Know Why JEE Main Mock Test Practice is a Must

  • 16Sep,2019

    JEE Main is one of the most popular entrance exams that is conducted for getting admission into a good college for bachelor's Degree. JEE Main is set to appear twice per year rather than once, as it was held previously. The registration for the exam has started on 2nd September 2019 and will close on 30th September 2019. The exam will be conducted from 6th - 11th January 2020.

    very year more than a million students appear JEE Main. Students who take this exam seriously start to prepare very early. One of the most important preparation tip for JEE Main is to give mock tests. This step is very profitable but neglected by many students. Students who join coaching centers are provided with mock tests and sample papers. They are also advised and made understand the benefit of taking mock tests. But those who could not join these institutes due to some reason don't fully understand the use of mock tests.

    So below is mentioned the various reasons why you should definitely add mock tests to your preparation:

    1.  Awareness of the Pattern

    Before applying any entrance exam, the aspirant must know the exam pattern. You may know the syllabus for JEE Main, but you must fully understand the type of questions, level of difficulty, marks for each correct and incorrect answer, etc. Giving mock tests will help in in in clearing these areas.

    2.  Recognition of Important Subjects

    During the practice of a number of sample papers for JEE Main, you will get a brief idea of what are the important topics from which the most questions are asked and from what topics the least. This will help in organizing your study schedule.

    3.  Performance Evaluation

    Giving mock tests will help you get a report on what areas you score marks and where you lack. You evaluate your own performance and work on that. Mock tests will provide insight on where to focus your studies.

    4.  Improve Speed and Accuracy

    Giving more and more mock tests will increase your speed and the way of answering. Being only fast and completing ahead of time won't fetch you good marks. You must answer quickly and correctly. Mock test will do that part. It will continue to increase your speed of answering the question with good accuracy.

    5.  Time Management

    Time Management is key when you are giving any entrance exam. As everyone knows, candidates are allotted 3 hours to complete the 90 questions asked in JEE Main. This exam is computer-based, and you need to be efficient in answering the question. Giving mock tests will help you realize your strengths and weakness. You will be aware of what are your strong and weak subjects. You should only attempt the question which you are extremely sure of to avoid negative marking. If a question is taking too long to answer, leave it. Do not waste valuable time to a question that may or may not give you a correct solution. Mock tests will help in managing the way you answer a question.

    6.  Motivation

    Sometimes students get severe anxiety while preparing for the exam. They get afraid to give exam and have second thoughts. Giving mock tests will put them in the headspace of actual exam while being in a comfortable environment. Practicing more and more will reduce the fear and boost the confidence level of the aspirant.

    7.  Better Chance to Score

    The more a student takes a mock test, the more they improve each time. Their success rate increases from those who neglect this practice and do not give a mock test. 

    To score good marks in JEE Main and finding yourself get admitted in a good college, you must give mock tests as it helps you in giving so many benefits for the exam and makes your preparation easy.

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