Tips to Crack CDS Exam

  • 27Nov,2018

    CDS or Combined Defense Services exam is the gateway for young men and women to the three wings of the Indian Defense Services-Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is going to conduct the CDS exam 2020. The exam is conducted twice a year by UPSC. There are two phases of the exam which are known as CDS I and CDS II, conducted in February and November respectively. There are some tips which can be very useful while preparing for CDS:

    Here are some of the most useful techniques to prepare UPSC CDS 2020:

    1. First, planning for each subject which comes in the CDS exam. You have to maintain a routine for that. The planning will give you the opportunity to complete each topic. Otherwise, many important topics will be left behind. Set a time frame for every subject and focus on one topic at a time.

    2. Be thorough about the CDS syllabus. It will give the proper knowledge of topics which are coming in the exam and which have been left out.

    3. Students preparing for CDS need to stay updated by reading newspapers, watching news channels, Join many events which are suitable to enhance your overall General knowledge.

    4. Time management is most crucial for any competitive exam and also important for CDS. You have to allocate proper time to each and every part of the CDS exam. Reading topic wise by allocating proper time to each subject is most important. When one topic is completed, then move to another one.

    5. Regular practice and revision are most needed. These two things give you accuracy and speed in the written test. Practicing UPSC model papers and prepare for CDS online with many test series, mock test, etc.

    6. As you’re applying for an officer’s post, you should train yourself to be like an officer. You need to develop a personality as an officer.

    7. When you’re going to appear for the CDS exam, you have to have a positive attitude and confidence. Otherwise, many fail on the exam day because not able to handle the pressure well.

    8. Try to arrange the best books for the CDS exam. Search online to find the information or talk to yesteryear applicants and CDS exam experts.

    9. Physical health has paramount importance in the CDS exam as it is tested in the personal interview. Proper diet and exercise can help you in maintaining physical fitness and health.

    10. Make better use of the internet and social media rather than distracted by them. Find useful things about the CDS exam.

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