Things You Need to Keep in Track For Your JEE Advanced

  • 10Apr,2019

    JEE Advanced 2020 is coming closer, being a  month away from the exam it is high time that if you are selected for the exam then you need to give your "The Best" for the exam, and this is the perfect time to make a strategy or study plan which would include sheer hard work to make your efforts turn into success. Now that as all of us know that the marks obtained in JEE Mains and the boards will put an impact in the CBSE ranking hence it is the gateway for entry into a good engineering college except IITs. However, if you wish to get into IITs need to get cross the cut-off in JEE Main and be eligible for the next level Advanced exam. Thus you should aim at gaining an excellent score at IIT Advanced test so you can bag a seat in the prestigious IITs.

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    1. So for this, you need to make strategies which will not only help you in getting an effective time management plan but also will smoothen your preparation. Hence, closing your eyes and without thinking about anything else now it is very important that you make a perfect study plan for JEE Advanced & follow it through thick and thin.

    2. To clear IIT JEE Advanced, all you need to have is a proper study plan so that you can do a systematic study which can help you achieve your target on time.JEE Advanced is considered as the toughest Engineering Entrance Exam, hence to crack this exam students must note that only doing hard-work wouldn't solve your problem. So, it is highly recommended that study smartly while preparing for such a highly competitive exam. Maintain a proper schedule and precisely prioritize your to-do lists smartly. Put more focus on strengthening the basic concepts, perfectly using the formulas and shortcut tricks.

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    3.No doubt the syllabus is really huge! Keeping this though besides what you should focus more how your preparation is divided in which strategy so that you can finish the whole syllabus on time and every day you should take out extra time for the revision and most importantly mock tests. Focus more on practising previous question papers. And start evaluating yourself after every question paper so that you can decide in which fields to focus more. keep the pattern in your mind and start regular practice upon that 

    The JEE Advanced Syllabus consists of, 

    a- Paper 1 & paper 2 consists of three sections i.e. Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

    b- In these two papers, Multiple Choice Questions and Numerical Answer Type Questions are asked through online mode only.

    c- Both papers have time-duration of 3 hours for each and negative marking of 1/4th marks.   

    4. One thing you need to keep in mind is that it is not important that you have the idea about everything. IIT JEE Advanced exam demands that you put focus on the quality factor than the quantity factor. Focus on all the chapters, as you are going to face the Advanced level but keep in mind that chapters which you are very confident about then you can oversee them give little importance to them and put more focus on those parts where you are weaker and hence gain depth knowledge about it.

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    5. Challenge yourself with targets and try to attain them within self-assigned deadlines. As we know every topic in the syllabus is crucial but your emphasis should be on some topic which forms the base of the subject. The understanding of the topics is essential and as it will help in achieving a good score. So the mantra should be instead of devoting time in learning a new concept or engaging in complex topics which you find difficult, concentrate on those topics which are important as well as accessible to learn. 

    6. Most importantly keeping a track of your health. Usually, it happens that within so much pressure you prefer to ignore your health and sleep while preparing for the test. It is strictly advised that you must sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day mandatorily to avoid any health issues in your body and mind. Always try to keep yourself calm. Go for meditation and breathing exercises in free time to rejuvenate your body. Eating at the right time and have a healthy diet which will keep you nourished and supply sufficient energy to physically as well as mentally to carry on with your studies.  

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    Hence, these were things you need to follow while preparing for your JEE Advanced 2019.

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    Note: As the marking scheme and exam pattern, keep changing frequently, you must have a keen watch over the updates made every year.

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