Which Engineering Branches Have Maximum Chances of Getting a Job?

  • 10Sep,2018

    Life of a student up to standard 10th and 12th is so easy, right?? Similar syllabus for all, less stress and less confusion regarding the career. Limited streams and the only target is to score good marks in the exams but immediately after qualifying the 10+2 and the entrance exams the real confusion starts. Which branch or specialization to take? Which has better job opportunity?? Would the subject be tough for me to deal with?? Countless questions like this arise in the mind of a student. Especially deciding the right engineering stream is quite tricky for both students and their parents.  Because the list of engineering branches is very big and many new Engineering branches are introduced with time. If you are in the same situation then this article may guide you to choose a suitable stream for you.

    Core Branches:

    Earlier, there were mainly three Branches of Engineering like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering. From these branches, many other new Engineering branches came from. Earlier, Engineering was all about creating machines and dealing with electricity and building structures. These three branches are the base of all the engineering branches and this is why they are called core branches of Engineering.

    Advantages of selecting core branches in engineering:

    1- The core branches of engineering remained relevant and grounded through time, despite the immense growth in almost all the existing domains of knowledge.

    2- Core branches are involved in every industry in one way or the other. So, Job opportunities are available in both the private and public sectors.

    3- These sectors not too easily get affected by the recession.  So, job security is there.

    Engineering Branches to get a Government Job Easily:

    These days the majority of young mass are getting engaged in private sectors because getting a government job has become very tough at the same time private companies are offering jobs with attractive salary package. Still, there are many reasons for which many students wish to get a government job. The various facilities which come along with government jobs are like job security, handsome salary and perks, fixed working hours, holidays and many more. 

    The government departments where the Engineers can get employment are- State Electricity Board, Indian Railways, DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization), BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), BSNL, Indian Army, Indian Navy, PWD (Public Works Department), NTPC, Indian Oil Corporation, Government managed refineries, Fertilizer Corporation of India, DRDO, ONGC, Forensic Department, Department of Agriculture, Dairy Development Department, NHAI (National Highways Authority of India), Town Planning Office, Food Processing Industry and Government universities. Some of the engineering branches through which you can get a government job easily are as follows-

    1- Mechanical Engineering

    2- Chemical Engineering

    3- Civil Engineering

    4- Agricultural Engineering

    5- Electronics and Communications Engineering

    6- Dairy Technology and Engineering

    7- Electrical Engineering

    8- Food Processing and Technology

    9- Biotechnology

    10- Petroleum Engineering

    Highest-paying Engineering Jobs in India:

    There is a saying that ‘skills pay the bills’. Which means if you have the skill then money will run after you. The more skilled you are the more you will be paid.  This factor is applicable in all the fields. Along with this, the other factors which determine the salary range of a profession are like demand, nature of work, responsibility and accountability of the job etc... So, some of the highest paid Engineering branches in India or even highest paid Engineering branches are as follows- 

    1- Aerospace Engineering

    2- Information Technology or Computer Science Engineering

    3- Nuclear Engineering

    4- Architecture engineering

    5- Petroleum Engineering

    6- Mechanical Engineering

    7- Chemical Engineering

    8- Electrical Engineering

    The fact is that every branch has good scope and opportunities if you perform well in it. If you take up a branch just because of its job prospects and you lack interest in it, you can’t excel in your career.  Though new trends coming up in every few years so the scope for a field keeps changing with time. So go for a branch in which you have interest, enhance your skill then no one can stop you to get success.

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