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  • 20Jan,2020
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    GATE 2019 will be held on 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th February of 2019. IIT Madras is the organizing institute of GATE 2019. 
    GATE 2019 mock tests are available on the official website from 30th October 2018. Candidates who have applied for the examination can check out the mock tests on the official website. Mock Tests are a good tool for students to understand the examination process and also the kind of questions that would be asked. 
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    Important dates:

    • Last date to apply: September 23
    • The extended closing date for the submission of (online) application: October 1, 2018
    • Last date for the change of examination city (an additional fee will be applicable): November 16
    • Admit card will be available: January 4, 2019
    • Result: March 16

    GATE 2018 Exam Analysis
    Mechanical Paper Analysis:
    The Mechanical Paper was conducted in four sessions in February.
    The questions were mostly conceptual in nature. The 1 mark questions were easier than the previous year; however, the 2 mark questions were very difficult.   In Mechanical Engineering, mostly Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions were asked and the proportion was higher in comparison to last year. It is easier to attempt direct Theoretical questions and Multiple-Choice-Questions (MCQs), which were lesser in number. Also, this year there were 10 sections and a part of the General Aptitude.

    No. of Questions
    Strength of Materials (SOM)
    7 Poisson's Ratio, Columns
    Thermo Dynamics & Applied Thermo Dynamics
    5 Brayton Cycle, Entropy
    Mechanical Precision Engineering
    11 Slab Milling, non-traditional machining, Casting, Welding
    Theory of Machines (TOM) and Vibration
    4 Natural Frequency, Dynamics of Slider Crank Mechanism, Epicyclic Gear Trains
    Fluid Mechanics
    7 Flow through Pipes, Kinematics
    Heat & Mass Transfer
    3 Conduction, Heat Exchanger
    Engineering Mechanics
    3 -
    Machine Design
    3 S-N Curve, Theories of Failure
    General Aptitude
    10 Family Relations, Grammar, Inference, Co-ordinate Geometry
    Engineering Mathematics
    7 Differential Equations, Probability, Rank of the Matrix, Eigen Values
    Industrial Engineering 2 Scheduling
    • 17% of the total number of questions basically tested the mathematical skill of the student.
    • The questions of Thermodynamics and Manufacturing were tougher than the rest of the sections. 
    • There were a lot of tricky questions in the Fluid Mechanics Section.
    • The Mathematics section was easier than last year.
    • The General Aptitude section carried 15 marks. 

    Civil Engineering Paper Analysis:
    The GATE 2018 Civil Engineering question paper comprised of both numerical and multiple-choice questions. The exam was conducted for subjects like steel structure, soil mechanics, irrigation, hydrology, transpiration engineering, foundation engineering, and fluid engineering. 
    The overall difficulty level of the paper was moderate. The paper was divided into three sections - Technical, Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude. There were 65 questions for 100 marks. The questions with one mark were easy but the two-mark questions were quite time-consuming.

    Topic Paper-1 (1 mark) Paper-1 (2 mark) Paper-2 (1 mark) Paper-2 (2 mark) Sub-Topics
    Geotechnical Engineering 3 5 5 4 Consolidation, Earth Pressure, Permeability & Seepage, Shear Strength, Compaction
    Engineering  Mechanics 2 2 2 1 Kinematics of Rectilinear Motion, Trusses and Frames
    Structural Analysis 1 1 1 3 Truss & Strain, Deflection of Beam
    Concrete Structures 4 1 1 2 Shear, Concrete Technology, Compression and Torsion by Limit State Methods
    Steel Structures 0 2 2 1 Design of Tension Member, Plastic Analysis, Beams
    Soil Mechanics 4 3 2 2 Deflection of Beams, Struss
    Foundation Engineering 1 2 2 3  
    Fluid Mechanics 3 4 3 3 Fluid Routing, Unit Hydrographs, Flood Estimation
    Hydrology 0 2 1 1  
    Irrigation 1 0 0 1  
    Environmental Engineering 2 3 2 4 Sludge Disposal, BOD, Air Pollution, Domestic Wastewater
    Transportation Engineering 2 3 2 3 Theory of Traffic Flow, Traffic Characteristics, GIS Remote Sensing, Pavements
    Geomatics/ Surveying Engineering 2 2 2 2 Coordinate System, Levelling, Theodolite-Traversing, Map Projections
    Verbal Ability 3 1 3 1  
    Numerical Ability 3 3 2 4  
    Total 31 34 30 35  
    • The Numerical Ability questions were more in number.
    • Structural Engineering and Fluid Engineering questions were comparatively hard than the rest of the questions, which were of moderate level.

    Computer Science & Information Technology Paper Analysis:
    GATE 2018 question paper for CSE was conceptual based. The questions were moderately easy. In the paper, topics such as Operating Systems, Computer Networks, DBMS, Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability were important. There were 65 questions with 30 of 1 mark questions and 35 of 2 mark questions. Questions from technical areas were asked mostly from Fundamental and Concept Building topics of Computer Science Engineering. 



    No. of Questions
    Engineering Mathematics Linear Algebra, Eigen Values,
    Calculus, Probability
    Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory

    First-Order Logic, Trees, Graph Theory (Chromatic Number), Set Theory,
    Spanning Trees

    Digital Logic

    K, Maps, Boolean Algebra

    Computer Organization

    RISC Machine, Cache Memory, Instruction Pipeline, Number Presentation

    Theory of Computation

    CFL, NFA, Grammar

    Data Structures and Algorithms   7
    Compiler Design Operator Precedeuly, Lexical Analysis
    Operating Systems CPU Scheduling, Demand Paging (Vertical
    Memory), Dead Lock, Main Memory,
    Disk Scheduling, Deadlock, IPC
    Data Base Management System SQL 2
    Computer Networks Protocols (TCP/NPP), Ethernet, TCP Protocol
    Design & Analysis of Algorithm Heaps, Matrix Multiplication 7
    Numerical Ability Functions, Grammar, Numbers, Work, Inference 10
    • The Data Structure and Discrete Mathematics questions were tough.
    • Computer Networks and Numerical Ability questions were of moderate level.
    • Overall the CS paper was easier than last year.

    Electronics & Communication Engineering Paper :

    Topics Sub-Topics Total  No. Questions
    Engineering Mathematics Partial Derivative; Random Variables; Taylor’s Series, Res Differential Equation, DOL, Eigen Values 10
    Network Theory Basic Components and types of circuits; RC Circuits; RLC Circuits, Two-Port Networks 5
    Signals and Systems Linearity, FS, DFT, Pole-zero NQ camp 5
    Control Systems Feedback Controllers; State Space, Bode plot TD Analysis 5
    Analog Circuits Operational Amplifiers; Trans Imp Amplifier; Small Signal AM Diode; Zener Diode 5
    Digital Circuits FSM, CMOS, LF, MUX, FF, ROM 7
    Communications AM, Binary Channel; Prob of error, Gaussian Boise HT, RV 5
    Electronic Device Circuits EB; Built in Potential; NMOS, CMOS, IC Fabrications; P-N Junction, Solar cell 8
    Electromagnetic Theory SMIT, Transmission Lines, WG, OI, SD 5
    General Aptitude Filling Blanks, Geometry Numbers, GP, Mixt, CI, Probability 10


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