Give Wings To Your Creativity With Designing Careers

  • 09Oct,2018

    Our love of color, artistic eye and impeccable sense of style cause people to label you a creative person—and we wear that label well. It’s a label one embrace as he/she enjoys expressing his/her creativity and making things visually appealing.

    But what if we are given the opportunity of transforming our passion into our career? Better yet, what if you could get paid to be creative daily? The truth is there’s a wide array of creative careers where people just like us can thrive.

    Some of the popular designing courses one can possibly think of at once are :

    Fashion designing

    We all are well aware of the glamour of fashion designers and the work they do. They basically design dress materials/apparels and fashion accessories. The fashionists need to be well updated with the ongoing trend and the preferences of the people they are designing the dress for.

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    The skills required to become a successful fashion designer may include:

    1- Conceptualization skills

    2- Sketching

    3- Proper acquaintance with Adobe Photoshop

    4- Merchandising

    Career opportunities might include the following :

    1- Fashion houses

    2- Merchandising

    3- Fashion journalism

    4- Entrepreneurship 

    Interior designing

    We all love to decorate our homes in different and unique ways. Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we are hired to decorate the houses of others as well for a lump sum? Professionals are hired to work with interior spaces to improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of that particular area. Designers in this field use specialized software to select and convert their creative ideas into designs for further execution. They work with interior elements like construction pattern, colour schemes, furniture, flooring, lighting to transform the space as per the requirement.

    The skills required to be a successful interior designer may include:

    1- Good knowledge about Computer-aided drafting/computer aided design software 

    2- Good with pattern  setting

    3- Customer servicing

    Career opportunities may include:

    1- Designing consultants

    2- Architect firms

    3- Own business

    Textile designing

    These designers create fabrics used in materials used in fashion and interior designing.

    The skills required to be a textile designer include:

    1- good understanding of fabrics

    2- good sense of colour schemes

    Career opportunities may include:

    1- textile mills

    2- buying houses

    3- import and export houses

    4- production units

    Graphic designing

    Designers in this particular field, design marketing materials such as collaterals, product illustration, brand identities and websites using specialized computer software. They merge their artistic abilities with technical skills to create designs that communicate a brand message with the targeted audience.

    The skills required to be a successful graphic designer include:

    1- Good knowledge in Adobe Photoshop

    2- Good sense in Adobe Indesign

    3- Good knowledge in Adobe Illustrator

    Career opportunities might include :

    1- Design Agencies

    2- Marketing Consultants

    Product Designing

    Designers in this field, conceptualize and design products required by man to make our day-to-day living facile.

    The skills required to be a product designer include:

    1- Knowledge in CAD/CAM

    2- Good at sketching

    The career opportunities might include:

    1- Production units

    2- Retailers

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