Chemistry; Colleges, Eligibility, Syllabus, Entrances, Job Prospects

Career and Job Prospects:

The growth of Pharmaceutical companies, Hospitals Fertiliser Companies, laboratories have created a big hope among the students to study and in Chemistry. Here the scope of a job is much better than other sectors. After the completion of this course, they are posted as Clinical Research Associate, Chemists, Toxicologist, Pharmaceutical Sales Executive, etc with a handsome salary. The job profiles, description and annual salary is clearly mentioned below.


Job Profile Job Description Average Annual Salary in INR
Clinical Research Associate Collect and organize data obtained during studies and trials conducted in biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. 6 lakhs
Chemist A Chemist analyses how different chemicals react with each other. They also develop drugs, cosmetics, and other daily use products 3 lakhs
Toxicologist They use analytical and scientific techniques to identify toxins in chemicals and biological substances and assess the potential risks and harmful effects posed by them. 7.5 lakhs
Pharmaceutical Sales Executive They are the intermediaries between customers and pharmaceutical companies. They represent a company and generate awareness about drugs and medicines among target consumers. 6.5 lakhs



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