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Product Design is the field which involves the designing and the creation of the products which will be used by the consumers. Hence while designing anything, a product designer is the one responsible for the product being designed is easy and safe to use.
The students here gain the knowledge to learn about the entire product designed in the process right from the idea of generation to commercialization and to the art of combining art and science with the technology aiming in the creation of the new products which people can use.  
The students get to also know the knowledge and develop a firm to the various technologies necessary for the transformation of the products into the prototypes and after their industrial production.
Product design deals with designing and creating new products by taking customers’ taste into account and identifying the market situation, looking for a problem and offering a solution to it. Product designing can be of many types like designing furniture, medical devices, food preservation appliances, tableware, jewelry, sports, and leisure, etc. The work of a Product designer includes sketching, drawing, using 3D and computer-aided industrial design software and ultimately creating a new product for customer satisfaction.


The highlights for the course study of Product Design are as :

Course Level
Graduate, Post Graduate
3-4 Years, 2 Years respectively
Examination Type 
Semester System
The course in Product Design mainly involves in an advanced study of products, systems, and the relevant consumers.
The program is user-centric and processes in the information from daily life, which includes the components from the studio skills, human factors, advanced CAD, research methods, design management, and social sciences.

Courses & Eligibility





Graduate3-4 yearsThe candidates must have passed 10, +2 in any stream with an aggregate mark of 50%. NIFT Entrance Exam, CEED, AIEED
Post Graduate2 yearsThe candidate must have a bachelor's degree in either Mechanical Engineering/ Automobile Engineering/ Production Engineering/ Product Design/ Product Design & manufacturing with a minimum mark of 60%.GATE, TANCET

Top Recruiters

The top recruiting companies for the Product Design are as :
  • ABC Consultants Pvt. Ltd
  • Altius Biomedical
  • Cambio Consulting India Pvt. Ltd
  • Cron Systems
  • DigiLantern
  • Goodrich Aerospace Services Pvt. Ltd

Admission Process

The most institutes offering to the course to admit students based on the performance in the relevant entrance test often followed with a round of personal interview. Here there is admission is based over the general aptitude for the course which is tested. The admission process here generally varies across the colleges here.
A few of the institutes also provide direct admission based over the candidate’s performance at the 10+2 level.

Syllabus Course

The syllabus and the courses for the field of Product Design vary from colleges to colleges and is independent on the level of (UG or PG) at which the course is being offered. The few common topics over which the course is based here are as :
  • Product Photography
  • Elements of Design
  • Creativity Techniques
  • Creative Writings for Designers
  • Digital Illustration Techniques
  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Digital Modeling and Animation
  • Design Thinking and Need Identification
  • Product Ergonomics
  • Mechanism Design
  • 3D Modelling and Product Detailing
  • Basic Electronics for Design
  • Computer Aided Industrial Design


The skills required for the profile of the product design are :
  • A good eye for the details.
  • Well-developed technical and more creative skills.
  • Commercial awareness.
  • IT skills, including CAD.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.

Top Entrances:

Career and Job Prospects

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary Per Annum

Product Designer

Product designers use their design skills and technical knowledge to improve the way that existing products work and look, and/or produce them at a lower cost. They may also be involved in designing entirely new products.

6 - 7 lakhs 

Computer-Aided Design Technician

Computer-Aided Design or CAD technicians use CAD systems to create design plans for buildings and machinery. Essentially, a CAD technician job involves the production of electronic versions of the technical drawings which a draughtsman would previously have created with pen and paper at a drawing board.

5 - 6 lakhs

Packaging Designer

Package designers work with clients and creative teams to develop eye-catching, cost-effective and safe packaging for products. They usually brainstorm, sketch and re-design their concepts based on client needs.

4 -5 lakhs

Medical Equipment Designer

They design electrical circuits, software to run medical equipment, or computer simulations to test new drug therapies. They also design and build artificial body parts such as hip and knee joints. In some cases, they develop the materials needed to make the replacement body parts.

3 - 4 lakhs

Product and Industrial Designer

Industrial/product designers are responsible for the design, creation, testing, and development of new products. These guys utilize their specialist knowledge and practical experience of creative design and engineering to produce functional, effective and aesthetically-pleasing products.

8 - 9 lakhs


Question: What are the elements for the product design?
Answer: The main elements for the product design are  :
  • Tools
  • Experience
  • Growth 
  • Aesthetics
  • Function
  • Emotional Appeal
Question: What are the types of Product Design?
Answer: There are basically three types of product design which are   :
  • Product Design: The goal of the product design is to generate and prioritize the functionality which could potentially deliver the value to the users when the product is stated on purpose.
  • Interface Design: The goal of interface design is to translate the conceptual functionality conveyed by the product designer and articulate how the user actually experiences and manages to understand that functionality in their relevant product, on the step-by-step basis.
  • Graphic Design: The goal of the graphic design to ensure that the product conveys a sense of the quality and the elicits with the proper emotional response from its users.

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