Things You Need To Avoid For JEE-MAIN Preparation

  • 30Mar,2019

    NTA is going to conduct JEE Main 2020 from 6-11 Jan 2020 at various centers across India and abroad. The ranking of the JEE Main exam will be released by the end of March 2020. The entrance was scheduled to be conducted twice a year. Preparing for this crucial exam like JEE Main 2020 can be stressful but you need not worry about. all you need to do is throw away all the negativity from your mind. There's no need to stress out or strain. With the right preparation, candidates can score well and come out with flying colors. 

    Let us inform you few mistakes which you should avoid committing at this high time. 

    1st: Revision:

    Do not avoid doing revisions as it is the most essential part of your preparation. To Score well in your JEE Main 2020 you should not dare to forget to avoid completing your revisions.

    2nd: Practice previous year question papers:

    Now with one week left for the exams, it's high time that you need to go practice papers so that you will have a well-versed idea about the question paper pattern. Also, your hands will get free with every question papers you practice

    3rd: Keep Healthy Eating habits 

    At this moment of final preparation you need to take care of the factor that your health doesn't get affected because of intensive studies or restless nights. Taking proper rest and having proper sleep is very necessary for your health. Already you must be mentally stressed as it is quite natural. Hence, do not put stress upon your body physically anymore.

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    4th: Stay away from negativity:

    Different type of people will come and give a different type of opinions and hence this might create varieties of thoughts in your mind which will obviously lead you to negative thoughts and might affect your preparation

    5th. stop comparing yourself with others:

    Yes, this might be true that while you are soring some marks your friend might have scored much more than you. Naturally, that would create negative thoughts in you leading to questioning yourself. But you should stay away from such thoughts as these might humour your mind and lead you to depression.

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    So, these are the few things you need to follow in order to keep yourself away from anything affecting your productivity or your preparation. Hence prepare your own methodology. Keep your mind cool and calm. Be true to yourself and success will surely reach your feet.

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