Are you looking for your next move after pursuing a degree in Arts?

  • 25Jul,2019

    Arts is an expensive field comprised of multiple disciplines, ranging from music to painting, industrial design to performing arts. It offers the students a host of opportunities in various fields like mass communication counselling & teaching. The popular subjects in arts stream are history, political science, sociology, geography, psychology, economics, etc.

    Arts is usually given late preference after science & commerce as per the marks obtained by the students. But if you look at the variety of career scopes, arts is a wide subject that comprises everything.

    If you have a degree in arts, there are huge number of fields waiting for you to adopt them as your career option. Here are some of the career scopes one can go for after a degree in arts:

    1. Master in Arts (MA):

    Thinking of doing a master’s degree after completing the bachelor’s degree in arts is one of best decision to level up your academic career following M-Phil and PhD program. There are specialized subjects which comes under the Arts, Humanities, and social science disciplines in master degree. And it will open the door for academic, research and many more job opportunities.

    2. Master in Business Administration (MBA):

    After completing the bachelor’s degree in arts one can enter into the business field by choosing a career in master of business administration. Famous entrance exams such as CAT/MAT/XAT/FMS/IIFT/SNAP are there conducted by best institutions which have 3 tier that test, group discussion, and personal interview. If a student qualifies any of these entrance test, he/she is eligible for the management course. This is a 2 year course which will lead to a career in business management.

    Know details about- CAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP

    3. L.LB in Law:

    The BA graduates can try their career in the legal field also. After completing their graduation in BA, they can join the L.LB course and can be practicing lawyers. With a degree in L.LB one can also become legal advisors and attorney in private and governmental agencies. If a candidate successfully cleared the Judicial Service Exam which is conducted by Public Service Commissions, then he/she become a judge also.

    4. Bachelor of Education (BED or NET):

    After completing a bachelor’s degree in BA, one can go for the teaching profession. For this candidates have to achieve a B.Ed degree which is essential to join any government or private school. Apart from this, after completing post-graduation with NET, one can apply for teaching in colleges and Universities.

    5. Diploma Courses:

    Choosing a diploma course after completing bachelor’s degree in Arts is one of the best decision you might have ever made. As because it is a short term training period for the students to prepare them to begin their professional job responsibilities. The Diploma course also considered as an important academic program for BA students as it develops their professional skills to support their career. The most crucial advantages of a diploma course is that it serves the students a variety of field that is animation, acting, film-making, dance, management, painting, computer technology and many more.

    6. Multimedia and 3D animation:

    Pursuing a career related to media entertainment, mobile application, education or advertising world is something which can enhance your passion for the digital world. After a degree in arts, a specialization in Multimedia and Animation is a perfect course to start the career in the digital world that connects the audience through graphics, image, text, videos, and sound. This field related job profiles are graphic designer, logo designer, multimedia designer, game designer, gaming artist, animation film maker, 3D art director, etc.

    7. Mass Communication:

    With a degree in BA, one can go for a career in mass communication that may be print or electronic media. A PG diploma in mass communication will open up many opportunities in various area like Journalism, Public relation, Digital communication, Entertainment Management, Films and Advertising, media, etc. Doing master’s course in Mass Communication, Media studies, Journalism or communication studies are the popular courses in this field.

    8. Fashion and Textile Designing:

    After completing a bachelor’s degree in arts, one can pursue a career in Fashion and Textile Designing which is a dream career of many young minds. Whether a 2 year PG course or an one-year diploma course offered by the Universities in this field/course mostly focus on Textile, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories and other areas of fashion industry. Some of the renowned institutes offering this course are NID (National Institute of designing), NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), PAF (Pearl Academy of Fashion). The subjects related to this field are Marketing, Retailing, Merchandising, Brand Management, Supply chain Management, Export Management, Market Research, etc.

    The vastness of this career is not limited here. There are many other options for a BA degree holder. These are the most unique and interesting fields where one can try for his/her passion as well as dream job and can discover more exciting career options too.

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