Aeronautical Engineering: Diploma, B.Tech, M.Tech, Courses, Jobs


For Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering:

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is of duration 2 years and the subjects of study in this course are given below:

Aircraft Instrumentation System
Maintenance Management
Aircraft Materials
Basic Workshop Practicals (Carpentry, Fitting, Forging, Welding)
Jet Engine Lab
CAR (Civil Aviation Regulation)
C-Programming Lab
Applied Mathematics
Computer-Aided Engg. Graphics
Jet Engine Theory
Aircraft Maintenance & Practice
Avionics Lab
Applied Science
Engg. Graphics (Conventional)
Materials Testing (NDT) Process Lab
Aircraft System
Aircraft System Servicing Lab
Basic Aerodynamics
English Communication
Organizational Management
Aircraft Structures
Project Work (Working Model)
Basic Computer Skills Lab
Fluid Mech & Pneumatics Lab
Piston Engine Lab
Avionics & Aircraft Radio System
Aircraft Electrical System
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg.
Industrial Visit
Piston Engine Theory
Aircraft Structures Servicing Lab
Aircraft Instrument System Lab
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg. Lab
Fluid Mechanics & Pneumatics Aircraft Inspection & Documentation

For B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering:

This course is for 4 years duration comprising a total of 8 semesters.

Semester 1Semester 2
Mathematics 1
Mathematics 2
Physics 1
Physics 2
Material Science
Basics of Mechanics
Civil Engineering Basics
Basics of Electronics Engineering
Communicative English
Practical Lab
Practical Lab-
Semester 3

Semester 4

Mathematics 3Aircraft Structure 2
Aircraft Structure 1Propulsion system
Aircraft PerformanceFundamentals of gas turbine engines
Beams and TrussesTurning Performance study
Body Design 1Body Design 2
Principles of AerodynamicsDrafting Techniques
Practical LabPractical lab
Semester 5Semester 6
Aircraft Stability and Control
Principles of Environmental Science and Engineering
Experimental Stress analysis
Professional Ethics
Elective 1
Management Science
Advanced propulsion techniques
Maintenance of Aircraft 2
Missile propulsion
Total Quality Management
Control of aircraft
Elective subject 2
Maintenance of aircraft 1
Practical Lab
Practical Lab
Semester 7Semester 8
Safety of aircraft
GPS technologies
Emergency operations
Air traffic control
Global aviation sector
Personnel management
Elective subject 3
Elective 4
Minor Project
Major project
Practical Lab
Practical Lab

For M.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering:

This course is of 2 years comprising of 4 semesters.

Semester ISemester II
Applied Mathematics
High-speed Aerodynamics
Finite Element Methods
Aircraft Systems
Introduction to Aerospace Vehicles & Systems
Aerospace Propulsion
Aerodynamics & Flight Mechanics
Aircraft Structures
Elective I
Elective II

Here are the subjects of Elective I & II:
Elective IElective II
Solid Mechanics
Project phase I (6 weeks Duration)
Introduction to Avionics
Computational Fluid Dynamics & Wind Tunnel Testing

Semester III:
This semester has Evaluation of Project Phase I and two subjects as Elective III & IV

Elective IIIElective IV
Engine Testing & Performance Evaluation
Aircraft Materials & Manufacturing process
Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics
Aircraft Dynamics & Automatic flight Controls
Production Planning & Control & Quality Management & Assurance
Advanced Topics in Propulsion

Semester IV:

Evaluation of Project Phase II & III
Project Evaluation & Viva Voce

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