5 Things to Do Before Choosing Medicine as a career

  • 24Sep,2018

    Are you dreaming to become a doctor? Do you love the profession just because you have heard people saying that doctors are the incarnations of god? Are you planning to study medicine but still don’t have any idea about the courses, the difficulty level of the study, the nature of work and the duties and responsibility involved to be a doctor? Instead of choosing any career blindly follow the steps to find out if the medicine is the right career for you. 

    1. Interaction

    Meet different doctors of different specializations for which you have interest. Ask them various questions about their inspiration, their work schedule, the stress level of their profession and their likes and dislikes about their job.

    2. Look inside you

    Apart from having an excellent academic career, you must have certain traits to become a good doctor. So, look inside you and analyze whether you have these following traits-

    • Academic excellence
    • Patience 
    • Memorizing Scientific and Medical Terms
    • Kindness
    • Empathy for the Sick and Injured
    • Comfortable Being in the Presence of Injured, Sick or Bleeding Patients
    • Altruism
    • Written and verbal communication
    • Desire to learn
    • Reliability and dependability
    • Stress Management
    • Studying Large Volumes of Information
    • Integrity and ethics
    • Leadership
    • Resilience and adaptability
    • Teamwork

    3. Go through the syllabus and textbooks of medical

    If any of your seniors are studying medicine, then don’t hesitate to ask them about the course and the difficulty level of the subjects. Go through a few pages of their textbooks and analyze whether the chapters seem interesting to you. 

    4. Work as a volunteer in any health care camp or programs

    Participating in meaningful volunteer work helps in coming in contact with the patient and gives the chance to know the profession and the healthcare sector from very close. This kind of activity would also help you to excel in your career. 

    5. Check your pocket

    We all know that studying medicine in India is really a very costly affair. Private medical colleges charge a huge amount which is almost next to impossible for a middle class or lower-middle class families to afford. Don’t get disheartened because there are also numbers of reputed government colleges where the study expenditure is comparatively less. Also, the competition to get a government seat is very tough. If you want to occupy a seat in government medical college then you have to qualify NEET, AIIMS or JIPMER entrance exams with flying colors.  

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    There are also candidates who are very passionate about the healthcare sector but unfortunately could not make into any medical colleges. There is also an opportunity for them to be associated with Health-care sector other than MBBS/BDS. 

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