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  • 14Nov,2018

    When you’re preparing for the JEE Main, you need to be familiar with the syllabus, question pattern and marking scheme. Beyond that, there’s another factor that is found to be crucial these days in the highly competitive arena. That is finding the best books for JEE Main 2020.

    There are three sections Math, Physics & Chemistry. The students should know the best books that cover the important problems that are asked in exams like JEE Main. One must understand that it’s never a good idea to follow too many books and ended up with disappointment, not finding enough questions at the exam. It’s better to stick to one or two books and other 2/3 books for reference or for specific topics. 

    When you’re buying or following a particular book, you need to know about the author and his or her area of expertise, interest and the topics which are best written by the author. When it comes to Math, it is imperative for you to cover all the problems from NCERT first and then look for other reference books. That’s because NCERT will help you to cover the basic things and the reference books for their applications. 

    Whenever you’re going for the best books for JEE Main preparation, you must see whether the syllabus of the exam have been covered extensively or not.

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    Best books for Physics JEE Main 2020

    Students find Physics to be very tricky because it’s a combination of theory and applications. As far as JEE Main Physics is concerned, 80% of the topics of Section A come from the theoretical part while the remaining 20% comes from the practical component. So it’s of utmost importance for you to find books that have the right amount of theory with practical problems from the given syllabus. One thing is clear that textbooks are for understanding the basics whereas reference books should be used to hone the knowledge in Physics to such an extent that there would be a sure success in JEE Main.

    H.C. Verma
    H.C. Verma
    Objective Physics For JEE Main
    B.M. Sharma
    Objective Physics For Engg. Entrances
    D.C. Pandey (Arihant)
    Physics for JEE Main Vol. 1 and 2
    Halliday, Resnick, Walker

    Best Books for Chemistry JEE Main 2020

    The concept of Chemistry is vast. Many students find it easy because it has less number of calculations, formulae and more theory. But it’s tedious because of its large number of theoretical concepts to remember. Divided into the organic and inorganic topic, one has to know whether the JEE Main Chemistry syllabus has been adequately covered or not. Of course, NCERT books must be followed for basic preparation while referencing books for applications. You need to look for Internet and Social Medias for important publications which are most relevant in the perspective of JEE Main 2020. That means you will get to practice problems that are most likely to come in the JEE Main exam.

    Complete Text Book in Chemistry
    RK Gupta
    A Textbook of Organic Chemistry (Competition)
    Dr. A.K. Virmani & Dr. O.P. Tandon
    Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations
    R.C. Mukherjee
    GRB Numerical Chemistry
    P. Bahadur
    Organic Chemistry
    Robert N. Boyd & Robert T. Morrison
    Concise Inorganic Chemistry
    J.D. Lee
    Qualitative Inorganic Analysis

    Best Books For Mathematics JEE Main 2020

    Mathematics is often considered the most challenging subject in entrance exams for not just only JEE Main 2020 but for other entrance exams as well. Its preparation requires a lot of practice of relevant questions and a deep understanding of concepts. Being tough, it is also the highest-scoring section if prepared well. 

    Self Help To CBSE Mathematics ( Solutions)
    R.D. Sharma
    ISC Mathematics
    R.D. Sharma
    Skills in Mathematics, Arihant 
    S.K. Goyal and Amit M. Aggarwal
    Degree level Differential Calculus
    A Das Gupta
    Higher Algebra
    Hall and Knight
    IIT Mathematics
    M.L. Khanna
    Problems in Calculus of One Variable
    I.A. Maron

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