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  • 16Aug,2019

    XAT (Xavier’s Aptitude Test) is an online entrance exam conducted by XLRI (Xavier’s School of Management) on first Sunday of every year. Selected candidates are qualified for getting a seat in B-schools or management studies. Many Institutions also taking students by this XAT scored. If you want to crack the XAT exam then read the following.

    Know details about XAT 2019, Syllabus,  Exam pattern, Faq, Click here

    XAT Exam Pattern Changes

    Number of Parts  

    Part I 

    Verbal and Logical Ability 

    Decision Making 

    Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation 

    Part II 

    General  Knowledge 

    Essay Writing 

    Number of Question 
    Time Duration 
    3 and ½ hours 
    Each correct answer 
    +1 mark is added 
    For each wrong answer 
    -0.25 marks will be deducted.  
    For Unanswered question 
    -0.5  marks will be deducted for more than 8 unanswered 

    Number of Questions 
    Marks Allotted 
    Quantitative Aptitude & data Interpretation 
    Verbal And Logical Ability 
    Decision Making 
    General Knowledge 

    1. Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation: 

     Problems on Tables  
    Linear and Quadratics Equations
    Profit and Loss 
    Surds and Indices 
    Ratio and Proportion
    Critical Path 
    Averages and Partnerships 
    Time and Work 
    Allegations and Mixtures 
    Time, Speed and Distance
    LCM and HCF 
    Simple and Compound Interest
    Pure Math’s 
    Venn Diagram 
    Data Tables 
    Data charts
    Bar diagrams
    Pie charts 
     Data analysis 

    2.Verbal & Logical Ability: 

    Reading Comprehension 
    Sentence Completion
    Antonyms/ Synonyms
    Contextual Usage of Vocabulary
    Correction of errors in sentence
    Word  Usage 
    Fill in the blanks
    Paragraph completion in Reading Comprehension section, Passages will be from literature, socio-economic essays, Science and culture and abstract topics.

    3.Decision making: 

    Analytical Reasoning 
    Logical Reasoning 
    Data Arrangement 
    Case lets 
    Conditions and grouping 
    Decision making 

    4.General knowledge: 

    Awards and winners 
    History and Geography 
    Static GK 
    Business and Politics 
    Constitution of India 
    Government  and Economy 
    World Events 
    Current Affairs 

    Number of Questions 
    Marks Allotted 
    Quantitative Aptitude & data Interpretation
    Verbal And Logical Ability
    Decision Making
    General Knowledge

    Essay Writing: 

    XAT offers an Essay Writing Topic. This is a very sensational topic, the candidate has to prepare thoroughly because mark securing is very important. Basically, XAT organizes the topics related to Social issues, Ethical values, Current affairs, Science and Technology. If someone has no idea about the topic then she/he will face difficulties. This is a vast topic you have to write very important and sensational information with very limited time. Proper languages with accurate sentence are essential. To increase your writing standard you have to follow the fundamentals. 

    1. Regularly read News Paper (Editorial).

    2. Collect Information (Internet, Books, Magazines, etc).

    3. Choose random Topics and start writing.

    4. Take Practices with legible words and sentences.

    5. Follow the Pattern of Writing.

    Preparation Tips XAT 2020:

    1. Know the Syllabus Thoroughly: Going to preparation a candidate must have to know about the syllabus. The complete idea of syllabus helps a candidate to start the preparation because if you have no idea about the syllabus then you may leave some topics which is very important in the entrance exam.

    2. Coaching for XAT: If a candidate wants to take coaching for XAT then it is always better. But keeping one thing always in mind you have to choose the best coaching centre. Reputed coaching institutions provide you good faculties, good materials, impotence tricks, etc which helps a candidate to crack the entrance exam.

    3. Take Mock Test for XAT: As we know “Practice makes a man perfect” so regularly take the mock test check your ability, strength, time management capacity and your weakness. This mock test gives a complete idea of where a candidate has to work or where not. 

    4. Collection of Previous Year paper: Previous paper helps a candidate to know the question pattern. It doesn’t mean that previous year paper always gives correct pattern because every year pattern is different but it gives a basic structure of question pattern.

    5. Important Study materials and Internet: In this competing world it very difficult to choose the right thing. So a candidate has to choose the right materials from book shops or the internet. Internet is a very vast and big source to collect information but the problem is, a lot of information is available at a time, sometimes candidates confuse about the information which has to choose or which not. But you don’t go through that choose right thing as the best possible way.

    6. Time Management: This is the most important key a candidate has to know. Sometimes what happened students can do all the question-answer but cannot manage the time that leads to failure. Always hard working not takes you to success sometimes it is important to do the smart work with efficiency. For time management a candidate always uses the short tricks.

    7. Take your Priority: Candidates should solve the sections and question as per their priority. If a question seems easy and less time consuming, it must be attempted first. The questions which are seemed easy but calculative should be solved later.

    8. Quantitative Aptitude and Data interpretation: this section contains 22 questions. This subject takes a lot of time to solve or we can say this is the time taking subject, so a candidate practice a lot with taking the syllabus, use short tricks as per possible, avoid the lengthy or time taking question, etc.

    9. Verbal and Logical Ability: This section contains 26 questions. This is the easiest topic among all. A candidate can take full mark if she/he will take a little practice of this pattern. Regular practices and regular touches can take you to lead. 

    10. Decision Making: This section contains 27 questions. This is the toughest among all. A candidate required high IQ power with commonsense. 

    11. General Awareness: This section contains 25 questions. For making it strong a candidate has to require overall knowledge about Politics, geography, economics, Science, Current affairs, etc.

    12. No new topic during last week of exam: It is good to read, practice and revise that topic which you are through with. But don’t go for the new topics during the last time of the exam because that creates confusion. Because it is very difficult to remember topics without proper revision.

    13. Prepare self notes: Everyone has a different level of capacity for capturing, understanding, and perusing the information. So it is always better for a candidate to prepare their notes.

    We have discussed some useful information on how to take prepare XAT 2020. Hope this information helps you in the preparation. Always hard-working doesn’t take you to success, sometimes Smart work with efficiency may take you to lead.

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