How Will You Choose New Jobs For Better Career In India?

  • 08Feb,2019

    The changing economy & the evolving society have led the generation to such a state where you can’t focus or stay at a particular job until retirement. Unless you keep upgrading or changing your skills as per the requirement, you’ll lack behind. With the rapid change in technology, some skills go outdated with the arrival of some new. Those organizations which allow their employees to a better Career growth, not only professionally but also as a person, have shown the most thrive in proficiency and productivity.

    However, irrespective of the companies, there are certain jobs that require the continuous improvement of an employee. These days you can see that most of the employees are changing their career, their company frequently. Adapting to the situation, companies have also developed positions which will be able to use the talent of the person irrespective of their position and tenure. In these cases, people with much more work experiences can be seen working under newbies with advanced skills.

    Hybridization Of Jobs with Technical Touch Up:

    In the current market of employment, a lot of potentialities have been seen in a technical role. Now, organizations are hybridizing some basic known profession with a technical touch up. The hybridization results in a very profitable and satisfying position. These days jobs like a data scientist, digital marketing specialist, machine learning engineer, security consultant, experience architect, 'IoT engineer, or user experience designer are being more popular than the other professions. While some of the titles vary from each other, their hybridization produces much more expertise in a particular area.

    Effect of E-Commerce & IoT on Job Market:

    Recently, the Indian job market has been affected mostly by the increase of e-commerce, internet & various new age technologies. Jobs like information broker, bionic electronic technician, leisure consultant, a computational linguist, fusion engineer, fiber optic technician, relocation counselor, image consultant, robot technician, retirement counselor are growing day by day. Looking at the no of job positions it can be said that whether it may be a IT related job or healthcare, there are a lot of opportunities ahead.

    Creative Field & Gig Economy:

    Within the creative job profiles, there have been a lot of developments related to technology resulting in a much more probability of a well-paid job and evolving ecosystem. However, the Gig economy has been rising to be the trend as its customers are giving a lot of positive signs for their job. The gig economy refers to project-based works which give instant payment and a limited time-frame of work. The creative fields like UI-UX designing, Graphic designing, CAD designing, Cinematography etc. are mostly being affected by the gig-economy trend but in a concrete way.

    Indian Economy & Skill Gap:

    Even after a continuous growth in the economy and technology, India is still lacking behind under some curtain. With a progressive no of job opportunities, there are still a lot of cases on unemployment within the youths of India. The challenge of the upgrading skills has become a burden for the youth resulting in instability with jobs.

    With a large no of unemployed youth, it is signaling for a bad future for the nation as well as the economy. We can never determine the upcoming next level skill with certainty. If we can enable our approach for new skills with ease, it may be helpful for the economy as well as the person's career.

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