CAT Exam: Things you should take care of on the test day

  • 30Jul,2019

    As only around 1 month is left for the awaited Common Admission Test (CAT) 2019, so the speed of the preparation should be very high. Along with the preparation, there are some points to keep in mind related to the test day. As the exam is on 24th Nov 2019, it will be conducted in 2 shifts that are morning shift and afternoon shift.

    Here we are going to discuss about the “Dos and Don’ts” of the test day which should be followed by every student as per to attend the exam successfully. 
    According to research, nervousness on the exam day is one of the biggest obstacle in scoring high in the CAT exam. So that 3 hours of exam, the candidate should attempt each and every section confidently without being panicked. There are some other things to be taken care by the candidates if they want to change their hard work into success.

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    1. Only required documents, no other stuffs:

    The necessary documents which is needed to enter or sit in the examination hall are Admit card with candidate’s photograph pasted on it along with the scanned copy, a govt. id proof to prove your identity like Aadhar card that always works.
    Any unnecessary things apart from this are not allowed with the candidate and can creat problem in the examination process.

    2. Be on time – punctuality:

    As we discussed above the exam is going to be held in 2 shifts that is morning shift from 7.30 am and afternoon shift from 1.00 pm. So the candidates should reach the exam centers before the reporting time as they are expected to represent themselves as the best management graduates of reputed global companies. 
    The aspirants have to reach their respective reporting cities chosen by them and keep the travel time in mind. They have to be a little calculative for time here.

    3. Stuffs that are strictly prohibited:

    There are some regular stuffs which are strictly prohibited in the exam center such as-

    Shoes- Shoes, socks, flip flops, sandals or slippers, etc are not allowed inside the examination hall

    Jackets- No heavy clothes are allowed to wear as the strictness of authority in CAT exam is very high

    Jewelry- No candidates are allowed to the examination center with any kind of jewelry or ornaments and there is not any kind of jewelry keeping arrangement in the examination center.

    Mehndi/Henna- As the bio metric capturing is one of the important part of the exam and the candidate can’t seat in the exam without this so women candidates are not allowed to wear menhdi on their palms.

     4. CAT registration no. and designated seat no. are totally different:

    The designated seat number on the exam day is the number on admit card and it is totally different from the registration number of CAT 2019. These are two different registration numbers. Candidates are advised not to mistaken the CAT registration number as the designated seat number and be clear about this.

    5. Avoid the last minute revision:

    This is one of the most common wrong thing most of the students do, making the last few minutes before the exam stressful by revising the whole syllabus. It only can decrease your confidence level and make you feel more panicked. So aspirants are advised to avoid the last minute preparation so that they can enter into the exam hall without any stress.

    6. No use of key board during the test:

    As like other MBA exams, candidates don’t have to write essays in CAT 2019. So the use of keyboard is not allowed. If you try to use the key board then it will lock your profile and you can’t seat in the exam anymore. So keep that in mind not to use the key board.

    7. Knowledge about navigation tools:

    A candidate must have knowledge about the navigation tools before the exam as it allow to skip question, mark the attended and unattended question and help in understanding this at any given point in time. So the best solution for this is to practice the mock tests provided before the exam time that consists the navigation tools in their tests to give the actual experience of giving exam. Here are the colour codes for CAT 2019-

    Green- Answered question
    Red- Unanswered question
    White- Question not visited/viewed
    Violet- question marked for revisit/review.

    8. Read the instruction on admit card thoroughly:

    As we discussed above about various rules to be followed during the CAT 2019 exam, there are many other important instructions mentioned in the admit card of CAT. The aspirant should go through the admit card properly and follow them.

    A pre-exam preparation can solve all the problem a candidate might have faced. Rather than taking stress, candidate should be aware about all possible mistakes usually happens and avoid that.

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