How to prepare Chemistry for JEE Main

  • 14Nov,2018

    If you’re planning to appear in JEE Main 2020 and hoping to score high in the test, then Chemistry is one of those subjects which can assure you guaranteed marks in JEE Main exam. There’s cut-throat competition in JEE Main and so does the margin of error is so small.

    1. To score high in chemistry you need to follow an innovative, swift and laborious approach than college exams. The Chemistry section is most mark-fetching and score-friendly out of the three sections of the JEE Main exam.

    2. You need a proper study plan that means how much time you can devote for chemistry paper.  Then, choose the topics you need to focus on while preparing for the entrance exam. It’s always better to start preparation from the beginning. 

    3. Getting high scores in Chemistry is more about planning than about application and understanding the concepts.  The topics such as gaseous state, chemical equilibrium, nuclear chemistry, transition elements, and coordination compounds are easy to comprehend but students do neglect them feeling to be easy.

    4. The organic chemistry and stoichiometry are more or less difficult to handle and they need more attention and need to have depth on reactions and mole concept. But it’s always good to give more stress on the topics where you’re struggling.

    Tips for Chemistry Preparation:

    1. Make the habit of preparing your own notes. That will be easily understood by you. Generally, prepare 2 notes, one is for the theoretical concept and other is for writing formulae if you’re solving the numerical question.

    2. Revision is a must. The more you revise the topics, the more control you’ll have on the subject. The revision needs to start 2/3 months before the exam.

    3. Speed and accuracy in JEE Main are very essential for scoring well. No matter with what speed you attempt, accuracy is more crucial. When time is just 30 minutes, you have to have speed and accuracy.

    4. Focus on topics which are most relevant in the examination context or you’ll get more questions. So you’ll have to go through the syllabus thoroughly. 

    5. Revise the previous year questions. That will give you thorough insight.

    6. You need to have a clear understanding of the concepts, application skills and concentrate on completing the syllabus before the switch over to something new.

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