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Job Profile
Job Description
Average Salary Per Annum
HR ManagerHuman Resources Manager. Develops policy and directs and coordinates human resources activities, such as employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, training, and employee services by performing the following duties.
9 - 10 lakhs
RecruiterEstablishes recruiting requirements by studying organization plans and objectives; meeting with managers to discuss needs. Determines applicant qualifications by interviewing applicants; analyzing responses; verifying references; comparing qualifications to job requirements.3 - 4 lakhs
Training and Development Coordinator or Manager 

Training Coordinator responsibilities include communicating with managers to identify training needs and mapping out development plans for teams and individuals. Training Coordinators are responsible for managing, designing, developing, coordinating and conducting all training programs.

8 - 9 lakhs

Labor Relations Manager
A labor relations manager has a number of responsibilities, such as negotiating agreements between labor organizations and a company, studying wage data, and researching labor laws. Since labor relations managers handle employee grievances, labor disputes, and strikes, they need to have excellent communication skills.
6 - 7 lakhs

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