How can I crack the JEE Main without coaching?

  • 17Nov,2018

    JEE Main is one of the most important entrance examinations for engineering aspirants. Getting admission into one of the best of engineering colleges of the country, a student has to start preparation for the exam early. With the change of time, coaching played a key role in cracking the JEE Main.

    The question comes whether coaching is necessary for cracking. Can a student successfully crack JEE Main without coaching in this extremely competitive environment? The answer is “Yes”. There are many instances where students from mediocre background without any special facilities and coaching are able to crack JEE Main. But how? How can we crack the JEE Main JEE Main 2020 without coaching?

    Every year during the entrance exam, many coaching centers put up attractive hoardings and advertisements claiming their success stories. In actual sense, very few students are successful in using the coaching center study materials. We have found some useful tips for you. If the students follow those tips carefully, they can be successful in JEE Main 2020 without coaching. Follow the below-mentioned tips:

    1. Early preparation for the JEE Main is crucial in getting enough time for revision and practice.

    2. While studying in class, you need to be attentive and should concentrate thoroughly on the subject taught. Revision is a must what you’ve taught in the class.

    3. Self-Study is one of the key areas which have been neglected in the era coaching. You must devote hours and hours to self-study. Studying every topic in detail and regular practice is imperative.

    4. Students must be familiar with the JEE Main syllabus and exam pattern.  Classify the topics in accordance with their importance in the exam.

    5. Clearing the doubts can be difficult when you’re not been to coaching. You can take the help of your friends, class teachers or any other person which you think he or she can help. Work hard in getting all the concepts, formulas and problems solved and cleared.

    6. Time Management for preparation is the key to success. Make a schedule so that all subjects and topics will get adequate time.

    7. Take regular breaks during study so that your mind gets enough time to relax.

    8. Daily revision is a must. The more you revise and practice, the more you will have control on the topics and subjects. It will raise your efficiency and accuracy.

    9. You are familiar with your strengths and weaknesses. When you’re planning and preparation for JEE Main, you keep those things into account.

    10. At times, you feel demotivated and depressed and don’t feel energetic. To get over that situation, one needs to keep themselves engaged to some activities which can be relaxing and energizing.

    11. Never create doubt in your mind about cracking the exam successfully.

    12. Don't study for rank but for scoring marks.

    13. You need to have passion for Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

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