Anesthesiology; Eligibility, Job Prospects, Top recruiters

Anesthesiology is the branch of medicine that specializes in minimizing pain and keeping the patient in a stable condition both during and after surgical procedures. Anesthesiologists are the physicians who specialize in perioperative care, developing anaesthetic plans and help ensure the safety of patients undergoing surgery. They also provide care for the patient to prevent the pain and distress they would otherwise experience. This field has undergone quite a lot of development over the last 30 years. In US the physicians who perform anesthesia are called anesthesiologist, whereas they are called anesthetist in UK.  There are 3 kinds of anesthesia:

  • Regional anesthesia- It only makes that part of the body unconscious which will undergo an operation.
  • Local anesthesia- It is similar to regional anesthesia but it is applied only to a smaller area.
  • General anesthesia- It makes the body unconscious.


  • Patient Care and Monitoring.
  • Regional Anesthesia.
  • Anesthesia and Surgical Specialties.
  • Basics of Anesthesiology.

Eligibility & Course:

Diploma in Anesthesiology
2 years
Candidates have to pass the 10+2th exam from a relevant recognized Board with Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects compulsory. 
No such entrance
B. Sc in Anesthesiology
3 years
Candidates have to qualify 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized Board and have to qualify the entrance exam.
  • NEET
M. Sc in Anesthesiology
2 years
Completed B. Sc in Anesthesiology and the entrance scored.
  • NEET
Post Graduate Diploma in Anesthesia
2 years
Candidates must hold the graduation in MBBS and qualify entrance for Post graduation. 
  • NEET

Top Recruiters:

Mostly the Government and Private medical organization hire the Anesthesiology candidates. 

Admission procedure:

For Diploma- In case of most of the institutes out there, minimum educational qualification required is- 10+2 passed with minimum 45% marks (may vary from one institute to another) in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. A state-level entrance exam (DET-Diploma Entrance Test) is sometimes required for the admission. 

For B. Sc –The admission procedure of B. Sc Anesthesiology is different for different colleges. Some colleges take the students by mark obtained in the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology in their 12th examination, with a minimum of 45%. 

Some institutions take the students by the score secured in the entrance exam.

For M. Sc- Candidates must have a completed degree in Anesthesiology and qualified entrance exam scored.

Post Graduate Diploma in Anesthesia-After completing the MBBS, a student can go for the Anesthesia programme by taking the PG entrance score. 


  • Diploma in Anesthesia
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Anesthesia (3 years).
  • B.Sc. Anaesthesia Technology
  • B.Sc. Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology
  • B.Sc. Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Techniques
  • B.Sc. Medical Technology (OT and Anaesthesia Technology)
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Anesthesia
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Anesthesiology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Anesthesia (2 years).

Skills required:

 Skills are very important to become a professional. Some necessary skills for an Anesthesia candidate are as follows: 

  • Medical Knowledge and Patient care skills.
  • Collaboration.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Physical Characteristic
  • Decision making and Integration Skills


Top Entrances:

There are some entrance examinations; based on these entrances, students get a chance to enter into this programme. Some entrance exams are as follows:

Job postJob DescriptionAverage Salary per annum
Anesthesiologist Assistant
The job responsibilities that an anesthesiologist assistant has to take care of include recording the health history of the patients and meeting with them regularly. They also have to work on developing, implementing as well as monitoring safe and effective strategies for pain management.
10 lakhs to 12 lakhs
Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetists
A Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist is a registered nurse and an advanced practice nurse who works in collaboration with anesthesiologists, surgeons and other physicians and medical professionals to deliver anaesthesia for medical and surgical procedures.
6 lakhs to 7 lakhs
Anesthesia Technician
Anaesthesia technicians support anesthesiologists, anesthesiologist assistants, nurses and other members of anaesthesia care teams. Their main duty involves maintaining anaesthesia equipment.
1.5 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs 
Surgeons operate on patients to treat injuries, diseases, and deformities. They are responsible for the preoperative diagnosis of the patient, and for performing the operation. They also handle the postoperative surgical care and treatment needed by the patient.
9.5 lakhs to 11.5 lakhs
Medical Consultant
Medical consultants address business-related issues for medical facilities and healthcare providers so they can prioritize providing care to the patients.
1.8 lakhs to 2.3 lakhs
Clinical Associate
Clinical associates help medical facilities with improving the operating procedures and policies. They also ensure that such procedures are adequate and conform to state and federal laws.
2 lakhs to 3 lakhs 
Paediatrician specializes in providing medical care to infants, children, teenagers and young adults. They often diagnose and treat common illnesses, minor injuries, and infectious diseases.
6 lakhs to 7 lakhs


Q:  Is anesthesiology is a doctor?
A: Yes, an anesthesiologist is a doctor (MD or DO) who practises anaesthesia. Anesthesiologists are physicians specializing in perioperative care, developing anesthetic plans, and the administration of anesthetics.

Q: Is there any kind of entrance for Diploma in Anesthesiology?

A: For Diploma in Anesthesiology no entrance is required.

Q: What is the eligibility for B. Anesthesiology?

A: The student should have passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized Board and have to qualify the entrance exam.

Q:  Are anesthesiologists in demand?
A: As the growing population seems to always be in demand for medical professionals; job growth for anesthesiologists is expected to increase by 10% to 20% over the next decade

Q: What are the top job profiles in this field?
A: Some of the top job profiles in this field are:
  • Anesthesiologist Assistant
  • Surgeons
  • Anaesthetist/Paediatrician
  • Clinical Associate
  • Anesthesia Technician

Q: What are the top entrances to consider for Anesthesiology?

A: Some of the top entrances to consider are:

  • NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test)
  • AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) 
  • AICET (All India Common Entrance Test)
  • BVP CET (Bharati Vidyapeeth Common Entrance Test)
  • University of technology Entrance Exams
  • NIMS School of paramedical Science and Technology Entrance Exams

Q: What are the top colleges providing Anesthesiology as a course?

A: Some of the colleges providing this course are mentioned below:

  • Agartala Government Medical College, Agartala
  • Aligarh Muslim University, UP
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
  • Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Kochi
  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

Q: What are the skills required in this field?

A: Some of the skills required in this course are as follows:

  • Medical Knowledge and Patient care skills.
  • Collaboration.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Physical Characteristic
  • Decision making and Integration Skills

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