Know how to crack GD/PI and WAT for CAT?

  • 07Jan,2019

    So after the Common Admission Test (CAT) Results are out it's time for the most important level. That is the Group Discussion and Personal Interview round. After intense preparation, you could make up to this level and we appreciate that but the real test is when you have to face the interview panel for your GD and PI. The real talent and knowledge are judged here.

    So, if you have been an outgoing person in school and college taking part in extra-curricular activities, debate, extempore, theater, dramatics, dance etc. then your verbal communication skills would be good. But that alone is also not sufficient. What matters is your way of performance as well as your knowledge.

    Group Discussion (GD)
    • GD round is the first step to showcase yourself among the other competitors. The more confidently you speak and stay active the more attention you would be provided.
    • All you need is that be updated about current affairs, international events, issues affecting India and the world, etc so that you can put forward your opinion and views when asked.
    • Be patient enough to let others speak. It shouldn't look arrogant that you are not interested in listening to other’s point of views. That creates a very bad impression. Also, focus on effective listening skills to respond effectively in a group discussion. Beware that the interview panel consists of people from college management who are sitting only to choose the best. So, even a slight mistake can cost you heavily. There is no point of worrying or taking getting nervous just be confident enough to face them. 
    • In addition to that put an eye on The Hindu and The Indian Express editorials which gives deep insight into everyday issues faced by the Indian society and politics. You can also watch debate shows on English News channels like Times Now, NDTV 24X7 or Youtube. This will give you an idea about how to respond effectively during a GD session.

    Personal Interview

    Moving on to PI round you should keep in mind the following points:
    • Introduce yourself in a very brief and formal way.
    • Dress formally, Because the first impression before you could even speak is your attire which forms an impression in the interviewer’s mind.
    • Limit introduction to entirely yourself. Do not discuss personal kinds of stuff unless asked by the interviewer.
    • Give straight and simple answers to the questions asked by the interviewer.
    • Answer in small sentences.
    • To the point and precise answers are far better than beating around the bush. • Don't try to be aggressive, overconfident. And definitely, DO NOT try to impress the panel by using some cheesy mugged up lines. It won't work.

    Written Ability Test (WAT)

    The Written Ability Test (WAT) is now more favored by the IIMs in their personal Interview Round and as such WAT has now replaced GD round in almost all the IIMs barring one or two. Apart from the IIMs, other top rated B-schools like FMS have also done away with Group Discussion round in the final admission process as the GD turns out to be a fish market with more heated discussion which makes it difficult to judge the expression ability of the participants. Accordingly WAT topics for MBA admission are now preferred to GD topics by almost all the top notch B-schools.

    • Avoid repetition of points as this shows that you do not actually have a good idea about the topic.
    • Keep your answer concise and to the point. You can provide all your points in 300- 400 words, you don't need to ramble on for two pages. This will also save you a lot of time.
    • Don't include ambiguous points as that means you do not have a good enough idea to write a well thought out and precise answer about the given topic. Having an opinion is not a bad thing, however you should be able to back your arguments with valid points.
    • Write only after you have composed your thoughts so that you don't have to cut or scratch unnecessarily on the paper. 
    • Practice writing well in advance. If you have a basic idea about how you should go about your task, it will be less confusing for you at the end moment. 

     So calm your mind and start preparing for the GD/PI as well as the WAT round. Keep regular speaking practices in front of the mirror or also you can ask your family and friends to help through by acting or practicing the scenes of a GD/PI. We wish you All the very best for your Exams!

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