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What is KIITEE?

KIITEE is a nationwide entrance examination conducted by KIIT (The Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology) to shortlist candidates applying for the university. Every year there are more than 1 lakh students who appear for the exam, just to stand a chance at securing a seat in this university.

The admissions are done into various B.Tech/B. Tech Lateral Entry/M.Tech courses at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar

Steps to prepare:         

Preparing for KIITEE 2020 will be more or less the same as preparing for any other engineering entrance examination of the nation. The preparation must start early and with a proper schedule. It is important that you know the syllabus for KIITEE 2020 and also the exam pattern so that you can create a strategy for the preparation.

Syllabus of KIITEE:

The subjects that KIITEE syllabus includes are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. So you need to be well versed in these three subjects.

  1. It is believed that physics is the toughest one out of the 3 subjects. Here are the important points that you must remember while preparing for this subject.
  2. In physics, it is always advisable that you don’t skip any topic. Give importance to all of them and go for no shortcuts.
  3. Behind every numerical, there is a concept that is important to understand. You can get ahead without knowing the concept and thus don’t limit yourself to the numerical. Learn the theories too.
  4. Mugging up will never help you. No examination is scored with this technique, especially in Physics. Make sure you know the reason behind what you are reading. Have the understanding. This will help you solve all kinds of questions.
  5. Practice and practice a lot. The derivations and numerical can be dealt with only by practicing them again and again.
  6. Physics exams can be a hard section to perform well in, as the questions are so complex & advanced. Not to worry, though, because for physics it is important to study smart and not hard. We got all the preparation tips for you to do well in the KIITEE 2020 physics section.
  7. Physics is not limited to Numerical: Physics has more to offer than just numerical, there are important concepts behind those calculations which help in solving the questions with ease. Numerical only get better if you have done your preparation well by learning all formula and theories which explain the logic for those numeric problems. So focus on understanding the subject than just viewing it as mathematics.
  8. Don't cut on your syllabus: One of the ways to study smart is to cut down on your syllabus and prepare what's practically important for scoring. Unfortunately, Physics is a subject that doesn't allow one to skip any chapter as everything is so interconnected with one concept or the other.
  9. Practice as much as possible: Physics requires a lot of practice to understand a numeric concept. The more you practice the faster you will be able to move on with the concepts. It is a complex subject and to be able to retain it in the exam hall, can be really really tough. In order to do so, one must practice as much as possible. Solving previous year papers & sample papers is one way to go.
  10. Don’t Mug Up, as mentioned earlier physics is a technical subject and to be able to mug up is a task in itself. The physics section consists of tricky and complex questions, so being thorough with your concepts is the only way to go about it.


  1. In KIITEE 2020, be prepared to face a lot of chemical formulas and periodic elements related questions. Thus jot down the following points about chemistry:
  2. Learn the periodic table by heart. Know the properties of each element as almost all the concepts revolve around them in chemistry.
  3. Give proper attention to the d and f block elements. One can easily score high in chemistry with the help of this tip.
  4. In Physical Chemistry make sure you know all the formulas. The formulas in physical chemistry are the key to solve all the problems.
  5. In Organic chemistry, you ought to be good with the reaction mechanisms. As organic chemistry is all about the structure of compounds, complex questions may be asked in the examination. Thus be well prepared with the reaction mechanisms.
  6. Chemistry is considered to be the most scoring subject among PCM. Well, that may sound good but it is a scoring subject only for those who have their concepts clear. The questions in the Chemistry Section are usually based on basic concepts of class 12th. So following are the tricks to ace the chemistry section and get that perfect score!
  7. Learn the periodic table: Let us put it this way, the periodic table in Chemistry is as useful as the cheat codes in games. Almost every concept revolves around the basics of elements, their structure, and their molecular number. It is indeed very important to memorize the periodic table in order to do well in Chemistry.
  8. Extra attention to d, f-block elements and Co-ordination compounds (Inorganic Chemistry): One can easily score high by performing well in the questions which come from P and S-block elements. It is also important to go through co-ordination compounds and d-block elements. The questions from these topics are probably the easiest in the section, so why to miss a chance to score on that.
  9. Be thorough with all the formula (Physical Chemistry): Formula is the core for Physical Chemistry, and if one is unable to recall any one of the formulae then all your hard work is a waste. One can use mnemonics and other methods to learn the important chemistry formula.
  10. Understanding the complete reaction mechanism (Organic Chemistry): The key to doing well in organic chemistry is to understand the complete reaction mechanism. Organic chemistry basically studies of properties and structure of compounds. As the questions for complex structures are asked, one won't be able to solve if he/she isn't clear with the understanding of the complete reaction mechanism.

