Career Scopes at a Glance In Mass Communication

  • 30May,2019


    An unprecedented explosion is been witnessed when the reference is for communication technology and the media. Every boundary has been transcended, while the entire global community seems to have been got together into a unified whole.  As with mass communication, there is a stream study with a career option.  Mass Communication is not here limited to the journalism here alone but there are extends of the mass and the media studies which capture and covers all the aspects of the human life. There is a change in the concept of working under the mass and media. The job profiles under the media studies not only are highly paid but also bring in to a great deal to the job profile satisfaction and the expression of creativity.


    Not with the time, people with better and good communication skills and a degree holder in the field of literature was considered as fit for the fields of journalism and other areas of the relevant mass communication. Also the technology here today play a major role factor for playing the role over the lives, including the professions related to the mass communication and now they require the skilled professionals who could work fast and also efficiently deliver the message to the whole range of the audience.  It has also been claimed that ‘anyone’ can become a journalist but the reality behind which talks here with the profession is that the professional training only could pass the relevant grade of the candidates.

    Start Early

    Unlike any of the engineering or the medical streams, the preparation methods and the techniques are not similar to the engineering or the medical. The graduate degree would be good to start a career through but a postgraduate degree or the diploma is too essential for the responsible for the position of the organizations. Blogging or working as a freelance to the newspaper of the host would add to the development of the communication skills all around.
    A career in through mass communication, this is a critical self-evaluation. This career demands for creativity with the words and an excellent way of communication skills is required to explain and to inform the same to others. This also requires a great deal of patience and also a lot of hard work and a time to top.

    Job Prospects

    The professional course in mass communication opens to the doors of the career into the films and TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, the direction, editing, film making and of the scriptwriting, etc. In a nutshell, Mass Communication also brings with the horizon of the career options for the person, and as accordingly to the personal interest and also for the inclination of the interest for the candidate the mass communication professional can choose for a job. There are also attractive and the high paying jobs such as the journalist, editor, director, RJ, producer, VJ who are available to the talented and the trained individuals.

    Pay Package

    The candidates passing through the institutes such as MCRC Jamia, Symbiosis College, and IIMC and many of the other institutes at the end of the course study attractive placement after the relevant courses with handsome salaries, while the students need to work hard to get placed. After three to five years, of work experience, being into the profession, the candidate can expect a higher salary for the job profile.

    Demand and Supply 

    The demand and supply playoff as the struggling role in the careers of the mass communication professionals. The global recession had to cost as many of the high profile journalists their relevant jobs and of the graduates of the relevant turbulent times found that extremely hard to get placed. On the other hand, when there is a dearth of the trained professionals in the mass media,  the death of the trained professionals into the mass media into the news channels, new launches into the pipeline the demand will only shoot up. Also, the opening of the media sector for foreign investment is being expected to create new jobs over the field.

    Market Watch

    The career opportunities in mass communication are being expected to increase over the next incoming years. Blessed in the mass field media, new and entertainment job opportunities are plenty for the trained professionals in various of the roles, such as the particularly in journalism and of the films.

    Different Roles, Different Names

    The various of the job profiles and for the course  study of Mass Communication are :
    • Producer
    • Screenwriter
    • Sound  Engineer
    • Fashion Photographer
    • Video Jockey
    • Art Director
    • Editor
    • Event Management
    • Public Relations Officer

    Tips For Getting Hired

    Besides than pursuing the course over the mass communication institute, a candidate is expected to be possessed by certain skills and also with the interests that can help him to get a job.
     Candidates having an interest in the news media should keep the interest and the sound knowledge of the news and the current affairs ahead. To the global point of view the various issue which could help the candidate to obtain the position of the reporter or of the journalist.

    Top Companies

    • Hindustan Times Group of Publication
    • BBC
    • Big Entertainment and the numerous others.
    • Times of India Publication Group
    • NDTV Network
    • Viacom
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