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  • 06Feb,2020

    Kaling institute of industrial technology (KIIT) will be conducting entrance exams like every year for admissions into undergraduate engineering courses. KITT entrance test administered in computer-based mode, and the candidates get 3 hours. Candidates will have to face 40 questions each from the three papers, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. So, the candidates have to fully prepared if they want to crack the exam. Here we are going to give some useful tips that will help the candidates to crack the KIIT entrance exam. Read further to know some tips and tricks.

    Study syllabus: Before starting your preparation for this entrance exam, you must go through the syllabus first. Make a plan about how you are going to cover all those topics. Then start your preparations for the KITT entrance test.

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    KIITEE 2020 Preparation Strategy for Physics

    After studying the syllabus, it is time to concentrate on the subjects. People find physics as one of the toughest of all sections. So, if you want to score well, then you have to be fully prepared for this subject.
    Try to remember all the formulas, or you can note it all down in one place. It will help you to solve physics problems. And practice every day so you will be able to solve problems faster.
    Try to understand every concept of physics instead of note-learning. Focus on both numerical and theoretical parts and practice as much as you can. Keep all these things on your mind, and you can easily clear the physics section.

    KIITEE 2020 Preparation Strategy for Chemistry

     The chemistry part needs concentration and patience. Candidates must focus on the part they are weak in. For example, if a candidate is strong in the organic chemistry part, then he/she should focus more on the inorganic part.
    Candidates must have knowledge about the periodic table and the properties of each element.
    Practice the reactions, equations, and mechanisms regularly. Making notes is highly recommended highly in organic chemistry.

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    KIITEE 2020 Preparation Strategy for Mathematics

     Before beginning your preparation, candidates should know about the syllabus and from which section questions are going to come.
    Candidates must solve previous year question papers so that they will be used to with the exam patterns and questions.
    Remember all the formulas and concepts and keep them in your mind while you are going to appear the exam.  
    And if you want to score well in this section, then you should practice every day. There is no shortcut to hard work and dedication.

    General Tips to Succeed in KIITEE 2020
    Time management is very important, so candidates must manage their time accordingly when appearing in the KITT entrance exam. Try to finish your preparation 3-4 before the entrance test so that you will get time for revising each subject. Stay calm and take a short break in 2-3 hours. Eat healthy food and have a good sleep. Keep all these things on your mind, and you will be able to crack the KITT entrance exam easily. 

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