Career Opportunities After Completing Your B.Sc Graduation

  • 24May,2019

    In our country choosing Science has always been considered a respectable choice. If you are from a science background and you have already chosen as a career then it would always be considered a reputable career option. 

    In addition to the thinking of the people, also offers considerable practical reasons to prove itself as an amazing option for career prospects. Once you are into B.Sc you should be already aware that it renders immense probability in the field of employment and for higher education in diversified fields including those which are meant for commerce or humanities students. 

    Research says, it usually happens that when a student decides to do Simple Graduation by taking B.Sc rather than going for Engineering or Medical then it is always suggested to him that there would be no option left for him/her except going for Masters. 

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    Here are some of the best option to choose after Graduation:

    Postgraduate in MSc and after that continuing for M.Phil or PhD:

    After the completion of your bachelor degree, You can go for your Master’s Degree in followed by PhD or M.Phil. To pursue your Master's you can go to entrances at famous colleges/universities. It is the best option considered for graduates. Thus, after completing your Bachelor's and achieving your degree there is literally a huge career option are available in research work or teaching field as a lecturer or teacher. And Teachership or Lectureship is considered as a great option. 

    Master of Business Administration (MBA):

    After completing your graduation you can go for MBA as a significant option. Science students are considered to have a great capability of handling MBA subjects as they have instinct skills for management and organizing resources, and give thought to a career in management. MBA gives you great career opportunities like HR, Finance and many others in the corporate world.

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    B.Ed / Bachelor of Education:

    Those B.Sc graduates who carry the potential to become teachers which includes handling students or having the teaching capability then going for B.Ed degree would be a superb idea for career prospects. Also, B.Ed degree sharpens your knowledge and makes them learn all the tricks to tackle students and enhance their teaching skills.B.Ed degree coaches the students into divergent and unique pedagogy techniques that help them in improving their teaching excellence more stronger and sharpener.

    Master of Computer Application (MCA):

     If you are a BSc graduate and have knowledge of computers, then MCA definitely is the field which would provide you with many career opportunities. There's this myth that MCA is being chosen only by computer-science students. Any Science graduate can go and apply for MCA as a career option to prosper in that field if you have a keen interest and knowledge about computers.

    Employment Opportunities after Graduation in B.Sc: 

    For any B.Sc candidate finding a job will not be a difficult task. Nowadays the  job for any B.Sc graduate is not limited to only science rather they can ever explore the areas like the management of operations, supervision of services, planner or a strategist etc.

    Job Profile:

    Here are some of the top job profile that every graduate in science ( student should take look:

    Course with HonoursJobs 

    Salary per Year

    (depends on the job profile)

    B.Sc. (Agriculture)Assistant Manager-Tea Plantation, Assistant Manager-Rubber Plantation, Assistant Manager-Coffee Plantation, Assistant Manager-Cocoa Plantation, Assistant Manager-Indigo Plantation, Assistant Manager-Tobacco Cultivation etc.
    2.8 - 7.6 lakhs 
    BSc (Aquaculture)
    Biological Technician, Aquaculture Manager, Aquaculture Consultant, Wildlife Biologist, Assistant Technical Manager- Genetics

    1.80-10.35 lakhs

    BSc (Biochemistry)
    Biochemist, Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry, Clinical research associate, Forensic scientist, Biomedical scientist, Pharmacologist, Clinical Scientist, Research scientist (life sciences)
    2.55-7.50 lakhs
    BSc (Computer Science)
    Software Developer, Computer Systems Analysts, Network Administrators, Computer Programmers, Hardware Developer
    2.13-12.84 lakh
    BSc (Information Technology)
    Programmer, Database Administrator, Tester, System Analyst, Computer Support Specialist, Hardware and Network Expert
    1.67-10.46 lakh
    BSc (Nautical Science)
    Deck Officer, Scuba Diver, Nautical Surveyors, Oceanographer, Radio Officer
    2.40-7.20 lakh
    BSc (Forestry)
    Forester, Mycologist, Ecologist, Plant Biochemist, Researcher
    2.16-9.60 lakh
    BSc (Bioinformatics)
    Biochemist, Biophysicist, Bioinformatics Scientist, Actuary, Research Scientist
    3.60-10.80 lakh
    BSc (Medical Technology)
    Medical Technologist, Lab Technician, Laboratory Manager, Research Assistant
    1.17-5.32 lakh

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    Short term courses:

    B.Sc graduates who are looking for a skill based educational opportunity can take up short-term courses like SAP, JAVA, SQL, .NET, financial accounting, PGDM and others. These courses will help them develop necessary skill set required to take up technical job profiles with ease.

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    As we can see from this article that the B.Sc. students can apply for further studies and even can change their stream a little bit to fit into many major industries. The candidates can also apply for government jobs as well as private jobs in any sector relaying on the knowledge and qualification.  

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