Sharda University opens a new Campus in Uzbekistan

  • 02Dec,2019
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    Sharda University is all set to take forward its legacy of providing world-class quality education to all by opening a new campus in Uzbekistan. Sharda University will be the first independent private university in Uzbekistan, especially across the Andijan, Fergana, Samarkand region that be a gateway for students from Europe and asia to experience future-focused education 

    More than half the teachers are from India in Faculty members of 20, around 15-20 visiting faculty and 250 students, the University currently offers specialized courses in B.Tech and B.Tech (Hons) in Engineering, covering streams like Computer Science, Electrical engineering, Information Technology, and Electronic and Communications, with a special focus on new-age Digital Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In the Management discipline, the University currently offers specialized courses in Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and International business. The rest are from Uzbekistan, with two professors from Egypt as well.

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    Spread across a vast 9-acre campus, the University includes a large auditorium with a seating capacity of 500 people, a dedicated sports complex for indoor basketball, indoor badminton, football, basketball, tennis, Running track and cafeteria. Sharda University India will be the academic mentor for Sharda University Uzbekistan and will help the institution to deliver education excellence at par with the international standard of teaching and learning. University will use best practices from across the world to provide the best in class quality education to Uzbek students. The University has also partnered with local and international industry and academic to offer joint training programmes. Its students will thus enjoy the legacy of Sharda, India’s truly global university with 27 per cent students from 80+ countries.

    Talking to the economic times,Prashant Gupta, executive director, Sharda University, said "that they had opened a campus in Uzbekistan because the country had opened up to foreign investment, and there was support from the Uzbek government for setting up the college."

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    Gupta said that the government had provided an 9-acre campus, which had an old building within it, to set up the college. The government has also given 100 acres of land free of cost. Gupta said they would do expansion after three years.

    Gupta said that Uzbekistan did not have too many English-speaking students. The college is offering a one-year course called the ‘International University Fastrack Program’, a bridge course that Uzbek students can take that will prepare them for a course in an international university.

    Gupta also said they had plans to start a medical college and hospital in Tashkent next year.

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