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The Information Design Program is designed to create competent design professionals who are proficient in different domains of Information Design, User Interface Design, and User Experience Design. The program intends to equip them with the know-how of transforming complex information and data into clarified user experiences on different digital platforms that lead to effective knowledge and insight generation.


Course levelUG and PG
Duration4 years and 2.5 years respectively
Examination typesemester
Fees7-20 lakhs

Eligibility and Course:

B.Des4 yearsCandidates must have passed 12th examination from a recognized board.some colleges required 50% aggregate on 12th standardUCEED
M.Des2.5 yearscandidates must have a 3 or 4 years Bachelor's  degree from a recognized university NID Entrance

Top recruiters:

1- Wipro technologies

2- Whirlpool of India Ltd

3- VIP Industries Ltd

4- Trident Group

5- Titan Industrie

6- Toshiba, Japan

7- Philips

8- York Transport (Equipment) India Pvt. Ltd - A Tata Enterprise

9- Human Factors International

10- LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

11- Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

12- NDS Services pay TV Technology pvt. Ltd

13- Nokia Research India

Admission Process:

  • The candidates can get admission into the UG and PG courses by clearing the entrance exams respectively with the minimum marks obtained in the previous course they did such as 10+2 for UG and degree course for PG.


  • Candidates need to appear for the Design Aptitude Test (DAT) Prelims conducted by the National Institute of Design.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be called for Design Aptitude Test (DAT) Mains based on marks obtained in DAT prelims.

Merit Screening:

  • Admission is based on marks obtained in Design Aptitude Test Prelims (DAT Prelims) and Design Aptitude Test Mains (DAT Mains).
  • Merit list of the overseas (supernumerary) category, will be prepared after all the stages of the admission process have been completed.
  • Only those candidates with the score of 40% and above will be eligible for the admission.
  • Seats remaining vacant in the overseas (supernumerary) category will lapse and will not be transferred 


For UG

  • Introduction to Information Design
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Art and Visual Perception
  • History of Art
  • Elements of Design
  • Visualisation and Representation
  • Socio-Cultural Signs and Symbols
  • Graphic Design
  • English
  • Photography
  • Colour Theory
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Drawing: Perspective, Isometric and Orthographic
  • Design Process and Methodology
  • Typography
  • Basics of Animation Film Making
  • Typography
  • Introduction to User Interface Design
  • Printing Technology and Methods
  • Interactive Designo

For PG

  • Visual Language Syntactics
  • Studies in Typography
  • Introduction to Advanced Photography
  • The Speaking Image
  • Media Technology
  • Visual Design
  • Introduction to Filmmaking
  • Indian Thought and Tradition
  • Sketching & Anatomy
  • Introduction to user studies
  • Semantics and communication theory
  • Design Issues
  • Advanced Typography
  • Graphic Narratives
  • Handmade books and Book Structures
  • Information Graphics
  • Craft creativity and Post modernism
  • Instructional Design
  • Rural Study - Problem Identifying
  • Design Detailing
  • Visual Ergonomics and Human Perception
  • Arts design and society
  • Design Research Methodologies
  • Experiential Learning
  • Pattern language for interaction design
  • Service design
  • Computer game design

Skills Required:

  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Effective decision Making skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Forward Planning skills
  • Visualization
  • Knowledge of programming language 

Top Entrances:

Career and Jobs Prospective:

Job ProfileJob DescriptionAnnual Salary
Information DesignerConvert the complex information into clarity and precision.Solve internal and external data visualization and communications challenges in a variety of formats including infographics, charts, diagrams, and maps3-5 lakhs
Graphic DesignerGraphic designers create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumer.Create images that identify a product or convey a message.They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.
5 lakhs
Data visualizerone needs to produce vast quantity of information in such a way that consumers easily interpret as well as spot patterns,correlation, trends.A data visualiser typically presents information through graphs, charts infographics as well as other pictorial diagrams. 4-5 lakhs


Q: What is the difference between communication design and informaion design?

A: Infoemation design is a part of Communication design.Information design is not necessarily concerned with great aesthetics. It measures effective content and how the content is being consumed. Communication Design is broader and includes all - visuals to content.

Q: What is the Difference Between Graphic Design and Visual Communications?
A: graphic design is actually quite a bit different than the visual communication field. Students will learn a broader number of topics in a communications-oriented major or career field, and they’ll be responsible for a comprehensive approach to communicating with customers or clients in a visual way. Graphic design, by contrast is quite narrowly focused only on making a visual representation of key concepts within a visual method of communication, like advertising or web design.

Q: what does a graphic designer do?
AGraphic designers have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of design. This includes things like color theory and typography. They also need to know how to build brand assets (like logos) and make sure those assets are consistent across all designs for a brand.

Q: what does a visual designer do?
A: Visual designers do a ton of different things in their day-to-day work. It’s a bit of a hybrid between graphic designer and UI designer, but with an extra layer of skills thrown into the mix. Visual designers have to understand user experience, user interface, and web design. At the same time—while they don’t have to know how to code—web designers in particular get bonus points if they have at least basic coding skills.

Q: What are the entrances for Information Design?
A: The entrances for 
Information Design are NID  and UCEED, etc.

Q: What are the skills required for the course Information design?
A: The skills required for the course Information design are-

1- Leadership skills

2- Interpersonal skills

3- Communication skills

4- Commercial awareness

5- Creative problem solving skills

6- Effective decision Making skills

7- Organizational skills

8- Negotiation skills

9- Forward Planning skills

10- Visualization

11- Knowledge of programming language 

Q: What is the average salary of a Graphic Designer?
A: The average salary of a Graphic Designer is about 5 lakhs.

Q: What are the top recruiters for this career?
A: The top recruiters for this career are-
1- Wipro technologies
2- Whirlpool of India Ltd
3- VIP Industries Ltd
4- Trident Group
5- Titan Industrie
6- Toshiba, Japan
7- Philips, etc

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