Dietetics and Applied Nutrition: Eligibility, Admission, Job


Job Prospectus Job Description Salary
Sports Nutritionist/Dietician Teaching athletes/fitness enthusiasts effectual ways to improve health, optimize performance, manage weight, advise on dietary practices/exercises and intake of vitamins/minerals/supplements 3-4 lacs
Clinical Dietician/Nutritionist Design/supervise tailored nutritional programs for healthcare patients after evaluating/assessing patients' individual requirements. 2-3 lakhs
Community Dietician/Nutritionist Working with large groups of individuals and educating them on food nutrition and adopting a healthy lifestyle. 3-4 lakhs
Pediatric Dietician/Nutritionist Works with children suffering from diabetes/ obesity and assists them in incorporating a nutritious and balanced diet.   2-4 lakhs
Management Dietician/Nutritionist Work in places such as cafeterias/hospitals/healthcare facilities/schools to ensure their clients’ nutritional/dietary needs are met, create budgets for meal plans meeting nutritional guidelines  and oversee kitchen staffs/other dieticians 7-8 lakhs
R&D Dietician/Nutritionist Works in R&D laboratories to ensure the quality and nutritional standards of food products. 10-11 lakhs
Consultant Dietician/Nutritionist Responsible for understanding different individual’s requirements/lifestyles and designing the best diet/nutrition plan for them. 7-8 lakhs



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