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Job ProfileJob DescriptionAverage Salary Per Annum
Event PlannerPeople working in such a job profile are responsible to plan each and every detail of an event which can be a wedding, conference or even a corporate party for their client. They usually create a detailed plan of the event right from the theme, logistics to the budget.
5 - 5.5 lakhs
Event ManagerPeople in this job profile are responsible for any event their client wants to organize. The tasks assigned to an event manager range from planning the event to paying close attention to each and every detail of the event such that the event is executed in a hassle-free manner.
7 - 8 lakhs
Exhibition Organiser
The job profile of an exhibition organizer is similar to that of an event planner. The only difference is that the exhibition organizers plan and execute fairs and exhibitions.
6 - 7 lakhs
Stage Decorator
People working in such a job profile are responsible to design the stage layout which can be the podium and table on which dignitaries sit and similarly at a wedding it can be the place where the bride and groom sit. The stage decorator is also responsible for arranging and placing various props on the stage which go with the theme of the event and make the stage stand-out among other decorative corners of the venue.
2.5 - 3 lakhs
Wedding PlannerPeople opting to work in such a portfolio need to look after every small detail related to organizing a wedding. They help their client in planning the wedding functions and other details such as the guest list, guest invitations, wedding theme, menu as well as other logistics. 
5 - 6 lakhs

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