work but you should smartly also. Go in the right direction do not exhaust yourself too soon. Instead of going for one concept again and again because you couldn't understand the term is a waste of time. 

    6. Do not get depressed:

    As of now, there must be too much pressure in your mind for the exam. If this isn't your first attempt then there must be quite a lot of mental stress. But all we would like to believe in yourself and give your best. Keep positivity within yourself. Keep calm in stressful situations Trust yourself and keep motivating yourself that you can do. Keep yourself motivated and pumped up to work hard for longer periods of times without getting drained. Know your own worth and work accordingly.

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    7. Make yourself Mentally Strong:

    Take this as the last attempt!! Give it your all efforts, and hope for the best outcome have faith in your preparation and hard work,  results would be definitely fruitful. Appear with full confidence and be prepared to ace the exam.

    So, the above seven points are important to keep in mind to keep yourself motivated so that you stay away from all the negativity around yourself.

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