Aeronautical Engineering: Diploma, B.Tech, M.Tech, Courses, Jobs

Career & Job Profile

Job ProfileJob DescriptionAverage Salary Per Annum
A Professor teaches courses in their branch of knowledge. Work with candidates who are considering for a degree or a testament or affirmation or are taking classes to enhance their insight or vocation abilities.
9 - 9.5 lakhs
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace engineers assess the design to see that the items meet engineering standards. Aeronautics engineers design essentially aircraft, shuttle, satellites, missiles, and rockets.
8 - 8.5 lakhs
Design Engineer
Design engineers inquire about, research, and create thoughts and frameworks for manufacture. They likewise work to enhance the execution and productivity of existing items.
6 lakhs
Assistant Instructor
The essential duty of the assistant instructor is to help the teacher accountable for the classroom, the lead teacher.
4 - 4.5 lakhs
System Safety Management Engineer
The System Safety Engineer is in charge of arranging, planning, characterizing, and verifying. Desired experience with aircraft Electrical or potentially Avionics Systems.
9 - 9.5 lakhs

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