Communication Management: Job prospects,Top Colleges and Recruiters

Communication management is the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within an organization, and between organizations; it also includes the organization and dissemination of new communication directives connected with an organization, network, or communications technology. Aspects of communications management include developing corporate communication strategies, designing internal and external communications directives, and managing the flow of information, including online communication. Communication management is vital for any organization irrespective of its size. It contributes to achieving the company's overall objectives as well as creates a positive and friendly environment.
An effective communication process within the organization will lead to an increase in profits, high employee satisfaction, and brand recognition.

Specialization Areas

  • The specialization in journalism will allow you to develop the fundamental journalistic credentials that will make your resume a standout in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • Learn the strategic skills needed to create, plan, promote and execute successful special events for targeted audiences with the Event Management specialization.
  • The specialization in Publishing will give you the foundational knowledge and skill set to be successful post-graduation in the field of publishing.
  • The Sonic Arts specialization will allow you to integrate music, audio production, and sound design into your program.
  • Conceptual knowledge of communication tools and techniques.
  • Analytical and creative communication.
  • The socio-psychological context of business and communication.

Courses & Eligibility:

MBA2 YearsA minimum aggregate score of 50% in any stream of Graduation.CAT,MAT,SET

Top Recruiters

The top recruiters for the course study of Communication Management are :
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • HT Media
  • Infosys

Admission Process

Most of the institutions which offer the course admit the students based on the performance in a relevant entrance test, which often followed by the next round of the personal interview, where the respective general aptitude for the course is tested.

Syllabus Courses

The courses offered for the study of Communication Management are accordingly with the respective semester and the topics associated with the relevant semester.
Semester 1
  • English
  • Human Behaviour
  • Economics
  • Introduction to Communication Theory
  • New Media
Semester 2
  • Theatre
  • Literature
  • Media and Culture
  • Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
Semester 3 
  • Music
  • Statistics
  • Business Law
  • Principles of Advertising
  • Introduction to Research
Semester 4
  • Animation
  • Creative Writing
  • Macro Economics
  • Cost Accounting
  • Journalism
Semester 5
  • Business Environment
  • Management Accounts
  • Strategic Management
  • Documentary
  • Digital Environment
Semester 6
  • Multimedia
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cinema Studies
  • Account Planning

Skills Required

The ideal skills required for the candidates for the course study for Communication Management areas :
  • Must have the inquisitive mind.
  • Must have good will power.
  • The aptitude for the presentation of information into an accurate and concise and an effective manner.
  • Must be organized with the thoughts.
  • Able to express confidently, both orally and in writing.
  • The ability of the candidate to accept criticism.
  • The willingness to do considerable rewrite is required from the candidate.

Top Entrances

The top entrances for the course study of Communication and Management are :
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)
  • Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi
  • Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
    There are also colleges and universities who conduct their relevant entrance examinations for the course study of Communication and Management.

Career and Job Prospects

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary Per Annum

Communication Manager
Communications Managers ensure that employees are aware of changes and projects within the company. They disseminate executive messages, prepare presentations and internal memos. Also, they conduct meetings to share information. They may also develop print material and branding strategies for employee use. They work depending on the organization's size; they may direct marketing and public relations staff, or provide communications coaching for employees.
6 - 6.5 lakhs
Assistant Manager
Assistant Managers are tasked with helping store and corporate management to ensure that retail outlets function well. Job duties include sales maximization, personnel scheduling, customer service improvement, and employee organization. The amount of training and education necessary to become an Assistant Manager in a retail store can vary greatly depending upon the employer.
5.5 - 6 lakhs
Marketing Manager
Marketing and Communications Managers supervise and direct the workflow of marketing, and advertising or public relations specialists by assigning job tasks. They facilitate interdepartmental communications and manage external communications. They allocate company resources to maximize collaboration, efficiency, and creativity in the building and maintenance of consistent branding or corporate identity across marketing and public relations channels. They are also responsible for staying up-to-date on industry trends.
6 - 6.5 lakhs
Communication Executive
Communications Specialists draft and send press releases that contain important updates about their clients to print and broadcast media outlets. They may also organize events at which their clients can meet with the public to increase product awareness or knowledge of their services or recent developments. They propose and manage advertising on behalf of their clients. In addition to controlling information output, they handle incoming requests for information from media outlets. Their goal is to promote cooperative relationships between their clients and those who use their clients' services.
6 lakhs


Question: What is the communication management plan?
Answer: A communication plan is a policy-driven approach to provide the stakeholders with the information relevant to the plan. The plan formally signifies here who should be given specific information, when that information should be delivered and as accordingly what should be communication channels which will be used to the deliver the relevant information.

Question: What are the four main goals of communication?
Answer: The four main goals of business communication are :
  • Receiver Understanding
  • Organizational Goodwill
  • Receiver Response
  • Favorable Relationship.

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