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  1. In mathematics, you can not solve a variety of questions asked in KIITEE 2020 without practicing a lot. here are a few important tips regarding the same:
  2. Find out previous years’ question papers. Practice all of them. You will get to know the trend of the questions and the pattern. It will make you accustomed to solving many types of questions.
  3. Know all the formulas and especially the shortcut formulas. You will need speed while solving the mathematics questions. Thus knowing the concepts and the shortcut formulas are a must.
  4. It is always advisable to start with the basics, solve the basic problems and then move to the next level.
  5. Develop a habit of understanding the problem clearly first and then jumping the solution.
  6. Maths is one subject which you can spend hours studying but end up none the wiser. We got tips and techniques for preparing maths for KIITEE 2020.
  7. There is no alternative to study Maths than practice it day and night. Practice makes a man perfect and that's the only mantra which will make you excel in math section in KIITEE. Every problem has its own set of concepts and probably multiple ways to be solved. The art of problem-solving only comes by practice and nothing else.
  8. Make your own Notes: Maths is full of Formulas, theorems, abbreviations, symbols and allows more terminologies. Making your own notes will not help you recall them all at the time of solving a complex problem. One can take steps to solve a problem or short tricks to solve the questions fast.
  9. Master your basics: It is better to master your basics than moving ahead without actually learning anything. Mastering your basics will help you in understanding the subject well.

Points to remember in the Examination Hall:

  1. The language of the exam will be English.
  2. The test will be closed automatically once the allotted time of 180 Minutes is over.
  3. To go to any question, you shall click on the question number directly, appearing at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Questions that you have answered will be marked green and unanswered questions will be in blue.
  5. If you want to come back to a particular question again later, then you can mark that for review using the ‘Mark for review button’. When you go back to the same question again, then it will be unmarked.
  6. You can also change the answer to any question by selecting that question and changing the answer by clicking on the desired option.
  7. After the completion of the exam, click on Submit.
  8. You should be present at the KIITEE Exam center at least 45 minutes before the commencement of the exam as mentioned in your KIITEE 2020 Admit Card. 
  9. You will be given a computer system to take the test as is an online exam.
  10. After entering the exam hall, you are required to take your seat only, on which your application number is mentioned. Candidate occupying any other seat on his / her own will not be allowed to take the test, as the candidature of such candidate will be canceled.
  11. Show your KIITEE 2020 Admit Card to the proctor on demand. Candidate without a valid admit card will not be allowed to enter the exam hall under any circumstances.
  12. The proctor at the examination hall will announce the beginning and completion of the exam. You should follow the instructions. No candidate can leave his / her seat or examination hall without permission from the center superintendent/proctor.  

DO NOT carry the following to the exam center

Textual Material
Slide Rule
Log Table
Electronics Watch
Printed or Written Material
Mobile Phone
Pager, or any other such device

1. You will be provided with a sheet of paper for rough work. Don't bring your sheet on your own.

2. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the exam hall. Also, tea, coffee, snacks or cold drinks are not allowed inside.

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A week before KIITEE 2020:

  1. Don’t take unnecessary stress about the exam. This will only add to your nervousness and will not let you give your 100%.
  2. A night of good sleep is a must on the night before the exam.
  3. Eat something light and healthy before leaving for the exam. An empty stomach will leave you with less energy, which might disturb you throughout the exam.
  4. Go through the revision notes one last time, especially the topics in which you are stronger.
  5. While answering the questions, do not devote much time to the questions that are consuming a lot of your time. Attempt those questions first, which you are confident of.
  6. Last but not least, keep calm and give your best shot
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We wish you all the best for your KIITEE 2019 exam.


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